America Warned “Hurtling Toward Disaster” As “Truth Takes A Holiday”

America Warned “Hurtling Toward Disaster” As “Truth Takes A Holiday”

July 20, 2023

“The first reaction to truth is hatred.”

Tertullian  (c. 155 AD – c. 220 AD) was a prolific early Christian author called the father of Latin Christianity as well as the founder of Western theology.

 Special Report from Sister Ciara

My Dearest Friends:

After throwing off decades of demonic and tyrannical socialist rule, the Russian peoples approved the Constitution of the Russian Federation on 12 December 1993, where under the provisions outlined in Chapter 2. Rights and Freedoms of Man and Citizen, in Article 29, Section 5, it mandates by the full force of law: “The freedom of mass communication shall be guaranteed…Censorship shall be banned”.

Since Russia launched its “Special De-Nazification Operation” to liberate Ukraine on 24 February 2022, the rights of Russian peoples guaranteed by their constitution have undergone a “Litmus Test”, that establishes the true character of something, and passed with flying colours—this is due to the Russian peoples still having unrestricted access to any Western media outlet they choose to read, watch or listen to, and nothing the Western media puts out is censored by the Russian government—but stands in stark contrast to the West banning and censoring Russian news outlets—and in response the West banning the Russian state news broadcaster  RT, yesterday President Putin observed: “RT is banned in the West because they are scared of the truth…Truth is the sharpest weapon against lies, and the propaganda imbued with these lies”.

Joining President Putin’s observation that governments in the West “are scared of the truth”, the American libertarian nonprofit think tank Mises Institute released its open letter “The Media And Ukraine War Coverage: Where Truth Takes A Holiday”, wherein it revealed:

Though we may not know about the prevalence of covert information operations for some time, a pair of stories published last month offer a window into some more overt efforts to shape our perception of the war in Ukraine. 

First, Thomas Gibbons-Neff, a Ukraine correspondent for the New York Times, wrote a viral story detailing how Ukrainian press officers and some Western journalists have tried to downplay, justify, or cover up the use of Nazi symbols by Ukrainian soldiers.

One specific passage tells of Western photojournalists asking their subjects to remove patches with Nazi emblems before taking photos.  By doing so, these journalists crossed the line from documenting their subjects to staging them.

On the same day, former New York Times media columnist Ben Smith published an article reporting that many Western journalists have grown frustrated with how the Ukrainian government uses access and accreditation to shape war coverage.  For example, the Ukrainian military threatened to revoke a photojournalist’s credentials after he took pictures of conscripted soldiers in a trench without the presence or permission of a military press officer.

In another example, an NBC News crew traveled to Crimea to interview residents about the war.  After reporting that most people they talked to preferred that Crimea belonged to Russia, the Ukrainian government revoked NBC’s credentials and confined their in-country crew to a hotel.

The corrosive effect when “truth takes a holiday” was just exampled in a new Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs survey that found: “Only about one in 10 American adults can give democracy in the US a high rating”—a poll followed by the Wall Street Journal article “The 2024 Election Is A Fight Over America’s Way Of Life”, wherein it warned: “The next race for the White House has turned into an existential election, with voters on both sides fearing not just a loss of political influence but also the destruction of their way of life”—and today, the leftist New York Times, in their article “Hoping For A Miracle, Hurtling Toward Disaster”, fearfully observed:

Have you met anyone truly excited about Joe Biden running for re-election?   And by that, I mean downright Obama-circa-2008 energized — brimming with enthusiasm about what four more years of Biden would bring to our body politic, our economy, our national mood, our culture?

Let’s be more realistic.  Is there a single one among us who can muster even a quiet “Yay!”?  And no, we’re not counting the guy who sounds like he’s performing elaborate mental dance moves to persuade himself nor anyone who is paid to say so.  According to a recent report in The Times, Biden’s fund-raising thus far doesn’t exactly reveal a groundswell of grass roots excitement.

Instead, most Democrats seem to view what looks like an inexorable rematch between Biden and Donald Trump with a sense of impending doom.

That old age is showing.  Never an incantatory speaker or a sparkling wit, Biden seems to have altogether thrown in the oratorical towel.

