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Special Forces Arrest Deep State Dr. Anthony Fauci

Special Forces Arrest Deep State Dr. Anthony Fauci

US Special Forces on Saturday scored a major victory in the war against the Deep State–the arrest of Deep State mastermind and plandemic architect Dr. Anthony Fauci, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

The “White Hat” partition of the US military, he said, had for “a very long time” attempted to shadow Fauci but often lost his scent because the Deep State doctor used every trick in the book to delay his inevitable capture. When in public, Fauci was well-protected and often surrounded by at least a dozen armed guards and civilians who would have been caught in the crossfire had the military grabbed him in the open. And when travelling to and from events, Fauci used decoy vehicles to reduce risk of being captured. The decoy vehicles, our source said, often held Fauci lookalikes or even mannequins that someone had built and painted to resemble him.

On Saturday afternoon, however, the military caught a break.

“We got very good intel that Fauci on Saturday had minimum protection—two guards—and was leaving his D.C. house for a visit with his wife, who he hadn’t seen in months. The Deep State kept them separated because they thought we’d target her to get to Fauci. We’ve known all along where they hid her, and we were hoping for just such a stroke of luck,” our source said.

Fauci’s wife, Christine Grady, had been staying at the Ivy Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland, under an assumed name.

Special Forces in civilian vehicles discretely tailed Fauci’s car to an underground parking garage near the hotel and made their move. They boxed him in, drew weapons, and ordered Fauci’s guards to toss their firearms out the window.

“Fauci’s security complied, and Special Forces dragged Fauci from the vehicle, subdued him, and carted him off for processing.”

Incidentally, the arrest took place shortly after Bloomberg TV aired a taped interview with Fauci. During the interview, Fauci predicted a Covid resurgence and told host David Westin that the US would likely have to reimpose mask mandates and programs to encourage citizens to get more frequent booster shots.

Our source jokingly said JAG has evidence proving Fauci’s a prophet.

“Fauci seems to have an uncanny ability to look into the future. He has prerecorded literally thousands of videos about Covid that foresee what’ll happen one, three, and five years from now. In one video, he’s sitting at a desk in front of an electronic clock and calendar, and the date reads August 4, 2023, and Fauci’s going on and on about a new Covid variant that’s swept the country and pleading with citizens to obey new stay-at-home mandates. The breadth of these, I’m sure, will be shown at his military tribunal. The charges against him are astronomical,” our source said.

Those charges include treason, mass medical malpractice, and seditious conspiracy, and criminal homicide, according to a military arrest warrant.

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  1. Why not arrest him in public sounds like BS to me we live in the devils den right now and they stick together.. we knew about him in the 80’s when him and the devils flooded the streets with HIV

    1. Your questions will be answered in due time. My guess is to avoid Civil War since the doubters are all heavily indoctrinated (the truth cannot register) and/or to eliminate the possibilities of Collateral Damage/Crossfire…

  2. 100 Year Old Healthy Elm Tree Destroyed in Pacific Grove CA

    Truth vs Denial is a stage of mental aquity – awareness. Recently in the City of Paciic Grove CA, the City Council allowed the Public works Diredtor to lie to them about “trees”. “Yup! Trees that lean need to be cut down before they fall down.” “Yup,’ Killer ‘ trees with small cavities in the trunk need to be removed before they fall into the street and crush a car, or kill a child, or even a family, maybe a whole family in a car.” “We ‘all’ know it take only a thin layer of cambium cells to produce massive amounts of healthy looking leaves in a tree, but that the tree could still be rotten to the core.” “This tree ‘will be a tremendous risk – once we cut off its roots to complete the sidewalk going through the ‘park’.” Our insurance Company has designated this tree as being a risk, therefore we must condemn this no good, rotten scoundrel, of a killer tree.”

    The Pacific Grove City Council ignored over 1,200 favorable written requests tosave this tree and allow it to continue to thrive. The City Council acted on the hysteria – claims of the Public Works director and City Arborist in contrast to all other independent Arborists, former City Forester, and tree care people, all unanamously claiming the tree was healthy and ‘not at risk’.

    70 more mature trees are scheduled to be cut down to make way for a five acre Hotel developement – “The American Tin Cannery Hotel Project”. Traffic which is now extreme will become exponentially worse. Will Casino Gaming be allowed next?

    Implications are now supported, at this time in our history. Are our local politicians actually elected by vote, or are they mainly appointed through a system that no longer counts the actual tally? Bob Oliver 831 383-2676 boboliver9@gmail.com 4/12/2022

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