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Russian “War Bible” Invoked As Ukraine Proclaims “World War III Has Already Begin”

September 6, 2023

Russian “War Bible” Invoked As Ukraine Proclaims “World War III Has Already Begin”

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An extremely dire new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first notes President Putin most gravely observed: “I think it’s important to repeat that Western handlers placed at the head of modern Ukraine an ethnic Jew, a man of Jewish background, with Jewish roots – in this way, in my opinion, covering up the anti-human basis of the current Ukrainian state…That makes the entire situation so highly disgusting, to have an ethnic Jew mask the glorification of Nazism and those who carried out the Holocaust in Ukraine at the time, exterminating 1.5 million people…Ordinary Israeli citizens have figured this out the best…Just look at what they say online…When you look at actual archival documents, the blood in your veins simply freezes, it is impossible to look at it without tears, and this needs to be pulled out and shown…Who are the current authorities glorifying?…These anti-humans are putting bloody killers on a pedestal, and carry banners with their portraits as they march down the main streets of their cities”.

While Ukrainian Nazis march down the main streets of their cities, this report notes, Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden was cheered over the weekend in Florida by feared American Nazi leader Christopher “The Hammer” Pohlhaus and his “Blood Tribe” white master race Nazi thugs, who have chapters across the United States and Canada, and saw him demonically declaring: “I think Biden’s better than Trump because he sends rockets to Ukraine…Heil Ukraine!…Heil Azov!”—a demonic declaration of Nazi support followed by Socialist Leader Biden returning to Washington D.C., that had just been ranked as the least desirable place to live in the United States—then yesterday, it was beyond shamefully reported: “Joe Biden on Tuesday abruptly walked out of a Medal of Honor ceremony in the East Room…Joe Biden entered the East Room wearing a Covid mask – then took it off during the opening prayer…Out of nowhere, Joe Biden abruptly walked out of the Medal of Honor ceremony, even before the closing benediction…Medal of Honor recipient Larry Taylor wiped a tear from his face and looked around confused as Joe Biden shuffled away”.

To maintain genocidal white master race Nazi support, this report continues, top Socialist Biden Regime official Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived unannounced in Kiev earlier today to lavish on Ukraine another $1 billion of American taxpayer money—is more American money for the Ukraine Nazi Regime that joined former top Pentagon analyst Michael Maloof grimly assessing: “There’s no accountability for the expenditures going on right now in Ukraine, but $100 million a day of spending is a lot in the minds of the American people, especially when they’re confronted with inflation…That’s real money to them”—and in quick response, top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declared: “We have repeatedly heard statements that the United States is going to continue to help Kyiv as long as it takes…In other words, they are going to continue to keep Ukraine in a state of war and to wage this war to the last Ukrainian, sparing no expense”.

Immediately prior to the arrival in Kiev by Secretary of State Blinken, this report details, Secretary Aleksey Danilov of the Ukraine National Security and Defense Council proclaimed: “If somebody thinks that World War III hasn’t started then it’s a huge mistake…It has already begun”—a proclamation that followed former American counterintelligence officer Drew Berquist most factually assessing: “The fight in Ukraine isn’t your typical proxy war between two nuclear powerhouses…Apart from sending official American troops to shoot at Russians, the United States is doing just about everything else to help Ukraine fight off Putin’s army…We cannot continue to provoke Russia without some type of retaliation from the Russian leader”—an assessment that joined Vice-President Major General Alexander Vladimirov of the Board Of Military Experts, whose three volume book called the “General Theory Of War”, also known as the “Russian War Bible”  is required reading by every military academy in the world, gravely warning: “The goals of Russia and the goals of the West are their survival and historical eternity…And this means that in the name of this, all means of armed struggle available to them will be used, including such a tool as their nuclear weapons…I am sure that nuclear weapons will be used in this war – inevitably, and from this neither we nor the enemy have anywhere to go”.

In preparation for World War III, this report concludes, Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed that nuclear armed RussianChinese and North Korean warships will begin trilateral war drills, and stated about them: “Why not, these are our neighbors…There’s an old Russian saying: you don’t choose your neighbors and it’s better to live with your neighbors in peace and harmony”—today it was announced that the Admiral Gorshkov frigate carrying nuclear armed unstoppable Zircon hypersonic missiles will conduct a series of exercises in the Atlantic Ocean—an announcement of nuclear missile capable Russian warships entering the Atlantic Ocean quickly joined by the news: “The United States Air Force has been tasked with leading the development of a cruise missile defense ‘shield’ to protect critical U.S. infrastructure”—all of which was joined by former top Pentagon senior advisor and decorated combat tactical legend retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor Ph.D. most gravely warning yesterday: “No president can control the American government”—which leaves it unknown who ordered the American ICBM test launch this morning.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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