September 3, 2014

The Clerk of the Court
825 West Fourth Avenue
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

Michelle L. Boutin
900 West 8th Avenue, Suite 200
Anchorage, AK 99501

Dear Sirs:

We are in receipt of your latest offer and are returning
it within 72 hours. It does not concern us and never did:
“Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person,
an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government
can interface only with other artificial persons.

The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance,
is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the
tangible. The legal manifestation of this is that no government,
as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc.
can concern itself with anything other than corporate,
artificial persons and the contracts between them.”

S.C.R. 1795, Penhallow v. Doane’s Administraters (3
U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed. 57; 3 Dall. 54)
We have made it abundantly clear to you since the
very beginning of these discussions that we are living
flesh and separate from all legal fictions merely named
after us. We presented an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll carrying
a blood seal and a sworn and sealed statement of
living Witnesses as to our identities—irrefutable proof
that we are alive, and that we are who we say we are,
sealed upon the record.

We, living American State Citizens, are owed every
jot of The Treaty of Westminster (1794) promising us
friendship and amity and protection “in perpetuity” from
the City-State of Westminster and every member of the
Bar Associations worldwide.

“Judge” Olson claimed that his jurisdiction derived
from “the de jure Constitution of the State of Alaska”.
When challenged to prove that such a document exists
and that it established dominion over us, we were met
with dead silence. We later carried the question to the
Alaska Judicial Council. More silence. After more than
a year of such behavior on the part of the COURT and
its advisors, we consider the matter closed. There is no
such document or dominion.

“Judge” Olson also claimed that his jurisdiction was
statutory in nature. Challenged to prove that such a
“statutory” jurisdiction exists and that it applies to us
and our private property, we were met with more dead
silence. This, too, was offered to the Alaska Judicial
Council without response or rebuttal, and again, we consider
the matter closed. There is no statutory jurisdiction that applies
to us. As the name implies, “statutory
jurisdiction” applies to legal fiction entities created by

We have adopted the practice of referring to “Judge”
Olson, because in fact he has not functioned as a judge
and he admitted this by claiming to operate a statutory
jurisdiction. Judges do not administer statutes and
codes. Executive Administrators administer statutes and

Furthermore, there have been no “judicial powers”
available on the land of the actual states since 1789. See
FRC v GE 281US 464, Keller v PE 261 US 428, and US
Statute at Large 1, 138-178.


He further admitted his lack of standing as a judge
when he declared in open hearings that he was not acting
as a Trustee. According to the corporate “Constitution
of the United States of America” all public officials are
trustees, and refusal of this office can only indicate that
“Judge” Olson was in fact operating in a private nonjudicial
capacity as an executive administrator running
an in-house corporate tribunal. He exercised no more
authority over us and our private property than a “judge”
employed by SEARS to settle in-house administrative
disputes has over the general public.

We note in passing that it was never “Judge” Olson’s
job to prove his jurisdiction in any event. It was Michelle L.
Boutin’s job as the moving party to prove the
COURT’s jurisdiction, which she never even attempted
to do, beyond an ambiguous and totally unsupported
statement alleging that some otherwise unidentified
party was a “resident” of Alaska.

In fact, the jurisdiction of the “State” Courts derives
from the 14th Amendment and is a “territorial” jurisdiction
of “federal” States which applies only to US
citizens “residing” in the actual physical states of the

Taken together with the foregoing, the question then
arises— are we “US citizens”? We explored that question, too.
Were we born in a Federal Enclave? No.
Did we voluntarily undergo the Naturalization process
mandated by 2 US Statute at Large 153, Chapter 28,
subsection 1, otherwise known as Revised Statute 2561?
No. Are we employed by the federal government in any
capacity civil or military? No. Are we foreign welfare
recipients? No. Are we African Americans who were
denied State Citizenship at the close of the Civil War,
so as to expedite repugnant claims by the United States,
Inc. claiming them as chattel backing US government
debt? No. Are we legal fiction entities incorporated
under the auspices of the United States of America (Minor)? No.
There is no territorial jurisdiction available
to the “State” Courts related to us.

The only other jurisdiction available to the STATE
COURTS is international jurisdiction, which applies
only to US CITIZENS.

So, again, are we “US CITIZENS”?

Were we created by Washington DC Municipal Statute,
Chapter 2, Vital Statistics, Section 7-201, paragraph
10? No.

Are we owned and operated by the UNITED
NATIONS doing business as the INTERNATIONAL
MONETARY FUND doing business as the UNITED
STATES doing business as the US DEPARTMENT

Are we legal fiction
entities of any kind, sort, or description created by any
other corporate entity whatsoever? No.

We are not US

It is abundantly clear and always has been that we
and our private property are not subject to any jurisdiction
possessed by either the State Courts or the STATE
COURTS, and we have always properly objected that
this is so without rebuttal.

At the end of the day, “Judge” Olson committed fatal
errors, and faced with armed mercenaries hired by Michelle L.
Boutin, we complied but did not consent to any
jurisdiction presented.

So if the Court had no jurisdiction and the COURT
had no jurisdiction, precisely what do all of you think
you are doing and to whom or what are you addressing
all your complaints?

The actual Congress of the united States of America
ceased functioning on March 28, 1861 when it adjourned
sine die for lack of quorum. As a stop-gap,
Lincoln formed The United States, Incorporated, and
installed the remaining members of Congress as a Board
of Directors. It was at this juncture that the “federal
corporation” recorded at 28 USC 3002 15 (A) came into

Acting in 1862, this “Congress” changed the meaning
of a single word. That word is “person”. For the purposes of
their private, for-profit governmental services
corporation, they redefined the word “person” to mean
“corporation”. See 37th Congress, Second Session,
Chapter 119, Section 68 – “Manufactures, Articles, and

In 1868, the United States Corporation published its
Articles and By-Laws as the Constitution of the United
States of America. That document included the 14th
Amendment proclaimed by Secretary of State Seward.
It was this document which established the existence
of private “federal” States—corporate franchises of the
United States Corporation. This sound-alike, look-alike
“Constitution” and its 14th Amendment created a different
citizenship, a different jurisdiction, and a different

This was and is a uniquely foreign and corporate
jurisdiction with respect to the landed (E)states and its
inhabitants known as State Citizens. The corporation
self-interestedly presumed that everyone wanted to be
redefined as a “US citizen”, but as no mere corporation
has the power to redefine the sovereign status of a nation
or its people, 15 Statute at Large Chapter 249 Section 1
“Acts Concerning American Citizens in a Foreign State”
was adopted to preserve the legality of the action.

This was on the face of it a profoundly improper claim made
by a commercial corporation against its employers, especially
as this same corporation pretended to
“represent” the lawful government. Note the words
of The Pledge of Allegiance: “and to the Republic, for
which it stands.” This fiduciary trust fraud based on
semantic deceit and the use of deceptively similar names
was the basis for all that has come after, and as can be
readily proven, gave rise to the creation of the classes of
“US citizen” subject to the territorial jurisdiction of the
“State” Courts.

It is to these federal “State Courts” and presumed “US
citizens” that Ms. Boutin has been addressing all her
complaints at the State level.

The actual Constitution establishing the relationship of the
federal government to the landed (E)states
always allowed Congress to operate two governments.
Congress functioned as the legislative branch of the
republican government owed to the Several States, and,
at Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, was allowed plenary
control over the District of Columbia.

With the Act of 1871 the corporate Congress began
the formation of the Washington DC Municipal Government

and the process that ultimately resulted in the
creation of “US CITIZENS”.

It is to these STATE COURTS and presumed “US
CITIZENS” that Ms. Boutin has been addressing all her
complaints at the STATE level.

Our point to you all is that none of these legal fiction
entities have a thing to do with us or our real property.
We are expatriated with respect to any corporate
“citizenship” conferred upon us by the action of other
people merely claiming to represent us. We claimed and
recorded our claim of remedy preserved at UCC 1-308
as of 1995 and we restated our claim— which includes
our Common Law right not to be bound by any contract
that is unilateral, inequitable, undisclosed, not in-kind,
tainted by fraud, created by others merely claiming to
“represent” us, or deemed to exist based on our receipt
of any compelled benefit or fruit of monopoly inducement—
at the very outset of our discussion with Roswell
Properties, L.L.C., LTD.

We not only claimed our remedy, we prosecuted an
entire Due Process Notary Presentment which resulted
in Declaratory Judgment against Roswell Properties,
L.L.C., LTD. as of June 20, 2012.

If any entity operating as “Roswell Properties” at 100
North Center Street, Newton Falls, Ohio, had any valid
claim against us or our property, they were given full
Due Process and opportunity to state their claims before
an Officer of the Court operating in the proper jurisdiction —-
and they failed to do so.
That action established permanent estoppels and res

As we recently informed The Clerk of the Supreme
Court and the US District Attorney, there are now
upwards of a dozen legal fiction entities running around
claiming to do business “in our name”, all created by
various private corporations operating as “states” and
foreign governments all claiming to “represent” us, and
we do not propose to allow this process of systematic
identity theft and practice of personage by private
commercial corporations to defraud us.

The most recent entry into this melee in commerce is
the UNITED NATIONS Corporation operating under
the auspices of the United Nations City State—a foreign
government with respect to us—which has created
transmitting utilities doing business under similar names
using only a middle initial as an identifier—for example,
“James C. Belcher”. These names—all of them—-are
not even legal names, as they are all non-specific.
What is or should be clear to everyone involved is that
this madness has to end.

“personage” –is the crime of mischaracterizing persons for fraudulent
purposes—for example: (1) deliberately confusing the ELIZABETH ARDEN
corporation with a woman of the same name to promote credit fraud,
or (2) impersonating public officials so as to exercise
their office for private advantage.

Ms. Boutin and her clients are guilty on the face of it
of both personage and barratry—-knowingly bringing
false claims before a COURT of incompetent jurisdiction. “Judge”
Olson is similarly guilty of impersonating a public official, a real judge,
while acting as a private corporate executive administrator. And everyone
involved is guilty of fiduciary trust fraud as well, as they
have pretended to represent the lawful government owed
to us or agencies thereof.

