🔴Retired Marine – QAnon Is Alive And Well. Looking For New Secure Home Board! – 08/05/2019

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Q – The Plan To Save The World REMASTERED

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  1. Debi Green 2 years ago

    If you go as far back as in the early 70's you could see the start of the NWO at it's best. You new it was coming and something bigger than what we thought. We were no longer going to have jungle wars and the start of middle east wars were coming in place. Most of us were sleeping for many years even our parents were to busy to hear are see what JFK was really trying to stop. You could read your Bible and see what was coming that is here now. This thing is going to get really bad bad before it ever gets better. The word of God shows the birth pains , tribulations then a couple of years of peace then all he'll breaks out. A lot of us are a wake but there are still so many that can't wrap their brains around this. I pray they will see it all.

  2. ALL is illuszun 2 years ago

    Strozk is now suing the DOJ, Barr and Wray for wrongful termination. LOL

  3. WWG1WGA…Q

    The Right Man, At the Right Place, At the Right Time

    The Triumph of Mary Begins With President Trump the Great!

    Our Lady's Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism…Family


  4. blkjckgtrnut 2 years ago

    Love your channel Steve and every day the President makes the DemonRats look worse and worse and they fall deeper in the drain and can never regain power or their blackmailing!their gig is up and they know it!WWG1WGA,they may as well retire or go to Gitmo,Cheers

  5. blkjckgtrnut 2 years ago

    Dems and Cia and Fbi are getting sloppy and making a lot of mistakes!!John F Kennedy was right when he wanted to dissolve secret sociates,Cheers

  6. Geo 2 years ago

    Until the bought and paid for MSM is dismantled and made accountable for their complicity in crimes against the state they will continue to control the dissemination of information and in turn control public opinion.
    The reason the bought and paid for MSM can legally spew propaganda to US citizens today (Fake News) is the result of Obama signing The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 overturning the original Smith-Mundt Act.
    Even though the CIA has illegally infiltrated the MSM (see Project Mockingbird) for decades, The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 allows MSM to control a false narrative with impunity…
    Repeal The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 Now!!!
    Are you listening President Trump?

  7. Janis Hewes 2 years ago

    I Love Q and I love The USMC because of them I have 4 great kids and grandkids and I especially love TRUMP and The Generals who have been training for this War their entire career. We can depend on The Marines no matter what.. Semper Fi!

  8. Dan Marine 2 years ago

    Okay, I am a damn Marine. I subscribed just because of the rainy monday song that made me call for exfil asap!

  9. Theresa 2 years ago

    A spanking to social media….

  10. Dan Marine 2 years ago

    Can't watch all, gotta run. But hopefully y'all talk about Red Flag Laws. They are apparently already in effect, and Florida was the first one to enact I think. However, it's gaining momentum in the political spectrum due to these past shootings, or rather (False Flag events), IMO. Be a bad day if someone comes to my door to collect from my arsenal, just because a damn neighbor called them on me for yelling at them because of their dog keeping me up at night. Yes, that is all it will take folks, believe it or not. As long as the judge sees you as a threat to yourself or others, is the key to the law. So you can imagine, how different cities, different counties, different states, will all act on that. It will be yatzu crazy! I think that American Patriots need to stand up NOW! While I type, I hear Mr. Marine yapping, and what he is saying all blends together. The NWO, and plenty more plans the evil ones have, are coming closer to achievement. Sorry, but I will die or be killed, before they take my weapons, period.

  11. Dan Marine 2 years ago

    The FBI and CIA are well known for creating and executing FALSE FLAG events, but the majority of people just hate to believe such a thing. I enjoy history, and I tend to read between the lines, given my background. As example, our 9-11 tragedy, I knew from the start, something was just not right. Especially looking at Pentagon video, as well as the Flight 93 footage. Sorry folks, those were no planes. I know, sounds silly doesn't it? If you can find that (probably now deleted) video of the pentagon getting hit, the CCTV clearly shows a missile. Look at the damage of structure, no damn plane, I can assure you. Now, for those not in the know, there is a renewed investigation and hearing coming up, where they have irrefutable evidence, that this 9-11 was a planned operation.

