Something Non-Standard in West Hollywood? – Qanon Fingers The Standard Hotel and Adam Schiff

The mysterious Qanon has been doing “intel drops” for months. In one of the more recent posts, California Democrat Adam Schiff is linked to alleged criminal activity at the Standard Hotel and a recent Newport Beach, CA helicopter crash. Do available facts support these allegations? What Big Eyes You Have returns to take us down the Standard Hotel rabbit hole.

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  1. susan gibney 3 years ago

    Believe there are some in Europe??

  2. susan gibney 3 years ago

    STILLL you don't need 3 50 gallon barrels. Ridiculous

  3. susan gibney 3 years ago

    Good for Jason Bateman. He has survived Hollywood for a long time.

  4. susan gibney 3 years ago

    Just FYI was trying to find Andrew McCabe's heritage. Blank slate. Date of birth, Parents etc. unknown … hmmmm would love to know more. Love y'all

  5. Geezermann 3 years ago

    Okay, I am sick and tired of hearing people use the term "rabbit hole" to mean tunnels, a labyrinthine space, hidden doorways, etc.  RABBITS DO NOT LIVE IN HOLES!  The female digs out a very shallow space and lines it with grass or other dry material, and her own fur which she pulls out.  When she comes to feed the young she sits atop the nest.

  6. Eric Fillmore 3 years ago

    Jacob Schiff was one of the main players, Fed Reserve conspirator at Jekyll Island.

  7. Eric Fillmore 3 years ago

    Jacob Schiff was an agent for Rothschild at Jekyll Island as i recall.

  8. Rich Kunce 3 years ago

    I would watch you regularly, but your too much a in between er! bro… You know this is the truth! Bohemian Grove brother!!!

  9. Research Bear 3 years ago

    Speaking OF MARRIOTT AND HILTON, both being used for same NEPHERIUS ACTIVITIES by Clinton Bush Obama machine….

  10. Research Bear 3 years ago

    Thank you both Martha and Jason. I call them INBREEDS

  11. Traci PCpwer 3 years ago

    Lol Seriously research more

  12. The only thing that will shake the left out of its mind control is the release of the paedophile videos of Clinton and Co

  13. maisondusuave 3 years ago

    I think Schiff may be Satanist.

  14. James Ryan 3 years ago

    Thank you Martha for your bravery and courage to help spread the news about bad actors in our government!!! Knowledge the is power that takes these creeps out!!!!

  15. # thedeafpeasants 3 years ago

    muriatic acid is also used for cleaning ceramic tile floors. it would take a gallon of product containing this acid (i don't know the ratio of pure acid in the chemical) mixed with 3 gallons of water and allowed to sit on the tile for 5 minutes before operating a pressure extractor to remove the dirt that the acid helped to release. it's feasible to use this amount for a medium to large tile floor. like in a public restroom or commercial kitchen someone who owns a chain of hotels would have reason to buy this in bulk.

  16. Joann Wauneka 3 years ago

    Are you gonna let your guest talk!? You love hearing yourself talk. You know alot about the motel. You must ' ve stayed there alot.

  17. Joann Wauneka 3 years ago

    Are you a pedo protecting pedos?

  18. iceisnice61 3 years ago

    WTF is up with the upside down "The Standard" sign?

  19. lostro one 3 years ago

    It's not flu…………and shots are obsolete…

  20. Angelo B 3 years ago

    good video. The Standard = good martinis but the stuck-up trendy crowd is 100% degenerate trash connected to the hollywood meat-trade feeding off of the multitude of vulnerable young people that arrive in the city every day.

  21. Angelo B 3 years ago

    granny does way too much quacking. and can't seem to get to her point.

  22. Angelo B 3 years ago

    nice opossum skull on your shelf! lol

  23. Arizona Sky 3 years ago

    Obama and Maggie next up.. karma is a mofo..

  24. Ferny Figueroa 3 years ago

    boring ass video

  25. Scott Pomeroy 3 years ago

    Wasn't there. Oriental woman found in the tanks on the roof of one of these hotels and people drank the water with her body in it??!

  26. Kirsten Brownrigg 3 years ago

    Q is A.I. and when someone O.D.'s it is on them, 100% accountability, unless there are witnesses to the event that says otherwise.

  27. Theresa Hoffman 3 years ago

    Allison Mack!!! Just saying!!!

  28. Gypsygirl 1971 2 years ago

    What’s up with 15:20?!?!?

  29. George196207 2 years ago

    Standard Hotel  dead black sex trade worker and Adam Schiff. How about the mafia and Schiff.

  30. Simple…Check this out. It will make you see our country differently. I am a Viet Nam vet and have seen FAKE NEWS first hand.

  31. Serg B 2 years ago

    Wow dude…..it seems that you are debunking her. You're talking more than the interviewee.

  32. Bon Chance 2 years ago

    Barrels of Acid are used to Dissolve

  33. Bon Chance 2 years ago

    Barrels of Acid are used to
    Dissolve BODIES.

  34. Willie R 2 years ago

    I firmly believe after many hours of research that QAnon is absolutely legitimate. Some of the Anons on the channel can misbehave sometimes, but I would not let them discourage you from believing Q's claims, as I have found them to be ever more accurate and valid the more that I research them.

  35. Willie R 2 years ago

    Carter Page seems to be very aboveboard to me; not someone that I would suspect of being a Russian spy. In any case, he denies being a Russian spy, for what little that's worth.

  36. Willie R 2 years ago

    A second individual has now been found dead near Ed Buck's house.

  37. Enrique Marquez 2 years ago

    not the first men dead in his apt

  38. Joe Price 2 years ago

    #QAnon suggests Adam Schiff had a hand in the helicopter crash (7/10)

    that killed General Manager of WeHo's Standard Hotel, and that it could be related to pedophilia. Remember Alefantis calling little girls Ho's ? pic.twitter.com/hRwMG9y0ec

  39. JuanJose123 2 years ago

    Schiff is a fairly common Jewish name, although a branch of that family is closely related to the Rothschilds for centuries. Not sure his relation.
    In the year since this video, Democrat contributor Buck has had another young African-American die at his home due to overdose. Hard to stop bad habits, especially when one is protected against consequences due to ones wealth and political influence.

  40. Michael Wright 2 years ago

    Enjoyed it. A little long but it kept my attention. Video was a year ago from my comment here and the truth about Little Adam Schitt leaking to the press has recently been revealed to be true. He left in the middle of meetings to leak what was going on. He had to leave the room because they aren’t allowed to have their phones with them. Also, I got kick out of him calling Chuck Schumer, Shmuck Chu… I was relieved to hear Jason Bateman is not involved. I was surprised to see Jason’s image show up because I’ve always thought he is decent. I’m glad my radar was correct on that one. A gas cloud from flushing chemicals had to be a large quantity. That’s huge. How in the hell do people get away with stuff like that?!? Hopefully that will be changing!!!

  41. Jason Goodman 2 years ago

    Visit http://www.crowdsourcethetruth.com
    Become a Sponsor of Crowdsource the Truth & enjoy exclusive content on SubscribeStar & Patreon

  42. Heroes 2 years ago

    eric bauman has ties to New Mexico where jeffrey epstein had a house.

  43. Heroes 2 years ago

    There's an unsubstantiated rumor that children were murdered at the standard hotel in hollywood and their bodies were dissolved in barrels of muriatic acid on the roof of the hotel.

  44. J B 1 year ago

    I'm out !

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