Beginning in 2010 we moved to exercise our reversionary trust interest
in the “federal” ESTATES and federal “State” trusts established “in our behalf”
howbeit without our knowledge or consent. See Title 12, Section
95a and especially the subsection (B)(2):

(2) Any payment, conveyance, transfer, assignment, or delivery
of property or interest therein, made to
or for the account of the United States, or as otherwise
directed, pursuant to this section or any rule, regulation,
instruction, or direction issued hereunder shall to the
extent thereof be a full acquittance and discharge for
all purposes of the obligation of the person making the
same; and no person shall be held liable in any court for
or in respect to anything done or omitted in good faith in
connection with the administration of, or in pursuance of
and in reliance on, this section, or any rule, regulation,
instruction, or direction issued hereunder.

This remedy is further preserved at UCC 9-314 and

Every living American has a “federal” State trust
established “in their name” as a result of fiduciary trust
fraud committed by the “US Congress” operating as a
Board of Directors of the United States, Inc. in 1868.
This entity uses the given name of an American State
Citizen and operates under a name styled in upper and
lower case: John Quincy Adams.

Every living American also has a “federal” ESTATE
trust established “in their name” as a result of fiduciary
trust fraud committed by the Roosevelt Administration
and the Conference of Governors operating yet another
corporate franchise doing business as the United States
of America, Inc. in 1933. These ESTATES operate
under names styled in all capital letters and include the
middle given name of the victim, as in: JOHN QUINCY
ADAMS. These were all removed to Puerto Rico
under the jurisdiction of the United States of America
(Minor)—a consortium of “American” states more often
thought of as “federal territories and possessions”. The
perpetrators are now in the process of trying to redefine
these ESTATE trusts as transmitting utilities operated
under the auspices of the United Nations City-State and
operating them under Names/NAMES styled using only
middle initials: John Q. Adams and JOHN Q. ADAMS.
Note that Ms. Boutin is now attempting to address
these entities in her most recent effort to defraud:

JAMES C. BELCHER and ANNA M. RIEZINGERVON REITZ are named as “Defendants”.

Also note that there is absolutely no statute of limitations which
applies to fiduciary trust fraud. It doesn’t
matter if it happened in 1862 or yesterday. It taints and
invalidates every authority, contract, and claim based
upon it.

Finally note that there is potentially no end to the
fraud and graft available from allowing this practice of
identity theft and personage to continue. Every foreign
government and every commercial corporation on earth
can theoretically seize control of any given name of any
individual, claim to “represent” them based on some
form of contract real or imagined, trump up charges
against “them” and use this as a device to bring false
claims against real people and real property.

We have already filed our UCC-1 paperwork as priority
secured third party creditors of ALL these foreign entities
and exercising our reversionary trust interest, have
reiterated our expatriation by Act of State, and given
Notice. We have disclaimed all “charitable” benefits
related to the legal fictions operated in our names and
claimed our remedies. Now we are in the process of
bringing claim against “ROSWELL PROPERTIES” in
true international jurisdiction and Ms. Boutin is begging
the COURT to “invalidate” our filing under “Alaska

The COURT had better study the actual document
2014-787018-8, which shows that it was filed by
“anna-maria: riezinger”—an appellation denoting the
actual living woman, as the COURT has already been
informed, not any federal “State” entities operating as
“Anna Maria Riezinger” or “James C. Belcher” as Ms.
Boutin claims.

The COURT should also note that its “sister COURT”
doing business as THE SUPERIOR DISTRICT
a DEBTOR in the same action along with ROSWELL
PROPERTIES, L.L.C. LLD., and that any action aiding
or abetting the absconding DEBTORS will be cause to
ALASKA as a DEBTOR, too.

The STATE OF ALASKA has already declared itself
bound by the Uniform Commercial Code and neither it
nor the COURT have any authority to selectively decide
whether they operate under the Uniform Commercial
Code or not. Nor do these corporate entities have any
ability to deny or “invalidate” a commercial affidavit
that is “not a point of law”.

All these various entities named as DEBTORS are
in fact DEBTORS of the living Americans, as proven
by the 1934 Bankruptcy Act, Section 101(11). We, the
living American State Citizens, are the principals to all
financial transactions; all corporations and corporate
officers are agents without recourse.

As long as Ms. Boutin is “becoming aware of” our filings in
international venues, she and the COURT should
become aware of those filings that decisively extracted
our estates from their jurisdiction years ago and should
return our private property free and clear of debt or
encumbrance and titles established under color of law,
together with the compensation that is merely and justly
owed to us for our trouble.

To expedite a fair knowledge of these issues for the
Clerk we are including copies of the actual filing Ms.
Boutin is referring to for inspection and true copies of
2014-785582-1 and 2014-785581-9 which underlie it.
We are also providing the Clerk with copies of 2013-
765902-5 and its Amendment 2014-785584-5 which are
the Alaska property claims against already established
and cured prior claims recorded in Maryland as Initial
Financing Statement #0000000181425776. Please note
when examining this completely cured claim that page
2 of 2013-765902-5 is legal tender for all debts and that
the only “State of Alaska” competent to receive “real
men” with “hands and legs” is the organic state. Plus
the claim 2013-765907-5, which returns all the above to
the priority secured party creditor, the living woman.
Completely corresponding claims are also on file for
james clinton belcher – 2013-765904-9 and its Amendment
2014-785583-3, plus 2013-765905-1.

All these claims going back to 2011 are fully cured
and executed. We, the living American State Citizens,
have exercised our reversionary trust interest and we
gave Ms. Boutin, the COURT(S), and ROSWELL
PROPERTIES full notification.

The Clerk did not present us with the bonds related
to the case(s) nor a payment voucher related to them.
The “Judge” was told that we claimed our exemption in
favor of the DEFENDANTS and wished to discharge
any such “debt” held against these ESTATES in open
COURT and he denied it, thereby removing any immunity
under 42 USC 1981, 1982, and 1984.

We timely requested our just and guaranteed remedy
and were denied. We suffered armed extortion at the
hands of Michelle L. Boutin, an Officer of the Court
and member of the Bar Association, and the loss of over
$100,000.00 worth of private credit under conditions of
personage, barratry, and false pretenses. See 18 USC

Whoever, upon any waters or vessel within the special
maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States,
by any fraud, or false pretense, obtains from any person
anything of value, or procures the execution and delivery
of any instrument of writing or conveyance of real
or personal property, or the signature of any person, as
maker, endorser, or guarantor, to or upon any bond, bill,
receipt, promissory note, draft, or check, or any other
evidence of indebtedness, or fraudulently sells, barters,
or disposes of any bond, bill, receipt, promissory note,
draft, or check, or other evidence of indebtedness, for
value, knowing the same to be worthless, or knowing
the signature of the maker, endorser, or guarantor thereof
to have been obtained by any false pretenses, shall be
fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five
years, or both; but if the amount, value or the face value
of anything so obtained does not exceed $1,000, he shall
be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one
year, or both.

The “State” Court should, if it wishes to have any
credibility whatsoever, be addressing the dishonorable,
deceitful, and outright criminal misconduct that
is ongoing and endemic with respect to the operation
of its “Judges” and Officers, and should apply the rules
of the corporate United States, its employer, to its own

Also for the Clerk’s information we are enclosing
a copy of a letter to the Clerk of the Supreme Court
which details the actual circumstance surrounding the
mortgage discussed as the initial “cause”. Like the “de
jure Constitution of the State of Alaska” and “statutory
law”– no “mortgage” ever existed.

Any “mortgage” related to the real property discussed
throughout 3AN-12-6858CI was paid off on the day
of closing as mandated by Public Policy of the United
States, Inc., and our own falsely probated ESTATES
have held the property free and clear ever since. The
unilateral contract that Ms. Boutin has sought to enforce
against our Estates/ESTATES and now against transmitting
utilities operated by the UN, was and is defective
for all the reasons we claimed remedy to in behalf of
these entities—unilateral, inequitable, tainted by fraud,
created by others merely claiming to “represent” them,
and deemed to exist as the result of compelled benefit or
fruit of monopoly inducement—specifically the use of
“Federal Reserve Notes” imposed by United States, Inc.
As the initial cause of action was tainted by fraud and
deceit and defective in all these respects, no subsequent
action or claim of indebtedness could ever be justified.

What is justified is what is demanded: return of our
misappropriated credit and compensation in redemption
owed by the DEBTORS to the principals, based
on claims that are cured, decided, and irrefutable in the
actual and proper jurisdiction and which have always
been clearly stated and which were placed before THE
ALASKA as of June 20, 2012.

STATE OF ALASKA” will not presume to have any
authority over living people who are not “US citizens”
nor “US CITIZENS”, much less any authority to prevent
us from filing commercial affidavits or to declare our
affidavits “invalid”.

non-negotiable autograph, all rights reserved.
c/o box 520994
big lake, alaska [99652]

Alaska State Attorney General
Michael C. Geraghty
Box 110300
Juneau, Alaska 99811

Roman J. Kalytiak, District Attorney
Palmer State Office Building
515 E. Dahlia Street, Suite 150
Palmer, AK 99645-6416

Arnie Rosner
Available 24/7 –
714-501-8247 – mobile

The Marshall Plan – Part Two — Who Is Owed the Return

The Marshall Plan – Part Two — Who Is Owed the Return

By Anna Von Reitz

Anna von Reitz <>Sat, Apr 23, 2022 at 9:15 AM

To:,, Ivan Talbot
<>,,,, JS.Pentagon.ocjcs.m,,
Cc:,,,, stm@,,,,, primeminister@,,,, statsradsberedningen.registr,,,, p,,,, seb,,,, sskvern,,,, gert.ripha,,,,, prem,,,,, dpd@,,,, secret,, “Cc:”
<>,,,,,,,,, info,,,,, cab,,,,
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The Marshall Plan – Part Two — Who Is Owed the Return

Attention: Prosecutor Karim A.A. Kahn,QC; H.E. Joan E. Donoughue, H.E. Kiril Gevgorian,
H.E. Cardinal Dominique Mamberti, Lord High Steward Ivan Talbot, Joint Chiefs of Staff,
Antonio Guterres Secretary General of the United Nations, Bank of International
Settlements, Lord Mayor of Inner City of London, and other Interested Parties:

Consider this lesson in Black Magic to be a necessary part of educating oneself to face off
the powers of evil in the modern world.