    As for the whole Middle East wars, the first gulf war, where we liberated Kuwait (was there!), this was started because OUR country sold and trained the Kuwaitis on how to drill for the IRAQI oil, by drilling horizontally across their territory into Iraqi territory. So yeah, basically the USA was backing Kuwait to steal oil from the Iraqis. So Iraq plowed into Kuwait, and in Jan 1991, we cleaned house. Many events transpired between 1991 and 2001, that would serve better elsewhere. So skip ahead to I believe 1999, and General Wesley Clark was in the Pentagon when another officer approached him, and said "did you know we are going to war in Iraq"? So to sum it up, our government planned the Iraq invasion BEFORE 9-11 occurred. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

    WW2, did you know that many of our beloved and historical politicians and corporations, all profited off WW2? Ford Motors, Standard Oil, ITT Inc., Prescott Bush (GW Bush Sr Father), and many more, all profited, while our brave soldiers, including members of my family tree, and the millions of Jews, were being slaughtered. Sort of makes you sick to learn the truth doesn't it? During the Vietnam War, did you know that a majority of the heroin and cocaine and opium, were all secretly shipped to the USA from Vietnam in American soldier body bags? Did you know that President Bush Sr. helped the distribution of cocaine from Colombia, AND Opium from Afghanistan? Oh, it doesn't stop there. There are several well known names, all guilty as hell. A large reason we are in Afghanistan is to help protect the poppy fields.

    All of these evil organizations (Military Industrial Complex, United Nations, IMF, Illuminati, Masons, Skull and Bones, Rothschilds, Bilderberg, CIA, FBI, and so many more, are all the profiteers off our backs. I served under three Presidents in the Marine Corps, and not one was honest. Sort of makes my patriotism go down the toilet in a way, when you open your minds, and let the truth sink in. Most could care less about the truth, but for me, I sleep better in some way because I do. God Bless

  12. Robert Condon 2 years ago

    Is that Kung Fu Math?

    they better hurryup or were gonna loose it all.WEBE VERYFAR FROM WINNIN.

  14. Cymblene Jones 2 years ago

    My first time hearing your show. Great job! Thanks for your service to our great USA!!

  15. Johnny Hall 2 years ago

    Go Islam!!!❤

  16. Patti Rinehart 2 years ago

    The witness better watch their backs and make sure their cars are not driven off the road…

  17. TiggerUSA04 Ø 2 years ago

    Forgot, All Wal-Mart's have hundreds of cameras. You mean the only photo they have of the shooter is of one guy entering the store, that does not match the description at all of many witness statements of 3 to 4 shooters all dressed in all black with a black mask and AK-47's!!?
    I highly doubt it. Who has the tapes/videos from all those cameras.
    Another thought, the Wal-Mart in the supposed shooters home town was open that day but closed suddenly at the prodding of Law Enforcement, so he had to drive to El Passo?? Then A MSM channel mistakenly reports the shooting 30 minutes before it happens?? Watch the videos I posted in my other comment. All 4 of them. All the proof is caught and recorded and saved offline by thousands of anons and Patriots. The Deep State Messed up big time this time. Still not 100% sure about the Chicago mass shooting that happened about 24 hours after El Passo mass shooting. MSM is not reporting on the Chicago shooting. I live in the area and heard about it from non MSM sources. Everyone of the anons and patriots are researching all 3 shootings. Everything bring copied, saved and archived to safe offline media in several offsite locations by all. They will not get away with these staged events any more. As Q Always says, they have ir all, and the anons and Patriots, that follow the comms, have it all too. So relax, send prayers to the victims but remember the Patriots are in control. We were warned events were coming.
    They are trying to change the news narrative. Distract from, Epstein, Japan, Declass, DNC Federal case lost and denied with prejudice, as totally void of Facts, decision made by Federal Judge on July 30th or 31st of 2019. It is in the Videos I posted in my other comment.
    Don't ket the MSM get to you, it is designed exclusively to cause confusion, anger, division, anxiety, dread, hopelessness. The more you watch the worse you feel, your being mind controlled. If you just shut it off for a while you will notice a huge difference in how feel and your outlook brightens. This is why everyone is told not to watch or pat any attention to the Fake News MSM, including Fake news Fox News, which is 70% FAKE NEWS.