Several weeks ago, he appeared to actually wander off a set on MSNBC after figuratively wandering through 20 minutes of the host Nicolle Wallace’s gentle questions.  In another recent interview, with Fareed Zakaria, when asked specific questions about U.S.-China policy, Biden waded into a muddle of vague bromides and personal anecdotes about his travels as vice president with China’s leader, Xi Jinping. When asked point blank whether it’s time for him to step aside, Biden said, almost tangentially, “I just want to finish the job.”

It is hard to imagine Democrats, or most Americans, eager to relive any aspect of the annus horribilis that was 2020. 

Yet it’s as if we’re collectively paralyzed, less complacent than utterly bewildered, waiting for “something” to happen — say, a health crisis or an arrest or a supernatural event — before 2024.

Why an America of nearly 332 million peoples are “collectively paralyzed” is explained in the just reported news: “CNN is currently available in 80 million U.S. households…And yet, although 80 million households can watch CNN anytime they choose, only about 500,000 tune in…CNN cannot even attract one percent of its available audience”—is further explained in the news report: “Preliminary data from Nielsen Media Research showed Fox News grabbed an average of 2.23 million viewers between the hours of 7 p.m. and 11 p.m., about 582,000 more than MSNBC and 1.64 million more than CNN”—and in the US Cable & Broadcast TV Network Rankings for June, it saw ABC ranked number one with 3,087,000 viewers, CBS ranked second with 2,663,000 viewers and NBC ranked number three with 2,260,000 viewers.

With barely over 12 million Americans consuming news on cable and broadcast television, another estimated 20 million of them consume print and digital media, the vast majority of whom do so via paid monthly subscriptions—which means that only about 10% of Americans consume any news at all—all of whom, however, are plunged into in a world of media censorship, outright lies and vile propaganda that doesn’t allow any meaningful or truthful collective narrative to take hold.

For deliberately “collectively paralyzed” Americans “waiting for something to happen” like a “supernatural event”, last week it saw socialist Democrat Party Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, along with a bipartisan group of five other senators, introducing extraordinary legislation suggesting that the United States government or private contractors “may secretly possess recovered UFOs and biological evidence of living or deceased non-human intelligence”—and while these American senators began their search for “biological evidence of living or deceased non-human intelligence”, it saw US Congresswoman Victoria Spartz tearing into FBI Director Chris Wray with the declaration: “I compare your agency to KGB”, and who previously warned the American peoples: “As someone who was born in the Soviet Union, I am very disturbed by the use of the Department of Justice as a political tool and its power as a police state to suppress lawful public discourse…The FBI is starting to resemble the old KGB with secret warrantless surveillance, wiretapping, and intimidation of citizens”.

The main job of KGB state police forces in the despotic and tyrannical former Soviet Union was the eradication of Christianity and anything resembling normal moral life, which is being replayed in under socialist siege America today, where Gabriel Rench, who just received a settlement for being illegally arrested because he prayed outdoors without a mask, proclaimed: “It’s no secret that portions of our government and political groups are now starting to target Christians in a way that has never really happened in America”—a proclamation that joins the shocking news: “CMT, or Country Music Television, is no longer airing the music video for Jason Aldean’s “Try That In A Small Town,” even as the song reaches No. 1 on iTunes charts…The music video, which features Aldean singing in front of a government building with an American flag, incorporates footage from various protests – including those associated with Antifa and Black Lives Matter – was released Friday”.

For those of you willing to be “collectively paralyzed” while “waiting for something to happen”, I strongly suggest you read the article “100 Years Of Communism—And 100 Million Dead”, wherein it factually notes: “The Bolshevik plague that began in Russia was the greatest catastrophe in human history”—and is socialist plague now destroying America whose ending will either be in mass graves or its peoples facing the truth and doing something about it before it’s too late.

In standing behind and on the front lines of this battle between good and evil, my Dear Sisters keep the truth following to you daily, but whose mission will fail without your immediate support, which is why I plead for you to go below and give what you can today, otherwise, the world you’ll soon awaken in will be one of terror, misery and blood.

For those of you knowing these true things, I urgently plead for your support in our desperate hour of need, and is why I’ve always strongly reminded my Dearest Friends, if you prefer being lied to and deceived then, by all means, turn away from us, but, for those of you still wanting the truth, never forget that in aiding us, or others like us, our Dear Lord gave you this solemn promise: “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

With God,

Sister Ciara

Dublin, Ireland

20 July 2023



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