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Stephen K. Bannon Refutes Media Claims He’ll Testify Against Trump

Stephen K. Bannon Refutes Media Claims He’ll Testify Against Trump

(Well, looky there, Real Raw News names one of their LEGITIMATE Sources! Stephen Bannon is a Top of the Line Truth Teller and a very trusted source! Take it Back! – LM)


In emails between Real Raw News and longtime Trump Ally Stephen K. Bannon, the latter refuted an Associated Press story claiming he would testify against President Trump in exchange for leniency at his own impending trial.

“I would never be a false witness. The story is total bullshit,” Bannon told RRN.

His comment was a fiery response to MSM lies that he’d had an epiphany and was now ready to “dish the Truth” on Trump’s involvement in the imaginary January 6 attack on the Capitol.

According to the AP, Bannon begged Liz Cheney and Nancy Pelosi for a deal, and House Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif, said on Sunday morning news broadcasts that she intends to privately interrogate Bannon.

“Lies, lies, and more lies,” Bannon told RRN. “Why would I ever talk to that bitch?”

Bannon has been one of the highest-profile Trump-allied holdouts in refusing to testify before the committee, leading to two criminal counts of contempt of Congress last year for resisting the committee’s unlawful subpoena.

“If I were to talk, it would be to defend my president,” Bannon said.

“My attorneys haven’t even spoken to them,” he said of claims that his lawyers were striking a deal with Liz Cheney.

Bannon said the Committee cannot compel him to speak because Trump had invoked Executive Privilege, which shields members of the Executive Branch or persons serving on their behalf against compulsory testimony or malicious prosecution.

“If they drag me in by force, I’ll tell them what a great job Trump’s done, what a great job he’s doing. I stand by President Trump, and always will. These made-up stories are meant to drive a wedge between us, and it won’t work. Donald knows who his real friends are,” Bannon said.

Real Raw News can now reveal that Stephen K. Bannon is one of five Mar-a-Lago sources to have provided us with ongoing details on Trump’s war against the Deep State.

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