It’s the end of World War II. Seventeen countries in western and southern Europe
teetered on the edge of an Abyss. General George Marshall came up with a Plan to
rebuild those countries and their economies and here is how it worked.

A very large amount of privately held gold belonging to the D’Avila Family Trust was
“blocked” for fifty (50) years — meaning that the Depositors were denied access to or any
ability to move their gold held by banks for a period of fifty years from the date of deposit.

The banks, thus assured of having that gold underwriting their extension of credit promptly
issued ten times the value of the gold deposits as credit available to the ravaged countries
and their governments under the theory of Fractional Reserve Banking.

Fractional Reserve Banking says, well, on any given day, only about 1/10th of the people
will want to take cash out of their accounts, so, we can safely loan out 90% of our
“reserves” as credit at interest.

So, in this crazy (and technically illegal) system, the bank gets to create 10X as much
credit as the value of the assets that underwrite the bank and keep only the 100% of the
gold or other commodity asset, plus 11% of the credit amount as “cash”, to pay off those
depositors who at random ask for cash back from their deposits.

The banks are “betting on the margin” in other words and reaping large returns on the
interest being paid on these “loans” of credit that is, technically, owed to the heirs of the
D’Avila Family Trust and their beneficiaries and not to the banks at all. The banks have
nothing at risk and no actual ownership interest in anything.

In 1851 the Spanish Courts ruled that the D’Avila assets came from non-criminal origin
and the administrator of the Trust was allowed to deposit these assets in the global
banking system. The original agreement for this privilege was for 50 years from the last
deposit that happened on October 7th, 1941, so the heir could not remove these assets
until October 7th, 1991. The outbreak of World War II changed everything, the United
States of America, the Allied Nations, and Non-Allied Nations were seeking a way to
rebuild the world after two world wars, the solution was the D’Avila assets. These Assets
were transferred to Severino Garcia STA Romana as the asset owner so these assets
could be traded for 50 years to fund a global project to rebuild the world. It took some time
to plan and position these assets due to World War II and the recovery of assets from
Germany and Japan that belonged to the D’Avila Trust. The 50-year agreement was
extended to 2005 as the trading of these assets likely did not start until 1955.

All the D’Avila Family Trust assets were placed on deposit as of 1941, so the heirs went
hungry to bed for sixty-four years, waiting for 2005 to roll around, and the promised end to
the “block” on their funds. They also held the reasonable expectation that at least some of
the interest that was collected by the banks would be returned to the Trust, and that they
would: (1) be able to enjoy a reasonable standard of living for themselves, and (2) would
be able to fulfill the Trust Indenture, which requires the funds to be used to “uplift”

2005 came and went. More excuses and more shuffling took place. The “arrangement”
provided a 5-year window period that extended another five years to 2010, with the
understanding that the deposits would finally be released to the control of the heirs and
beneficiaries. 2010 came and went. More shuffling. More excuses.

The fact is that the World Bank and IBRD and BIS and all these other banks had grown
used to having control of the D’Avila Trust assets secured in their vaults and they had
found ways to benefit themselves by manipulating markets and seizing actual physical
assets in exchange for loans of “credit” that never even belonged to these banks. All that
credit is owed to the Trust, minus reasonable and customary bank and brokerage fees.

By 2005 and 2010, however, it was apparent that the banks couldn’t possibly pay back the
D’Avila Trust both the gold and the credit owed from all the interest collected on all those
loans, plus keep on glutting themselves, so negotiations came to a standstill. In 2005, the
so-called “Off Ledger” — blocked asset accounts, were left in Limbo Land, all the banks
and all the governments without a contract to use the gold any longer continued as if they
had a contract in place.

What has ensued ever since has been a Bank Club Fest of criminality, greed,
unaccountability, lies, and excuses. They all know where the gold that underwrites their
banks came from. They all know that the gold assets must be freed up and that the profits
from the interest must be shared with the Trust. Most of all, they all know that the
accounting is due.

And they are all sitting there, including Karen Hudes, shrugging like so many monkeys,
trying to pretend, “Well, hey, this depository account hasn’t been touched in fifty years….
must be “abandoned”….”

That’s their favorite excuse for stealing money, especially money held in Escrow accounts
and Slush Funds that the Depositors of the actual assets are never told about.

When you have more than one person, one bank, one agency, one government acting
together to prevent the asset owner and/or Heirs from recovering their assets, it is called a
conspiracy, a criminal act that has no statute of limitations. Because these assets were
placed under Severino Garcia STA Romana as the asset owner and he died in 1974, the
assets are protected under an estate with a court appointed Attorney in Fact that has been
ordered by the Federal Court of the United States of America to Discover, Collect and
Settle the Estate of Severino Garcia STA. Romana. The Claimant against this Estate is the
D’Avila Family Trust –the source of the assets deposited by Severino Garcia STA.
Romana in the first place.

The actual heir of the D’Avila Family Trust who has the General Power of Attorney for the
Trust (there are other heirs, but he holds the GPA) went to Federal Court and to
International Courts, and he won his cases to recover these assets from the agencies and
banks holding these assets.

The banks are still trying to avoid the judgment in favor of the heirs (STA Romana Family),
and claimants (Avila Family) and the actual Beneficiaries — that is, all the people of the

So, that makes the Banks and everyone protecting the Banks in this matter criminals–
unless they immediately Cease and Desist their obstructionist activities and release the
D’Avila Depository Accounts and make available the pre-paid credit owed back to the
Trust, in recompense for blocking these accounts and extending credit at interest based
on these assets since 1941.

How would you feel if you deposited your money in a bank, and that bank arbitrarily
blocked your access to your money for eighty years? And then lied about it and said that
they don’t know who the Depositor is? That the funds are “abandoned”?

I am the Assign of the D’Avila Trust in my capacity as the Fiduciary for The United States
of America, speaking on behalf of the Heirs and Beneficiaries, all living people of this
country and ultimately, the planet: it’s time for this criminal nonsense to end, and literally
everyone in the world has a stake in helping me to end it.

There are more than 5,000 Family and Institutional Trusts which the banks are attempting
to commandeer in this way.

Money is a symbol. Life is the only value. And the debt owed back to the living people is
long past due.

The actual ownership interest is known. It has been adjudicated. There is no confusion
about it. Not one peso has been “abandoned”. Each bank and each government is
responsible and liable.

On the back side of the overall transaction, the interest and return has been paid by living
people who didn’t owe the governments that have benefited from the Marshall Plan and
the European Economic Recovery Plan a single penny. All that debt was foisted off on
individual living people by means of legal chicanery and commercial deceit.

The actual physical assets belonging to families have been seized under conditions of
fraud and deceit by banks trading on the assets of the D’Avila Family Trust, in direct
violation of the Trust Indenture, which directs this money to be used to uplift humanity and
to break the chains of ignorance and poverty.

The banks had the use of the credit generated from the D’Avila Trust assets to use and
invest for free, yet they charged rates in usury above 500% on many mortgages that the
living people never owed.

These banks have been protected in these outrageous crimes by the members of the Bar
Associations, by military contractors, and by politicians who have benefited themselves at
the cost of millions of lives, homes, and families.

As I speak, thousands of Americans are being physically evicted from their homes for not
paying mortgages that those Americans never owed. Armed thugs acting under color of
law have trespassed on private property at the behest of these banks, which are benefiting
from the assets of the D’Avila Family Trust and inflicting this crime on the living people that
the Trust assets are supposed to help and uplift.

Shame on the Generals who have participated in and allowed this for a cut of the action.
Shame on the Roman Catholic Church and its Collection Agency known as the Internal
Revenue Service and the IRS, both, and its venal abusive claim to own the names of living
people and to use those names and the assets attached to them as collateral and as the
basis of labor contracts without disclosure and without permission.

Shame on the banks and the bankers who have taken such a gross advantage of the
D’Avila Family Trust and the Heirs and the intended Beneficiaries of the Trust, with the
help of corrupt and incorporated British Crown Corporations that have engineered much of
this Crime Against Humanity.

Shame on everyone who has attempted to further block the Heir’s access to their own
deposits and to claim that any of these funds are abandoned.

Shame on those who have whipped and beaten and harassed and evicted and stolen the
physical assets of the living people using credit and collecting usury based on the use of
assets that never belonged to them.

The return on these assets from 153 countries is owed the D’Avila Family Trust and is
owed to the intended Beneficiaries of the Trust – which includes all of humanity. Full
recompense is due to all the people who have been the victims of the selfishness, trickery,
and False Claims in Commerce promoted by these banks.

