SCJ Sotomayor Unvaccinated

As most know, the Supreme Court is currently entertaining arguments as to whether the criminal Biden Administration’s Covid-19 vaccination mandates are lawful and constitutional. Conservative Justices have either withheld an opinion or said that both Section 564 of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and the Constitution of the United States prohibit a government body from compelling a citizen to undergo medical treatment. Covid-19 vaccinations are analogous to medical care, SCJ Brett Kavanaugh has said. On the other hand, the Court’s liberal quartet has preached the opposite, saying that the Biden administration has a duty and responsibility to protect American lives through vigorously enforced mandates.

The most vociferous proponent of mandates is Sonia Sotomayor, an Obama appointee who last week falsely claimed that 100,000 American children are currently hospitalized with Covid-19. Her claim was so outrageously specious that even her MSM and CDC allies were quick to refute it.

But it is not the first time Sotomayor misused her platform. Whereas a SCJ’s function is to unbiasedly interpret the law, Sotomayor often subverts it by infusing a noxious mixture of opinion and attitude into her judicial rulings. Prior to receiving ethics complaints, she promoted social justice reform and medical mandates on her now vacuous Twitter account.

Worse, she’s the worst kind of hypocrite.

Unlike her colleagues, Sotomayor, who has said she’s been vaccinated and boosted, is not hearing arguments in the courtroom. Rather, she cowers in her office and, double masked, broadcasts her pudgy face over ZOOM into the courtroom. She has said she does this for fear of catching Covid.

The truth, at least according to former law clerks and unpaid interns of Sotomayor’s, is that Sotomayor is unvaccinated and could justifiably be called an anti-vaxxer.

Penny Sampson is a 24-year-old law student who was accepted into the Supreme Court internship program in Spring of 2021, just before it began a moratorium due to the Plandemic. Her responsibilities at the Office of the Clerk included responding to case-related inquiries from attorneys and litigants, both in-person and on the telephone, and assisting the full-time Clerk’s Office employees with a wide variety of tasks, including the processing and maintenance of Court filings and records. The internship also put her in sporadic contact with Sotomayor.

In the Spring of 2021, as millions of gullible citizens stormed vaccination sites, clamoring for clot shots, Ms. Sampson found herself in a curious situation.

“I asked permission to leave the offices early on a Wednesday, so I could get vaccinated, and since I have, well, underlying health issues, I qualified for Phase I distribution. Anyway, I bumped into Justice Sotomayor on my way out. We had two personal conversations before, so I told her I was on my way to get vaccinated. That’s when she gave me a funny look and said something I never would have expected,” Ms. Sampson told Real Raw News.

Sotomayor, she said, cautioned her against getting vaccinated.

“I can’t quote what she said verbatim because we’re talking 18 months ago. The gist of it was that I was young and thin and probably wouldn’t get sick and not need a vaccination. I very politely asked if she’s been vaccinated, and it was my understanding all the Justices were, but she answered aloofly, saying something like I shouldn’t make health decisions based on what someone else does. I told her I had diabetes—it’s an untruth that all people with diabetes are overweight—and she told me I still shouldn’t get vaccinated. She said she was looking out for me, and we parted ways. I had an intuitive feeling she wasn’t vaccinated, and for whatever reason, didn’t want me to get vaccinated, even though I later did,” Ms. Sampson went on.

Intuition and speculation, of course, prove nothing, and we included Ms. Sampson’s story only because it supports the contention of a law clerk whose testimony supplies a more concrete view of Sotomayor’s stance on vaccinations.

Between 2020-2021, Mark Cull, an alias, was one of eight law clerks that had worked under Sotomayor during that period. He asked to remain anonymous fearing that speaking openly might derail potential employment opportunities.

In February 2021, Mr. Cull overheard a telephone conversation between Sotomayor and the Evil One, Barack Hussein Obama. Although Mr. Cull did not hear Obama’s voice, he is certain it was him because Sotomayor kept addressing the caller as “Mr. President” and at the conclusion of the call said, “Give my best to Michelle.”

“Justice Sotomayor was on the phone 20 minutes or so. At one point, she got silent a moment, then said ‘Yes, I’ve been warned already. I’m not taking the vaccine, and neither is my family, and, yes, I’ll be extremely judicious who I advise.’ I was at my desk in the vestibule outside her office, and she probably paid me no mind because I’d had earbuds in my ears with the music off. It was clear to me that something had to be wrong with the vaccine. That’s why I’m still unvaccinated,” Mr. Cull said.

In closing, it’s painfully apparent that Sotomayor, like most devious Democrats, has a public and private face. On one side, she’s advocating that every American citizen get vaccinated; on the other, she’s not only avoiding getting vaccinated herself but also advising her colleagues and family to follow her lead.

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