"Reptilian" Brother Murdered By Fan of Praying Medic and QAnon (Buckey Wolfe)

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On January 6, 2019, QAnon supporter and promoter Buckey Wolfe murdered his brother with a 4 foot sword because he believed he was a satanic reptilian, a conspiracy promoted by QAnon and pushed widely by QAnon Youtubers.

From Wolfe’s Facebook we also learned that he was a fan of Praying Medic.

The constant pounding on drums for executions and military tribunals for deep state actors and anyone believed to be a Satan worshiper is creating an environment that is ripe for the mentally unstable to act out.

This is not the first incidence of violence that is linked to QAnon, and it will sadly not be the last.

These violent and horrific incidents will only continue as long as QAnon is allowed to continue to perpetuate the idea that it is sanctioned by President Trump.

I encourage everyone to share this video with #DeounceQ and tag @RealDonaldTrump and right wing pundits such as Sean Hannity.

Seattle News Report (includes video)

Daily Beast

Michael Salla – Q Post on the Satanic Reptilians

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  1. Sounds like Dr Michael Salla talking about the Vatican piece and he is part of David Wilcocks ilk who is also a sealed indictment/massarrest shill for the last 10 years.

  2. I've looked into this Q messaging these guys are hooked on. They have not said anything thing on 4chan or 8chan that hasn't been documented on YouTube since it was created for your educational entertainment.

    At the time of the 2016 election YouTube alone had over 352,000 videos describing the crimes of the Bush and Clinton Crime Families. Books have been written. Documentaries and Movies have been made. Many aired on National TV. And STILL – 65 million mentally disturbed people voted for a well known treasonous criminal named Hillary Clinton to be President…

    Weird,,, has just begun…


  4. I think we can safely say most of us seen this coming down the pike, with what already has happened caused by "Q". The pizzashop in D.C., the dam guy too.
    What Im actually surprised about, is that other murders havent been tied to "Q" yet. U know the pres is just itching to give "Q" anon another good shitting on!
    Great work Roosie!! U hit a nerve it seems on this one lol!! Lots o' thumbs down. U know u are being effective if lots of peeps are hating on your shit for no good reason!

  5. Q can't do shite yo! Q is a cash cow for a small group of scammers…Even IF Q did exist ( which HE/THEY don't ) HE COULD NOT CHANGE ANYTHING…Trump is the ONLY one that can CHANGE America!

  6. I’ve been thinking a lot about God’s word and he does mention that we shouldn’t even “speak” the things the “evil” people do in private. This guy should have stopped a long time ago. He killed his own brother. WAKE UP Q FOLLOWERS.

  7. It's unbelievable how easily led people are by massive qanon.pub They are out of there minds and create their own sites and documents on scribbed etc .They should be banned from youtube it's a mass brainwash and they are using Christianity as a backing it's truly crazy.

  8. this reptilian bs is what David icke aka the godhead has been going on about for years, seems like its some kind of new age existentialism that permeates the so called deep state/Freemasons. Of course its all free choice but it is used to brainwash people. I sincerely hope Americans uphold the constitution, bill of rights and the republic.

  9. Mental illness is a scourge. I've never known Q to say anything about any reptilians. Q has never suggested or condoned violence. In fact, they promote love & follow the teachings of Christ.
    To blame this tragedy on an online game or ridiculous asertations by gullible people is wrong. Sorry. This is a bridge too far, dude. ☮️

  10. Greetings,
    I am involved in the QAnon community to a semi-significant extent and would like to represent my own personal perspective. I do not know Q or have communicated with Q. I do not claim to speak for Q or Anonymous for that matter. I do have a thorough understanding of why QAnon has flourished and why its very easy to validate his involvement with POTUS; as well as, validate pre-knowledge of highly classified events or recondite predictions of significant events. Before I continue further with my time are you willing to have a conversation free of insult, with out censoring its contents?

  11. The Q movement never advocates violence, ever! They all about information concerning the evil Deep State, MSM, etc. This guy had mental problems and you can't blame that on others.

  12. This is such a sad tragic case! I hope the QAnon movement wakes up sooner than later. I was one who fell for it myself but being a free thinker I did enough research on my own to see that the Q movement is a hoax. Patriot Soap Box preys on those who are seeking truth, So many of the followers( NOT ALL but many ) appear to be home bound with illness or injuries or whatever and dedicate sooooo many hours a day to the forum. Captive audience. I have seen many of them say " the people in this room are my only family" they are emotionally bound.They tend to hang on every word that is spewed from them. It is so sad to me and sooo very dangerous. PSB is simply preying on these people, much like Televangelist who prey on the same type of audience. Thank you Roosevelt Media News for adding to their exposure!

  13. Giving people false hope telling them everything is under control follow the plan this type of message is dangerous to everyone it's to divide and Decieve and if you don't agree the attacks come meanwhile these liars have their channels going up in numbers asking for more and more money off good people who don't have much so how is that helping anyone these scammers make me sick and then to say will call your names out cause your a Judas level Traitor it's sick to hear these morons acting like they are in something that everyone has to follow believe and drain your pockets why aren't these sites shut down

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