The Federal Court Order discovery so far has uncovered (below) the banks holding assets
covered by the Estate of Severino Garcia STA. Romana. There are still many more banks
and accounts holding assets that will be discovered as we continue the discovery as
ordered by the Federal Courts:

1. ABN- Amro Bank NV Netherlands (Netherlands, Amsterdam)
2. ABN- Amro Bank Netherlands (Netherlands, Bussum Branch)
3, ABN- Amro Bank Netherlands (Singapore Branch)
4. Agricultural Bank of China (Singapore)
5. Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad (Kuala Lumpur)
6. Allgemeine Privatkunden Bank (Berlin, Charlottenburg)
7. ANZ Bank Malaysia Berhad (Kuala Lumpur Branch)
8. Arab Bank of Italy (Rome, Italy)
9. Arab Bank of New York (New York)
10. Arab Malaysia Berhad (Kuala Lumpur Branch)
11. Arab Bank PLC (Singapore Branch)
12. Banco Espirito Santo (Lisboa Branch)
13. Banco Central De Resarva De EI Salvador (El Salvador Branch)
14. Bangkok Bank (Kuala Lumpur Branch)
15. Bangkok Bank (Thailand, Bangkok Branch)
16. Bangkok Bank (Hongkong, Main Office)
17. Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited (Singapore Branch)
18. Bank of America National Association (Singapore Branch)
19. Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited (Phongpheng Ayudhya Thailand)
20. Bank of Baroda (Bangkok, Thailand)
21. Bank of Canada (Ontario, Canada)
22. Bank of China (Beijing, China Branch)
23. Bank of China (Beijing, main office)
24. Bank of China (Seoul Branch)
25. Bank of China (Shanghai, China)
26. Bank of China (Onsan Branch, Korea)
27 Bank of China (Shanghai & Shenzhen China)
28. Bank of China (Guangdong Branch China)
29. Bank of China (Jakarta Branch Indonesia)
30. Bank of China (Hongkong Branch)
31. Bank of China (Vietnam Branch)
32. Bank of China (Tokyo Branch)
33. Bank of China (Minato, Japan)
34. Bank of China (Singapore Branch)
35. Bank of China (Bangkok, Thailand)
36. Bank of China & Bank of Communication (Guldin Branch, China)
37. Bank of Communications (Singapore Branch)
38. Bank of East Asia Limited (Shenzhen Branch, China)
39. Bank of Estonia (Eesti Pank, Estonia)
40. Bank of Indonesia (Indonesia)
41. Bank of Israel (Israel)
42. Bank of Mongolia (London England Branch)
43. Bank of Japan (Tokyo Head Office)
44. Bank of Negara Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
45. Bank of Negara Malaysia (Sarawak Branch, Malaysia)
46. Bank of the Sierra (Porterville, California USA)
47. Bank of Taiwan (Singapore Branch)
48. Bank of Tokyo – Mitsubishi (Hongkong Branch)
49.Bank of Tokyo – Mitsubishi (Tokyo, Japan)
50. Bank of Walnut Creek (Dorville, California USA)
51. Bank of the West (San Francisco, California USA)
52. Bank of, the West (Beverly Hills, California USA)
53.Bank of Yokohama (Hongkong Branch)
54. Bank of Thai Public Company Limited (Bangkok Thailand)
55. Bank of Sierra Leone (Sierra Leone)
56. HypoVereinsbank (Germany)
57. Banco Intesa (Milan, Italy Branch)
58. Barclays Bank (Amsterdam Netherlands)
59. Barclays Bank (Bangkok Thailand)
60. Barclays Banks (Beijing, China)
61. Barclays Bank (Birmingham, U.K)
62. Barclays Bank (Doha, Qatar)
63. Barclays Bank (Dubai, UAE)
64. Barclays Bank (Dublin Ireland)
65. Barclays Bank (Frankfurt, Germany)
66. Barclays Bank (Geneva, Switzerland)
67. Barclays Bank (Hongkong)
68. Barclays Bank (Jakarta, Indonesia)
69. Barclays Bank (Johannesburg South Africa)
70. Barclays Bank (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
71. Barclays Bank (Labuan Malaysia)
72. Barclays Bank (Greater London, England)
73. Barclays Bank (London, England)
74. Barclays Bank (Lausanne, Switzerland)
75. Barclays Bank (Luxemburg)
76. Barclays Bank (Madrid, Spain)
77. Barclays Bank (UK)
78. Barleys Bank (Milan, Italy)
79. Barclays Bank (Moscow, Russia)
80. Barclays Bank (Mumbai, India)
81. Barclays Bank (Paris, France)
82. Barclays Bank (Seoul, Korea)
83. Barclays Bank (Shanghai, China)
84. Barclays Bank (People’s Republic of China)
85. Barclays Bank (Singapore)
86. Barclays Bank PLC (Singapore)
87 Barleys Bank (Sydney, Australia)
88. Barclays Bank (Taipei, Taiwan)
89. Barclays Bank (Tel Aviv, Israel)
90. Barclays Bank (Tokyo, Japan)
91. Barclays Bank (Zurich, Switzerland)
92. BMO Bank of Montreal (Alberta, Calgary, Canada)
93, BMO Bank of Montreal (British Colombia, Canada)
94. BMO Bank of Financial Group. (Toronto, Ontario Canada)
95. BMO Bank of Montreal (Waterloo, Ontario Canada)
96. BMO Bank of Montreal (Quebec, Canada)
97. BMO Bank of Montreal (Nova Scotia, Canada)
98. BNP Paribas (Bahrain Branch)
99. BNP Paribas (Hongkong Branch, Takoo Place Office)
100. BNP Paribas (King Fahd Rd, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
101. BNP Paribas (Milano Branch, Italy)
102. BNP Paribas (Rome, Italy Head Office)
103. BNP Paribas Asset Management (Madrid, Spain)
104. BNP Paribas (Singapore)
105. Bulgaria National Bank (Bulgaria)
106. Cassa Di Risparmio Di Ferrara (DI Ferrara, Head Office Italy)
107. Cambodian Commercial Bank (Cambodia Head office)
108. Cambodian Asia Bank (Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia)
109. Cambodia Asia Bank (Battambang Branch, Cambodia)
110. Cambodia Asia Bank (Siem Reap Branch, Cambodia)
111. CIBC Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (Canada)
112. Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (Grand Cayman)
113. Cayman Islands – Cayman Islands international Banking Centre (Cayman Islands)
114. Central Bank of the Bahamas (Nassau, Bahamas)
115. Central Bank of Barbados (Barbados, West Indies)
116. Central Bank of China. (Taipei, Taiwan)
117. Central Bank of Egypt (Cairo Egypt)
118. Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Iran)
119. Central Bank of India (New Delhi, India)
120. Central Bank of India (Ahmadabad, India)
121. Central Bank of India (Agra, India)
122. Central Bank of India (Mumbai, India)
123. Central Bank of Ireland (Dublin, Ireland)
124. Central Bank of Kuwait (Hawally, Kuwait)
125. Central Bank of Nigeria (Nigeria)
126. Central Bank of Jordan (Amman, Jordan)
127. Central Bank of Papua New Guinea (Papua New Guinea)
128. Central Bank of Republic of Turkey (Turkey)
129. Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Russia)
130. Central Bank of Malta (Valletta, Malta)
131. Central Bank of Libya (Al Bayda, Libya)
132. Central Bank of Libya (Jumhouria Gharyan, Libya)
133. Central Bank of Libya (Tripoli Libya)
134. Central Bank of Sri Lanka (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
135. China Construction Bank (Beijing, China)
136. China Construction Bank (Gansu Branch, Lanzhou China)
137. China Construction Bank (Shenzhen Head Office, China)
138. China Construction Bank (Guanxi China)
139, China Construction Bank (Seoul Branch Korea)
140. China Construction Bank (Shanghai China)
141. China Construction Bank (Jung-gu, Seoul Korea)
142. Citibank (Milan Italy)
143. Citibank (Osaka Japan)
144. Citibank (Sydney, Australia)
145. Citibank (Seoul, Korea)
146. Citibank (Toronto, Ontario Canada)
147. Citibank (United Kingdom)
148. Citibank (Laban, Korea)
149. Citibank Berhad (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
150. Citibank (Shinagawa, Japan)
151. Credit Suisse (Tokyo, Japan)
152. Credit Suisse (Zurich, Switzerland)
153. Credit Suisse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
154. Credit Suisse (Rathenau plats # 1 (Deutschland)
155. Credit Suisse (Kurfürstendamm, Berlin (Germany)
156. Credit Suisse (Taipei, Taiwan)
157. Credit Suisse (Seoul, Korea)
158. Credit Suisse (Singapore)
159. Credit Suisse (Switzerland)
160. Credit Suisse (Luxemburg)
161. Credit Suisse (Parade plats, Zurich Switzerland)
162. Credit Suisse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
163. Credit Suisse (Bienne, Switzerland)
164. CHB-Chang Hwa Commercial Bank (Taipei, Taiwan)
165. Commercial Bank of Ceylon (Bangladesh)
166. Commerzbank AG (Germany)
167. Commerzbank (Bremen-Waltrershaursen, Germany)
168. Commerzbank (Bremen Schwachhauser, Germany)
169. Commerzbank (Osterholz – Scharmbeck, Germany)
170. Commerzbank (Frankfurt Main, Germany)
171. Commerzbank (Mainzer Landstrasse, Germany)
172. Commerzbank (Aktiengesenschaft Singapore)
173. Daiichi Kangyo Bank Limited (Japan)
174. Daichi Kangyo Limited (Chiyoda, Tokyo
175. Denmark National Bank (Denmark)
176. Development Bank of Japan. (Tokyo, Japan)
177. Deutsche Bank – (Germany)
178. DBS (Shanghai Branch China)
179. Dresdner Bank (Germany)
180. Dresdner Bank (Belgium)
181 Dresdner Bank (UAE)
182. Dresdner Bank (Monaco)
183. Dresdner Bank (Austria)
184. European Central Bank (Germany)
185. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Illinois (USA)
186. Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (USA)
187. Grupo Banco Popular (Russia)
188. Grupo Banco Popular (Lisboa, Portugal)
189. Grupo Banco Popular (Milano Italy)
190. Grupo Banco Popular (London, England)
191. Grupo Banco Popular (United Kingdom)
192. FIM Bank PLC (Malta)
193. Goldman Sachs (Beijing China)
194. Hana Bank Limited (Seoul, South Korea)
195. Hang Seng Bank (Hongkong)
196. HSBC – Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (London, England)
197. HSBC (Japan)
198. HSBC (Hongkong, SARR)
199. HSBC (South Africa)
200. HSBC (Dubai UA.E.)
201. HSBC (South Africa)
202. HSBC (Japan)
203. HSBC (Dubai)
204. HSBC (Dublin 2 Ireland)
205. HSBC- Kakugo Bank Limited (Japan)
206. International Moscow Bank (Moscow Russia)
207. International Banks -1 (France, Hongkong, Nanyang- China)
208. International Banks -2 (Hongkong Central, Korea, Singapore)
209. international Banks -3 (Taiwan, Bangkok, USA, New York)
210. International Banks -4 (Penn Plaza New York USA, New Jersey, California)
2I1 International Banks -5 (Vietnam, Shanghai, Menara)
2I2. Islamic Development Bank (Algeria. Africa)
213. Islamic Development Bank (Afghanistan)
214. Islamic Development Bank (Darussalam, Brunei)
215. Islamic Development Bank (Brunei, Main Office)
216. Islamic Development Bank (Kazakhstan)