  18. cosmictravo 2 years ago

    Steve, love you man. But Trump is off the rails. PLEASE prove me different. Hate me all you want. I love you man. But it's obvious now. It's all rigged. PLEASE give me hope. As for me, I will always go to Jesus. As for my house, we will serve the Lord.

  19. Kids feel that way because that is how they are taught in the govt Communist UN run schools. They indoctrinate the death Muslim Communist agenda all through K-12 can into colleges..

  20. MrRambo50 2 years ago

    Get me down,Karen Carpenter, where have you been Marine,I haven't send you on you tube in a long time ,3/2 Marine here ,Lima Co.,weapons Plt

  21. Lia Machel 2 years ago

    The ones calling out racism are Bigots who stir up the mob mentality that
    brings out their own brand of racists. They shout from the sidelines and
    watch while the chaos erupts. Cowards in the shadows.

  22. MrRambo50 2 years ago

    Trying to take our weapons again.

  23. MrRambo50 2 years ago

    All theses shooters ,have been on some kind of head meds,if not mommy and daddy didn't treat them right.Just a bunch of spoiled kids ,theses days .

  24. MrRambo50 2 years ago


  25. MrRambo50 2 years ago

    Vote Trump 2020,Trump train rolls them down

  26. Ohanapecosh 2 years ago

    Steve, I've understood that Q is Q and that Q Anons are the smart folk who follow and interpret what Q posts.

  27. stonecoldtruth 2 years ago

    How are you a journalist if you are just reading some other news organizations stories! Then you give your opinion you are not investigating shit and the only truth you are spreading is the other side of the propaganda machine! They control everything you see in print period. They own everything they use both sides with staged incidences designed to divide you it is one big script. They control all of money and every agency how are you ever going to get truth they tell you what truth is they buy it and then sell it to you! All that is going on is they are fighting to control the narrative what story you are going to back and believe in period one big show it is all theater. Every government in the world is controlled by the same people they are all Freemasonic friends laughing at all of you! You see they offer you two sides Q-anon or Antifa they are in complete control the whole thing is their Satanic system the only way out is to leave their system come out of Babylon. You are fighting for country/something you never had only in your mind that is what a true awakening is not this manufactured one they are giving you break down the word man – you – FACT – sure anyways the Holy Spirit the Father and Son the truth and the life that is the real truth that they so desperately hide!

  28. Mark Atkinson 2 years ago

    Hey Marine….you seem to Run your Mouth a bit Too Long ,and drag the video down.. Restrict your jaw muscles and Get to IT, QUICKER AND MORE CONCISE ! ADAPT AND OVERCOME ,"RAINY MAN"…
    that's how We (Devildogs) ROLL : INTEL AND SHUT UP

  29. While 8Chan is down, Lets band together to make the Q movie trilogy (it takes that much to tell the whole story)  Show only Q’s most thought-provoking questions on the screen with the corresponding answers and commentaries made by those who deciphered Q.  and all conservatives censored by Mockingbird Media.   We could invite our families and friends, the most effective red-pill served!  Let's COMPLETELY censor Hollywood, and all media companies that participated in censorship.  Make separate contracts with local theaters. Portable Theaters meeting in parking lots (Q posts shown on side of buildings with music blaring and popcorn/drink vendors).   WE CANNOT BE STOPPED!

  30. DARWIN STAMPER 2 years ago

    Your Dad was 100% right.

  31. Robert Stoud 2 years ago

    AOC is the reason that the shooting went down in Texas , none of this never happened until she went down there barking off about I.C.E. and the border patrol. prove me wrong

  32. Poopdeck Pappy 2 years ago

    Maybe Amazon should consider hosting 8Chan…they've probably lost that $10B the Pentagon promised them (in a no-bid deal)…personally, I don't trust any cloud based company!!! They have access to any and all data, pictures, videos, music you store on there.

  33. liverleef 2 years ago

    Q's a larp and all you dopes keep getting bamboozled. It's hilarious. Keep waiting for those indictments fellas, any day now. LOL!

  34. ART WILMETH 2 years ago

    From the time you drive into Walmart parking lot you are under surveillance. Where are the security cameras footage.

  35. Lou Grimm 2 years ago

    Whenever one of these unfortunate events occurs, and the mainstream media is on top of it with their typical narrative, it means this is a false flag and it was orchestrated

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