Durham’s Trapped Them All

Durham’s Trapped Them All

There’s Really No Escape Now That He’s Laid Out Most Of the Organized RICO Conspiracy Against Donald Trump

Durham Hits Clinton Campaign with Joint Venture Conspiracy ...



Kash Patel: Durham Hits Clinton Campaign with ‘Joint Venture Conspiracy’; Sussmann Defense ‘in Shambles’

What I find most striking about this pleading is John Durham’s use of the joint venture/conspiracy exception to [Rule] 404(b).”

Special counsel John Durham says he has evidence of a joint venture or conspiracy involving the Clinton campaign. In this episode, we discuss the details of Durham’s latest 48-page filing, why ex-Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann has a defense that is now “in shambles,” according to Kash, and what Kash sees as perhaps the greatest irony of all in Sussmann’s defense.

“The defense lawyers for Michael Sussmann, in a federal pleading, are calling the Christopher Steele dossier ‘inflammatory.’”

Below are some of the main documents referenced in the episode:
Special Counsel John Durham’s latest filing https://bit.ly/3NZsTJV

Declassified House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) transcripts https://bit.ly/3DXG4Gu

Deposition of Michael Sussmann https://bit.ly/3uqA1qX

Deposition of Jake Sullivan https://bit.ly/3LSj0f7


Attending Threadfest in Nashville sucked a lot of the oxygen out of me the past week and a half so I’m aware I’m way behind on keeping up with the latest Durham filings.

So here’s a brief summary of what happened the past week and a half:

Durham suckered Hillary for America [HFA], the DNC, Perkins Coie, Fusion GPS and Rodney Joffe into sudden furious activity where they rushed to the court in D.C. to file Motions To Intervene in the case he is prosecuting against former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann.

He did that by suddenly dropping trial subpoenas on certain people affiliated with Hillary for America and the DNC, where they were going to be compelled to come to court and specifically testify under oath before the jury about assertions of attorney client privilege they had made regarding certain documents.

It was Sussmann’s own defense team that let the trial subpoenas out of the bag by making an outraged filing in the court docket about it, demanding Judge Cooper quash the subpoenas

We’re not told what date Durham’s grand jury issued the trial subpoenas, but we do know what date that Sussmann’s defense team became aware of them: April 19.

Screaming like outraged banshees at this development, you had Hillary For America, the DNC, Perkins Coie, Fusion GPS and Joffe/GT and all their lawyers streaming into court over the remainder of the day on the 19th, frantically filing motions in an attempt to stop the inevitable.

In these sudden motions filed with the court, all of these outside parties were furiously demanding federal district judge Christopher Cooper **not** grant Durham’s Motion To Compel via In Camera review of the several thousand documents they’ve all been holding back while asserting claims of attorney/client privilege.

See, Fusion and Perkins Coie and Hillary for America and Joffe/GT researchers all received federal subpoenas more than a year ago from Durham’s grand jury for documents – and they have only **partially** complied with those subpoenas. They’ve been claiming attorney/client privilege shields what they’re holding back.

The amount of documents already handed over by all these parties to the Special Counsel’s Office is staggering, very likely well over 1 million. Durham let the court – and the public – know that in just Sussmann’s case of 1 single count of giving a false statement to a federal official, the discovery that the government was handing over to Sussmann and his defense team totaled over 80,000 pages.

But suddenly on April 6, in filing his Motion To Compel Via In Camera, Durham revealed that these parties had **held back** a few thousand key documents as they made assertions of attorney client privilege. Durham had let that issue lay until now and then suddenly demanded them.

Perhaps these parties involved in this massive ‘joint venture’ had talked themselves into believing they’d managed to dodge the bullet and Durham wasn’t going to force them to comply. They’d managed to hold back the most damning evidence, and it looked like Durham had either forgotten or felt confident he could make his case without pressing the issue. If so, they were disabused of that fantasy when Durham filed his Motion To Compel.

What you have to realize is this: when Durham filed the Motion To Compel via In Camera review by the court back on April 6, it didn’t lead to any furious public response at the time from HFA, Perkins Coie, the DNC or Joffe. Sussmann’s team quickly filed their own motion in opposition, but that was all that surfaced at the time.

But as soon as HFA, the DNC, Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS learned on April 19 that Durham had issued **trial subpoenas** to certain people at HFA/DNC, all of a sudden these people couldn’t rush to court fast enough to file their motions trying to stop him.

What drew this outraged and panicked response?

It has to do with the specific testimony Durham wants to compel under oath before the jury from these particular witnesses from HFA & the DNC.

And that specific testimony Durham wants to coerce these hostile witnesses into giving in court under oath has to do with specific assertions of attorney client privilege they made – very likely in response to federal grand jury subpoenas.

This is the trap Durham has lured them into.

He’s going to get all their vapid and lying assertions of attorney client privilege on the record and then he’s going to tear the claim to shreds and show they’ve been trying to hide a blatant criminal joint venture with it.

Durham came right out and told the court in a recent filing that hiding this RICO criminal joint venture from the FBI was Sussmann’s **motive** for lying to FBI General Counsel James Baker about not being there on behalf of any client as he handed the agency the Alfa Bank hoax he’d helped to create.

Durham’s not being shy at all about where his investigation is headed.

Kash Patel had a lot to say about what Durham’s been up to on a recent episode of Kash’s Corner at the Epoch Times with journalist Jan Jekielek.


Patel thinks Durham has led these various parties into self-destructing by the way he’s slowly rolled out the RICO criminal conspiracy over the past 6 months. He let them hang themselves with their own filings.

First, he got them all to admit they are trying to hide documents from his grand jury by claiming attorney client privilege – even when no lawyer was involved – and then he reminded them Sussmann **insisted in writing** he made his approach to the FBI all by himself and not for any client. Then he demonstrated to the court that all these parties are lying to it about Fusion having been hired solely for ‘legal advice’ and most certainly not for opposition research or to construct Trump/Russia hoaxes or anything like that.

And on top of that, Durham then went for the kill by having his grand jury drop trial subpoenas on these lying creeps at Hillary For America and the DNC and let them all know he’s going to compel testimony under oath about these assertions of attorney/client privilege they’ve been making to the court.

I’m more convinced than ever that to avoid having to send HFA/DNC people into the courtroom during a trial where they’ll be put under oath in front of the jury and then asked very specific questions about the attorney/client privilege they invoked to try to get out of having to comply with a grand jury subpoena, Sussmann’s own coconspirators in that ‘joint venture’ are going to urge him to change his plea to guilty and get the best deal he can.

This entire case has been a mess for the Sussmann defense team from A to Z, from beginning to end. Most of the filings make no real sense, such as the one they made to argue that Judge Cooper should compel Durham to grant Rodney Joffe immunity so that Joffe could testify at the trial for the defense in order to….prove that Susmmann perjured himself back in 2017 when he testified to Congress.

You are reading that correctly.

Sussmann admitted, when he was under oath back in 2017, that he was representing clients when he approached the FBI. But now that he’s going to trial, Sussmann wants Joffe to come testify that Sussmann didn’t approach the FBI for him.

Sussmann’s trial date is still currently set for May 16. Some time before then, I expect two things to happen:

  1. Judge Cooper grants Durham’s Motion To Compel Via In Camera review and
  2. Sussmann to announce he’s changing his plea to guilty

We’ll see what happens.

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