217. Islamic Development Bank (Dakar, Africa)
218. Islamic Development Bank (Egypt)
219. Islamic Development Bank. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
220. Islamic Development Bank (Kuwait)
221. Islamic Development Bank (Menara, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia)
222. Islamic Development Bank (Jamahiriya Libya, Africa)
223. Islamic Development Bank (Tripoli, Libya Africa)
224. Islamic Development Bank (Saudi Arabia)
225. Islamic Development Bank (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
226. Islamic Development Bank (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
227. Islamic Development Bank (Iran)
228. Islamic Development Bank (Iraq)
229. Islamic Development Bank (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
230. Islamic Development Bank U. A. E.
231. Islamic Development Bank (Tajikistan)
232. Islamic Development Bank (Turkey)
233. Islamic Development Bank (Pakistan)
234. Islamic Development Bank (Qatar)
235. Janata Bank. (Rome, Italy)
236. JPMorgan, Chase Manhattan Bank (New York, USA)
237. KBC Bank (Bremen, Germany)
238. Koram Bank (Seoul, Korea)
239. Korea Development Bank (Shanghai, China Branch)
240, Korea Development bank (Uzbekistan)
241 Korea Development Bank (Singapore Branch)
242. Korea Development Bank (Tokyo Branch)
243. Korea Development Bank (Guangzhou branch, China)
244. Korea Development Bank (Seoul, Korea)
245. Korea Development Bank (Hongkong Central)
246. Korea Development Bank (Shenyang Branch)
247. Korea Development Bank. (Beijing, China)
248. KB Kookmin Finance Asia Limited (Hongkong Central)
249. KB Kookmin Finance Asia Limited (South Korea)
250. KB Kookmin Finance Asian Limited.
251. Lloyds Banking Group (London, England)
252. Maybank Berhad (Johor, Malaysia)
253. Maybank (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
254. National Australia Bank – Melbourne. Vitoria
255. National Bank of Malawi (Malawi)
256. National Bank of Oman (Oman)
257 National Bank of Pakistan (Pakistan)
258. National Bank of Dubai (Dubai)
259. National Bank of Fujairah (Fujairah, Saudi Arabia)
260. National Bank of United Arabia Emirates (UAE)
261. National Commercial Bank (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
261. National Commercial Bank (Kingstown & Grenville Streets)
262. Ngan Hang Dong A (Hanoi Branch, Vietnam)
263. NB Norges Bank (Norway)
264. Nordea Bank (Denmark)
265. 0CBC Bank (Singapore)
266. 0CBC Bank (Xiamen Branch, China)
267. 00BC Bank (Shanghai, China)
268. Posang Bank (Central Hongkong)
269. Royal Bank of Canada Europe Limited (London, England)
270. Royal Bank of Canada Europe Limited (England)
271. Royal Bank of Canada (Tokyo Branch)
272. Royal Bank of Scotland (lisle of Man)
273. Sanwa Bank Limited. (Higashi, Japan)
274. Standard Chartered Bank (Manama, Bahrain)
275. Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore)
276. Standard Chartered Bank (Frankfurt, Germany)
277. Standard Chartered Bank (Hongkong)
278. Standard Hellier Bank (Koror, Palau)
279. Standard Chartered Bank (Cambodia Bank)
280. Standard Chartered (United Arabia Emirates)
281. Standard chartered Bank (Vientiane Laos)
282. Scotiabank (Guadalajara, Mexico)
283. Scotiabank (Mexico branch)
284. Scotiabank (Dublin Ireland)
285. Scotiabank (London, United Kingdom)
286. Scotiabank (San Paulo, Brazil)
287. Scotiabank (New York, USA)
288. Scotiabank (Canada, Toronto)
289. Scotia Bank (People’ Republic of China, Hongkong)
290. SMFG Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (New York, USA)
291. SMFG Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (Queen Victoria, London)
292. SMFG Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (Hongkong)
293. SFG. Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (Japan)
294, SMFG Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (Harbour View St, Hongkong)
295. SURSS National Bank (Zurich, Switzerland)
296. UFJ Bank Sanwa Bank Limited (Japan)
297. UFJ Bank Sanwa Bank Limited (Higashi, Japan)
298. UFJ Bank (Hong Kong)
299. UFJ Bank Fairmont House, Cotton Tree Drive (Hongkong)
300. The Peoples Bank of China (Beijing China)
301. The Bank of China (Seoul, Korea)
302. The Bank of New York Melon (Aventura)
303. The Bank of New York Mellon (Bangkok, Thailand)
304. The Bank of New York Mellon (Being China)
305. The Bank of New York Mellon (India)
306. The Bank of New York Mellon (Jakarta)
307. The Bank of New York Mellon (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
308. The Bank of New York Mellon (New York, USA)
309. The Bank of New York Mellon (Maryland, Bethesda USA)
310. The Bank of New York Mellon (Mumbai, India)
311. The Bank of New York Mellon (Taipei, Taiwan)
312. The Bank of New York Mellon (Seoul Branch, Korea)
313. The Bank of New York Mellon (Shanghai, China)
314. The Bank of New York Mellon (Tokyo, Japan)
315. UBS (Madrid, Spain)
316. UBS (Dublin, Ireland)
317. UBS (Zurich, Switzerland)
318. UBS (West Madison)
319. Union bank of Switzerland (Tokyo Branch)
320. Union bank (San Francisco, California USA)
321. Wells Fargo Bank (San Francisco, California)
322. West Pacific Banking Corporation (Melbourne, Australia)
323. Wing Lung Bank (Hongkong Central)
324. Wood Financial Group (Seoul, Korea)
325. Federal Reserve Banks (United States of America)
326. United States Treasury (United States of America)
327. World Bank (Washington, USA)
328. IMF (International Monetary Fund)
329. European Central Bank.
330. Bank of England (London, England)
331. Central Bank of Russia (Moscow, Russia)
332. Bank of Mongolia (London, England)
333. Bank of Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
334. Bank of Singapore Limited (Singapore)
335. Bank of Thailand (Bangkok, Thailand)
336. Bank of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
337. Mitsubishi Bank (Tokyo, Japan)
338. Sumitomo Bank (Kaobe, Osaka Japan)
339. Central bank of Estonia (Estonia)
340. BNI Bank Negra Indonesia (Jakarta, Indonesia)
341. Federal Bank of Indonesia (Jakarta, Indonesia)
342. Ireland and Swiss Cork Bank (Cork, Ireland)
343. Reserve Bank of India (New Delhi, India)
345. International Hungary Bank (Hungary)
346. Central Bank of Iran (Iran)
347. Central Bank of Jordan (Jordan)
348. National Bank of Korea (Korea)
350. Hanil Bank of South Korea (Seoul, South Korea)
351. Kukmin Bank of South Korea (Seoul, South Korea)
352. Mateo Investments Limited Offshore Corporation (Liberia/ABN-Amro-Singapore)
353. Central Bank of Kuwait (Kuwait)
354. central bank of Libya (Libya)
355. Central Bank of Malaysia (Malaysia)
356. Central Bank of Malta (Malta)
357. Central Bank of Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)
358. Central Bank of Nigeria (Nigeria)
359. Central Bank of Norway (Norway)
360. Central Bank of Papua New Guinea
361. Central Bank of Portugal (Portugal)
362. Central Bank of Spain (Spain)
363. Central bank of Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka)
364. Central Bank of Taiwan (Taiwan)
365. Central Bank of Thailand (Thailand)
366. Central Bank of the Bahamas (Bahamas)
367. Central bank of Turkey (Turkey)
368. Citi Bank (USA)
369. JPMorgan Chase Manhattan Bank (USA)
370. Bank of America (USA)
371. Wells Fargo Bank (USA)
372. HSBC Bank (London, England)
373. HSBC Bank (Hongkong)
374. Goldman Sachs (USA)
375. First Caribbean International Bank (Cayman Islands)
376. First National City Bank (USA)
377. Lloyds Banking Group Plc. (London, England)
378. Merrill Lynch – Bank of America (USA)
379. Morgan Guaranty Trust Company (USA)
380. N.M. Rothchild & Sons Bank Ltd. (Zurich, Switzerland)
381. Union Bank of Switzerland (Switzerland)
382. National Bank of Australia (Melbourne, Australia)
383. Sanwa Bank Limited (Japan)
384. Narita Savings & Trust Corporation (Narita, Japan)
385. Saitama Banking Corporation (Saitama Ken, Japan)
386. Tokyo Trust and Savings (Tokyo, Japan)
387. Daichi – Kangko Bank (Osaka, Japan)
388. Standard Chartered Bank (London, England)
389. Barclays Bank (London, England)
390. Royal Bank of Scotland (Isle of Man)
391. Peoples Bank of China (Beijing, China)
392. Wing Lung Bank (Hong Kong)
393. Overseas Bank & Trust Company (Hong Kong)
394. Indosuez Bank (Hong Kong)
395. Woori Bank (Seoul Korea)
396. United Overseas Bank Limited (Singapore)
397. Korea Exchange Bank (Seoul, Korea)
398. National Bank of Oman (Oman)
399. National Bank of Munich (Munich, Switzerland)
400. Credit Suisse Bank (Basle, Switzerland)
401. National Bank of Malawi (Malawi)
402. National Bank of Uzbekistan
403. ING (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
404. Indosuez Bank (Central Hong Kong)
405. Hyakugo Bank (Japan)
406. Deutsche Bank (Germany)
407. FIM Bank Plc. (Malta)
408. Ngan Hang Dong A Eastern Asia Commercial Bank (Hanoi, Vietnam)
409. Vietnam International Bank (Hanoi, Vietnam)
410. Honk Kong Bank (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
411. Dominion Charter Merchant Ltd. (London, England)
412. Development bank of Japan (Tokyo, Japan)
413. Development Bank of Singapore (Singapore)
414. Daichi Kangyo Bank Limited (Tokyo, Japan)
415. Copenhagen Industrial Bank (Denmark)
416. Central Bank of Argentina
417. Central Bank of Austria
418. Central bank of Brazil
419. Banquo De France (Paris, France)
420. Bank of Israel (Jerusalem, Israel)
421. Bank of Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam)
422. ANZ Bank (Shanghai, China)
423. ANZ Bank (Seoul, Korea)
424. American Express Bank (Central Hong Kong)
425. Alliance Bank Malaysia Berad (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
426. Agricultural Bank of China (Singapore)

More banks and institutions will be added to this list as the recoupment and discovery
progresses. Meantime don’t buy any wooden nickels. There may be Filipinos who are
D’Avila family members, and if so, that will be established by blood tests and DNA — not
through any claims based on Ferdinand Marcos’ position as a family attorney.

