Our current communication systems made this project possible by bringing together two
creative thinkers who live on different continents. Through face to face video chats, they
were able to complete this blueprint. Can you imagine a world where we can use our new
technologies to physically manifest ourselves anywhere on the planet or pop in for a
hologram chat? Such a reality is not so far away.

New technologies will come exploding forward and abolish any limitations once
perceived to be the only reality. In fact, it is an unleashing of the very energy within us
which will reconnect us to the universal vibration of pure potential held in true
Unconditional Love. This expansive energy is light and fast; it only knows how to create in
a beneficial way. Our new physical structures will not only be constructed using 100%
ecological materials, but they will be built on the Earth in a way that honors, not destroys.
New energy systems will not pollute the air, yet provide us with all the comforts we could
ever desire. Transportation will be clean and efficient; eventually leading to teleportation
where only our focused, conscious attention is all that will be needed. Water systems will
be pure, all animals will thrive and our whole Earth will exist in beautiful luminescence
full of love.

We view this blueprint as being a malleable and organic infrastructure involving all
aspects of living, able to exist as a complete energy exchange network integrated with
nature—one that will raise the consciousness of humanity to the true level of Universal
Light. We will be One Consciousness.

The Golden Rule
Do No Harm
manifest your dreams now…