Please bear in mind that although the D’Avila Family Trust is very large, there are other
trusts that are also very large that have been arbitrarily encumbered by these miscreants.
The V.K. Durham Trust is an American Silver Trust that has been similarly held captive,
cheated, and plundered by these criminals. The Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust Assets
have been illegally cashiered by the Bank of England, and the list goes on.

These issues are not unique to America. An estimated ten billion metric tons of gold are
owed to the people of Germany and Russia, last seen disappearing into the vaults of the
Bank of England.

It is to everyone’s advantage to spread this information far and wide and to bring pressure
to bear upon the militaries and the politicians and the banks responsible for this continuing
criminality and failure to perform according to our law and custom. Depositors are owed
the return of their deposits, otherwise, they would have no reason to deposit any assets
with banks in the first place.

Like the institution of government — if a government does not protect you and your
assets, it has no valid purpose. A bank that exists to control, encumber, and steal
depositor’s money, whether those deposits are small or large, has no valid purpose.

Please join our effort to end this grotesque corruption, end all false claims that the Second
World War is in any way unsettled, and demand restoration of private assets to the lawful

You can help me in my role as Fiduciary and Assign overseeing this mess by sharing this
information and by properly informing law enforcement and miliary and political leaders as
well as bank officers. This has, thus far, been a tremendous effort as the heirs and actual
trustees have been left without the means to fight this gigantic theft and fraud.

Put yourselves in their shoes. You are fabulously wealthy, but you live like a serf, and
have no money to fight the banks. You want to fund humanitarian projects all over the
world and fulfill your ancestors’ dream of “breaking the bonds of poverty and ignorance”
but you are prevented from doing this by white collar criminals who use your own assets to
pay off other criminals to persecute and intimidate you.

Despite all this, the Heir of the D’Avila Family Trust has won his cases and deserves our
support, both in enforcing the law, and on a one-to-one level. It costs money and takes
skill and time to prosecute these banks, and at the end of the day, we are left with a piece
of paper looking for the enforcement of the court’s orders. We are left to enforce it
ourselves, which costs more time, more skills, more money.

Banks need to be regulated. They cannot otherwise be trusted. If the D’Avila Family Trust
assets can be stolen by the Bank Mob, why couldn’t yours be stolen, too? Quite aside
from the humanitarian and development support that the trust can and will provide each
one of us, we all have a vested interest in honest banks and honest business practices.
The world cannot long survive or be at peace without these basics in place.

I personally believe that much of the corruption and the violence of the past two hundred
years lays at the feet of corrupt banks, corrupt militaries, and corrupt politicians who have
undermined proper accounting standards, deregulated the banks and the securities
exchanges, and promoted a lawless business environment.

If you are sick and tired of being the goat in this situation, join us. Send your thoughts,
your prayers, and any reasonable donation you can make toward ending this to:

Anna Maria Riezinger, In care of: Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.
See this article and over 3600 others on Anna’s website here:
To support this work look for the Donate button on this website.

Rat Watch

Rat Watch

By Anna Von Reitz


Thanks to all the wonderful people who have joined us in our formerly lonely “Rat
Watch” activity!

It is such a personal joy and pleasure for me to know that thousands upon
thousands of people worldwide are now awake and watching the rats, so that it is
getting increasingly difficult for them to pull their crappola by hiding it in a corner
and burying it under piles of paper.

They can no longer hide a single sentence in 2500 pages of gobbledygook,
because there are now enough eyes and ears to sort through it all. And report

Here is another nugget that everyone needs to know.

According to the WEF, the pandemic “exercise” that demanded “maintaining
social distancing, wearing masks, mass vaccinations and acceptance of contacttracing” was all a test to see how compliant all the sheeple will be when the Vermin demand that each and every one of us report on ourselves and each other to monitor our “personal carbon emissions” and no doubt, “voluntarily” pay taxes
for every cow fart on our farms.

Meanwhile, the actual cause of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide is ignored.

It appears that nobody is bribing the “scientific” community to report on that
subject, so all we hear about is the increase in carbon dioxide and not about what
is causing the increase. Instead, we are left to assume that we are at fault.

We aren’t taught about the Carbon Cycle in Public School anymore, so the
population is left without even the basic tools to think about this situation.

The reason that atmospheric carbon dioxide is increasing is that atmospheric
oxygen content is decreasing.

The activities of men that matter are: pollution by major corporations and entire
countries. And rather than take responsibility at the corporate level, they are, of
course, passing the cost of their misdeeds onto the backs of the living people.

There are two answers to the problem — enforcement of environmental laws
against offenders, or, new proactive initiatives to inspire better waste management
technology and proactive oxygen replacement projects employing technology and
natural ecosystem restoration.

Meanwhile, the Rat Watch continues its thankless duty to watch the rats and report
back on what they see:
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A Quick Note to Doctors, Lawyers, and Indian Chiefs

A Quick Note to Doctors, Lawyers, and Indian Chiefs


You do not have to give up any professional licenses or tribal memberships to reclaim your American State National political status.

As long as you have Federal clientele as a doctor or lawyer, you will owe Federal Income Tax on that portion of your practice.

Most of our doctors and lawyers in private practice post a simple Service Disclaimer, saying that if you are a Federal citizen you are accepting service at your own risk. This limits your liability.

Most also add a question or two to their In-Take Forms for new patients, asking their citizenship or State National political status. This may require a little discussion but is well-worth it, as you are spreading the word to other Americans, and ascertaining whether or not you need to pay Federal Taxes on receipts coming from them.

American Indian Tribes are required to pay tribute to Rome in lieu of paying Federal Income Taxes. The word “Tribe” means “those who pay Tribute”. Tribute is loot paid to the Roman hierarchy for the privilege of getting welfare benefits from them. It’s a kind of kickback scheme — you admit to being part of the Municipal citizenry, and they get to plunder the Public Trusts and other Utilities they have set up in your names.

It stinks as a quid pro quo, but it is what it is.

When you go to a foreign government and seek “benefits” from them, you accrue obligations in return. By forming an incorporated Tribal Government and applying for Federal Block Grants and other funding of that sort, you acquire obligations to obey that foreign government. When individual people apply for welfare benefits from that foreign government, they acquire citizenship obligations.

Key to this concept is that “benefits” are unearned, but are not “gifts”. They are receipts in terms of credit or services that you are eligible for dependent upon your political status choices.

From this standpoint you can see that Federal grants aren’t really grants. They come with unseen strings attached and are a form of payola in which you give up your sovereignty in exchange for their bowl of porridge.

This results in a situation in which Tribal Governments are totally dependent sovereignties, and all Tribal Members are presumed to be obligated to obey their Benefactors.

Right now, the Roman Municipal governments are being rolled up and retracted, because they never had any right to be putting their tentacles out into this country in the first place. That is affording everyone a precious opportunity to leave that ugly system behind, but beware your own freedom to contract.

Being released from the presumption of Municipal citizenship (acquired as described above) does not mean that you are free or sovereign, so long as you are operating as an incorporated Tribal Government and lined up at the trough. You can’t be dependent and independent at the same time.

We hope that goodwill will prevail and that these conundrums can be sorted out without great harm to many innocent people. In the meantime, we suggest that Native Americans reclaim their birthright political status as American State Nationals like everyone else, and thereby lock in the Constitutional Guarantees, including the Bill of Rights, that they are heir to and which many of them fought for as members of the U.S. Armed Services.

You will still be dependent on the sovereignty of this country as a whole, but you will have the freedom guaranteed to all Americans and your natural property rights and assets will be restored.

Otherwise, as the Roman Municipal Government is forced to withdraw back into its box in Washington, DC., or obliged to vacate our shores entirely, there is a danger that Native Americans will be considered “enemies” of the Territorial Government and “stateless” as well.

Just sayin’ — this is a situation where we all need to close ranks and stand together as Americans, forget petty differences, and agree to protect each other and enforce the Constitutions. If the country is lost, all the nations within it are lost.

Public and International Notice to the High Courts and World Governments

Public and International Notice to the High Courts and World

By Anna Von Reitz
April 19, 2022


Attention: H.E. Cardinal Dominique Mamberti, H.E. Joan E. Donoughue, H.E. Kiril
Gevgorian, Lord High Steward Ivan Talbot, Antonio Guterres United Nations
Secretary General, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Office of the Inspector(s) General, Bank of
International Settlements, JPMorganChase, aka FEDERAL RESERVE and FEDERAL

Every word of this Notice is affirmed to be the truth, the whole truth, without
known omission or any deliberate deceit, free of coercion, and supported by
history and public record and private record alike, provided to everyone to the
best of my knowledge and with my authority and under the penalty of perjury
established by our Public Law within the unincorporated United States should I be
shown to intentionally misrepresent any of this Testimony in the Form of an

1. The American Federal Subcontractor known as “the Federal Republic” and as
also known as the United States from 1787 to 1861, was formed by our
Confederation of States in 1787 and was approved by the Constitutional
Convention of that same year and was then further approved by the States of
America in Congress Assembled;

2. The so-called Federal Republic then began its delegated duties and
performed according to its obligations from 1787 to 1861, when it was rendered
inoperable by the dissolution of quorum required to operate the Confederation
formed under The Articles of Confederation in 1781;

3. Neither the Confederation of these Confederate States nor the Federal
Republic has been in operation since that time;

4. Both the Confederation and its Subcontractor known as the united States of
America, also known as the Federal Republic, and known as the United States
(1787-1861) have been dormant and inoperable for lack of quorum, but they do
not belong to any Native or Tribal Government and cannot be operated by any
Native or Tribal Government which are dependent sovereignties under our General Government;

5. Meantime, our unincorporated Federation of States has remained apart from
the so-called American Civil War, and our lawful Government in international and
global jurisdiction has remained operable though largely not in Session until 1998,
when the spectacle and threat of yet another Federal Corporation Bankruptcy
occurred and forced us to convene the Federation of States;

6. Ever since that time the Federation of States has been in regular Session
and communication and by 2015 we deemed it necessary to engage the
population of the States of the Union to bring the States back into Session;

7. There can be no reasonable doubt that Americans exist and Americans
answered the call of their American Government and despite all legal
presumptions offered against them and their Lawful Persons, they have
Assembled and they have properly declared themselves and have recorded their
actual political status and have carried on their business and taken appropriate
action in the Public Interest ever since;

8. These Americans populate the land and soil jurisdiction of this country and
they always have; Native Americans are simply a subset among many other
nations that make up this country and occupy this land;

9. In 2015, the Vatican recognized the fact that it has no lawful claim to
anything beyond the one square mile established by the Boundary Stones ceded
to the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia as an administrative hub;

10. The Pope then made a “Joint Declaration” with Chief Fasthorse of the Lakota
Nation, representing one of the dependent sovereignties of our country, agreeing
to return the land that the Vatican had quote-unquote stolen from all of us;

11. This refers to both the flawed Doctrine of Discovery and the fact that the
Church never had any valid public role or vestiture apart from those contracts
providing for its own properties and the extension of the Postal Service in this

12. It cannot be taken or proposed that the Church was giving anything back to
Chief Fasthorse that the Church itself never possessed nor had right to possess;

13. It cannot be taken or proposed that the Church had any material interests in
this country’s land and soil that were not already in the possession of our lawful
Government as of 1776 and ever afterward;

14. A dependent sovereignty cannot be elevated to a status of true sovereignty
above the interests actual and contractual that already recognize the sovereign
status of our states and our people generally and which are not particularly
vested in any singular nation comprising the population of our States of the Union;

15. Any gift that the Pope can make of property and property interests in this
country amounting to false claims made by the Church operating the Municipal
Government out of the District of Columbia, are the fruits of breach of trust owed
to our entire populace and to all our nation-states;

16. There are approximately 320 million Americans owed precisely all the same
interests as Chief Fast Horse and any recognition by the Church must be
presumed to include all 320 million Americans from whom the Church attempted
to wrest possession of both corporate and incorporated material interests;

17. It follows that the only properties that the Church or the Vatican Property
Managers can vest in this country to Chief Fast Horse are those that it actually
owns and those are limited to the One Mile Square accorded to the Municipal
Government within the District of Columbia, which apart from all functions of that
government, return by Operation of Law to the States that provided that location
—in this case, Maryland— and not the Lakota Nation which has no standing in
Maryland at all;

18. Furthermore, it has come to our attention that Chief Fast Horse is acting in
collusion with a daughter of Ferdinand Marcos who is making and attempting to
enforce false claims established in 1952 in favor of herself and her brother
Tiburcio Villamor Marcos, based on the thoroughly false supposition that the
estate of Severino Sta Romano was abandoned and without heirs— and that as
heirs of his estate attorney, Ferdinand Marcos, they could inherit property that
likewise never belonged to them or their Father;

19. This is precisely like the proposition that the Pope offers — pirates giving
back stolen property belonging to Third Parties to still other pirates— and
attempting to call this a valid settlement of these issues;

20. In both cases, persons who never had any true ownership interest in assets,
and who have in fact acted as pirates, propose to give back the stolen goods —
but to other persons who likewise have no valid separate interest;

21. The only actual General Power of Attorney ever issued by Ferdinand Marcos
was to his eldest son, William V. Morales;

22. Under that singular General Power of Attorney, William V. Morales
recognized the lawful heir of Severino Sta. Romano, and granted the heir all rights
and powers of attorney to manage all funds related to the D’Avila Family Trust.
This has been confirmed by numerous courts, heads of state, and organizations
ever since;

23. The so-called Spiritual White Boy accounts were commandeered out of the
Trust Interest in 2008 by CIA operatives and have been held captive ever since,
while the various governments have been forced to operate in limbo without

24. Now Edna Marcos and Tribrucio Marcos, whose claims were rightly disposed
of when the actual heir came forward and was recognized, are back and the CIA
has given control of the accounts to Edna, who can’t possibly have any valid claim
to them, since her Father had no valid claim to the assets in the first place —-
None of what Ferdinand Marcos managed either as an Attorney nor as a Trustee
for our American Government was ever a valid part of Ferdinand Marcos’ personal

25. Furthermore, even if these assets belonging to the D’Avila Family Trust
(Marcos’ role as attorney) or to us, the unincorporated Federation of States doing
business as The United States of America since 1776 (Marcos’ role as Trustee),
Ferdinand Marcos gave his General Power Attorney to William V. Morales, not Edna
Marcos and not Tiburcio Villamor Marcos;

26. In sum total, the Pope can’t give back stolen goods unless he gives them
back to the people he actually stole them from, which is all the people of this
country, and Edna and Tiburcio Marcos similarly are not at leisure to selectively
give back assets that their Father purportedly gave to them, when their Father
had no right to the assets in the first place, and when he did not grant his Power
of Attorney to them;

27. What we are witnessing is two groups of pirates, the Vatican Pirates and the
Filipino Pirates, trying to work out a deal where they give back property that
belongs to the heir of the D’Avila estate and assets belonging to The United States
of America — Unincorporated — to two other groups of pirates;

28. We are saddened that Chief Fast Horse has succumbed to any such deceit
and that the Lakota Nation has been associated with this mistake and this CIA
“Operation”, but the facts are the facts and the Truth will out;

29. The Lakota Nation is one of more than 500 nations in this country, which
includes the nation-states that hold our National Soil Jurisdiction; it cannot claim
any better or separate status;

30. Chief Fast Horse has made the claim that I, the Fiduciary of The United
States of America, am a Tribal Member based on actions undertaken by a friend
who nominated me for honorary tribal membership many years ago; like all
presumed and conferred citizenship obligations, this cannot be accepted; I am not
rendered a Winnebago in any legal or lawful sense, whatsoever, even by the
standards of the former Federal Administration, and I cannot accept emoluments
of a foreign government — so while I appreciate the good intentions and the
honor, I have never accepted any “tribal membership” or Federal citizenship
obligations associated with tribal membership;

31. In the same way, I preserve my identity as an American and as a Wisconsinite,
not subject to any Federal citizenship or federal status whatsoever, tribal or
otherwise, as I am born free and forever after free from all foreign presumptions,
and not subject to foreign law;

32. These statements under penalty of perjury have been made freely and for the
benefit of the international High Courts, the various World Governments, and the
populace of the Earth, so that all may know the Truth and the Truth may set them
free now and forever from corporate tyranny and the wiles of pirates.
By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
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An Unacceptable Threat and Unacceptable Proposal

An Unacceptable Threat and Unacceptable Proposal

By Anna Von Reitz

Date: 13 March 2022
To: UN Secretary General Guterres
From: Anna Maria Riezinger– Fiduciary
The United States of America

Dear Mr. Guterres:

You have been in receipt of numerous communications from this Office and from
our Office of the Head of State for The United States of America, our
unincorporated Federation of States. While we are a Federation of independent
and sovereign states, we are nonetheless present in international and global
jurisdictions— and while we are not Signatories of the United Nations and not
possessions of the UN Corporation, we keep abreast of the most obnoxious and
repugnant actions of your organization and hereby lodge our objection and protest
against another such mindless overreach of authority. We refer to the attached
United Nations Directive 001, The Start of the New World Order, etc.

Let us make this explicit: the opinions of incorporated franchises of any
corporation, however much that corporation and its franchises may be involved in
providing governmental services, are not binding upon the people or the assets of
any sovereign nation. Period. Ever. At all. This applies to decisions of the UN
Security Council as much as it applies to opinions issued by the U.S. Supreme

Please get this concept firmly in mind: The opinions of the incorporated entities
don’t count. The opinions of the owners of those incorporated entities and the
Treaties and Contracts governing those owners are what count. The owners and
employers of all those corporations are speaking to you now, so you can forget
about what our misguided and misinformed employees have been doing behind
our backs.

You can also forget about the misrepresentations of the Central Banks and the UN
CORPORATION, which have colluded to create the idea that our countries are bankrupt
and that our countries are deeply in debt. Neither claim happens to be true.

In fact, no sovereign state is eligible for bankruptcy protection by definition. None
of our countries have ever been bankrupt. None of our countries have ever been
incorporated as franchises of any other country. All our sovereign states enjoy
state immunity and post indemnity bonds to cover our operations; the indemnity
bonds are based on the debts already owed to us. Thus, there is no profit to be
made by bringing claims against sovereign entities and no other avenue available
to resolve charges against sovereign entities.

Another common misunderstanding is the idea that our countries are in debt to
the UN CORPORATION and to the Roman Catholic Church, a misunderstanding that
has been promoted by funky bookkeeping on the part of the Central Banks. These
banks have kept track of the debt side of a ledger and have applied interest to the
debt side of that ledger to promote the idea of “National Debt”, however, those
same banks have failed to balance the books by applying the equal and opposite
“National Credit”. Their excuse has been that nobody with the authority to commit
the National Credit resources has given the order.

I have been given the authority over the Code FLAT resources and hold the
American US Trust Resources, both, to straighten out this mess and I have
informed the governments of the world that: (1) they don’t have a National Debt
because they have equal National Credit that simply wasn’t applied; (2) we have
given the necessary Order to clean up this little misunderstanding as the first step
of transitioning out of the World Bank matrix and into the new Bilateral Banking

Because no country on this planet is actually in debt, does not mean that they
automatically have credit in the new system — which will be properly monitored
to prevent any more chicanery. To obtain their pre-paid credit and access the full
spectrum of banking, financial, and currency services available in the new system,
each country will need to resume operation of their Public Government and
establish their own Bilateral Bank. All Bilateral Banks exist under the same simple
12-page charter and connect to each other via a 1-page Bank Treaty.

Banking is no longer going to be a mystery nor is it going to be used to defraud
and control the masses. Private corporations in the business of providing
governmental services will no longer be running wild and seizing upon authorities
and exercising powers that don’t belong to them. And you can be sure and you
can tell your bosses and your United Nations members, that The United States of
America will not be called “the former United States of America” nor will it be
called “America Area 0002”.

The so-called service corporations have to drop this nonsense, or the United
Nations and the UN CORPORATION will simply be called “Out of Business” and the
persons involved will be serving lengthy jail terms or be facing execution for
conspiracy against their own national interests. As for the banks, all the central
and commercial banks are already bankrupt and in receivership. You will shortly
receive your copy of the second World Bank transition directive.


Anna Maria Riezinger– Fiduciary
The United States of America

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Weapons of Mass Destruction — Found at Last!

Weapons of Mass Destruction — Found at Last!

By Anna Von Reitz, March 12, 2022

As I write this, the Russian Government is presenting definitive proof to the
Security Council at the United Nations, that “the” US and various NATO Allies were
heavily engaged in producing illegal, unlawful, and immoral biological weapons in
over a dozen well-funded laboratories in the Ukraine.

The current Ukrainian Government allowed this activity and posed a threat to the
entire population of this planet, just to make a buck and line their own pockets.
At the same time, Ukrainian Whistle-blowers have brought forward massive proof
of the collusion and criminality of Joe Biden and his family members and their
activities in Ukraine.

It’s not just “the” US involved in this repugnant activity, it’s NATO, too. The rot has
spread until there is nothing but rottenness left. This is why Putin told the world
that he was taking out the garbage. God knows, somebody had to, and once
again, it fell to the Russians.

We are engaged in cleaning up our “garbage” too, which we recognize as a matter
of gross criminality, not a political issue at all.

With corporations illegally substituting themselves for our lawful government, and
employing private security personnel as police to protect themselves at our
expense, this country needs the assistance of its own citizenry organized in their
own lawful State Assembly Militias, and we also need the assistance of the
international community to bring enforcement powers to bear on these criminals.
Recognizing these facts, we have issued a Special Grant of specific and limited
jurisdiction as a Non-Signatory State to the International Criminal Court and the
Office of the Prosecutor, allowing them to investigate and bring charges in
international jurisdiction against US individuals and corporations and officers of
these corporations that are involved in international crimes, including criminal
Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract, human trafficking, unlawful conversion,
inland piracy, conspiracy against the constitutions, press-ganging, enslavement,
peonage, genocide, and crimes against humanity.

These corporation officers have been claiming Sovereign Status and State
Immunity from such investigation and prosecution, based on their exercise of our
Delegated Powers and our State Sovereignty. We have now formally rebutted any
such assumptions and opened the door for them to be tracked down, arrested,
and prosecuted. We do not intend for America to be a safe haven for pirates and
criminals engaged in crime for profit.

Our investigations have affirmed those of the Russian Government concerning
involvement of the US and NATO in offshore bioweapons production and the
promotion and issuance of criminal patents by SERCO in its mis-administration of
the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which have self-evidently been
used to accomplish crimes such as the September 11th disaster and the
disappearance of the Malaysian airliner and yes, the current genocide-byvaccination.

Along with the Special Grant of Jurisdiction we have provided the Office of the
Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court with specific “smoking gun” patents
which demonstrate how the criminals have protected and enriched themselves via
the indiscriminate and illegal issuance of Patents protecting criminal activities
amid false claims of “National Security Interest”. These Patents blatantly describe
the means with which these infamous crimes have been accomplished, who
created these evils, and their intended purpose.

We’ve also provided video depositions of expert witnesses having first hand
evidence and eye-witness testimony of the development of the Covid-19 agenda
and the development of the polluted mis-named “vaccines” which have been
foisted off on the unsuspecting public without disclosure and without respect for
human life.

As we speak, the madman, Bill Gates, is working feverishly on the development of
a “vaccine” — that’s what he calls a bioweapon — that will infect people like a
disease and with the same effect. Gates has gone utterly off his rocker and needs
to be arrested and taken off the street as soon as possible. The same can be said
for various members of the Intelligence Community and NATO Generals who have
mindlessly participated in this horrific experiment.

More than 4,500 Allied Troops have been forcibly injected with known biological
weapons — engineered smallpox, hantavirus, HIV, HIN1, Ebola, Hemorrhagic Fever,
etc., to “test” the effectiveness of these biological warfare agents. These men
were given no disclosure, no choice. Many of them have already died.

This is what the filthy pigs think that they can demand and do without opposition
and without respect for the Public Law, as a “condition of employment”.

It’s time that these out-of-control foreign commercial mercenary operatives were
prosecuted as pirates, keel-hauled, gibbeted, or hung, as the Admiralty Law

It is also time that the corporations responsible for these activities were dissolved,
their assets seized, their Boards of Directors and Officers prosecuted to the fullest
extent of the Public Law.

I personally believe that Bill Gates III is criminally insane and needs to be
apprehended and restrained and hospitalized under psychiatric examination as a
Public Danger. He was already responsible for the deaths and maiming of
thousands of innocent people throughout Africa and India before he successfully
launched the Covid-19 pandemic and sought to profit himself by selling
bioweapons redefined as “vaccines”.

This behavior is deeply psychotic and this murderer needs to be arrested and
prosecuted without further ado. Likewise Klaus Schwab and any other members of
the World Economic Forum, the UN Corporation, the Trilateral Commission, the
Council on Foreign Relations, the Committee of 300, the Club of Rome, the Roman
Curia, the Skull and Bones Fraternity, the World Health Organization, the World
Bank, and all others who have knowingly participated in and promoted these
events to profit themselves and their political agendas via inflicting genocide and
unlawful conversion of the victims into Genetically Modified Organism (GMOs)—
which is already illegal and unlawful in this country, no matter what the Territorial
United States Supreme Court may opine.

We’ve had crazy people in command for lack of determination and interest from
the General Public to oversee its own government and direct its own affairs, but
our Public Government, our unincorporated Federation of States, is now standing
on its own flat feet and taking appropriate action. Enough Americans are awake
now and declared and recorded.

Please visit the Documents Section at to see the jpeg pages of
the Special Grant of Jurisdiction issued to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the
Office of the Prosecutor.

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Letter to JP Morgan Chase

Letter to JP Morgan Chase

By Anna Von Reitz, March 12, 2022

Chairman William B. Harrison, Jr.
CEO Jamie Dimon
JPMorgan Chase Banks
270 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10017

Dear Sirs:

I am the lawful Fiduciary for The United States of America — Unincorporated,
and have recently inherited similar duties worldwide.

All British Crown copyright claims and similar attachments have been
overturned and the Crown is under prosecution and investigation for crimes of
unlawful conversion, personage and breach of trust against the American people
and other nations worldwide.

My standing is already established, recorded, accepted, and absolute in all
jurisdictions of the law.

I have the signature and donor authority over the 1,181,336,675 metric tons of
gold administered for The United States of America under Certificate of
Entitlement by the Central Bank of the Philippines– which was delivered to
Chase Manhattan Banks.

We have the appropriate Federal District Court Orders.

Ferdinand Marcos was our Trustee in this matter; Ferdinand Marcos had no
individual right to or interest in our assets, and he could certainly not convey a
right that he himself did not possess to his relatives, including Tiburcio V.

As the Donors, we have the controlling interest in these and all other physical
assets held in trust, and as the Public Government, we are the lawful owners
and protectors of all American assets in international and global jurisdiction.

Some people have advanced the idea that when the Federal Republic ceased to
function in 1861, it’s powers devolved upon the British Territorial United States
or reverted to the Municipal United States Government, or some combination

In fact, all powers vouchsafed to the Federal Republic returned by Operation of
Law to the Delegator of those Powers — our unincorporated Federation of
States, doing business as The United States of America since 1776.

It is our role and responsibility to clean up this mess, take control of the assets,
define the monetary standards, and issue both coin and credit.

You presumably realize this, having a long history of involvement in the Civil War
and its aftermath, including the issuance of “Greenbacks” and all the way to the
present day credit crisis. You know, or have cause to know, that none of the
Congresses that have convened ever since the fall of the Federal Republic
actually had the power to issue coinage or credit, and merely claimed to
“represent” us. It’s time to correct all that and get this show on the road.

I have all the original American-side records, receipts and manifests, so there is
no point in arguing or fighting. This is simply a correction that has to be made,
and it is best made in public and with full cooperation on all sides.

It is my understanding that you have, as of 2017, acquired the trademarks and
GOVERNORS respectively, and have been instrumental in the settlement of the
bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve System.

Thus your cooperation in reassigning and using the American gold and silver
assets and in negotiating the role of the FEDERAL RESERVE and status of THE
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is both requested and required.

As the responsible Fiduciary, I don’t wish to cause undue disruption; I am not
interested in any court battles — those are already won; I wish for a prompt and
amiable resolution of all differences between the banks and the actual asset
owners, and I call upon you to work with me to help prevent an unnecessary
worldwide economic collapse.

Your prompt response is appreciated and highly desirable under the current

I can be reached at (907) 250-5087 or via email at
Time is of the essence. Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals, Notice to
Principals is Notice to Agents.

By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
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