Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 5-2-23

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 5-2-23

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 5-2-23

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Welcome, everybody tonight to the big call. It is Tuesday, May 2nd  and you’re tuned in and listening to the Big Call whether you’re live with us tonight, or whether you’re getting it on replay number or replay link. Thanks for tuning in to the Big Call tonight. We’re looking forward to a really good call. We got a lot of good things to bring to you tonight so fasten your seat belt – buckle up buttercup, because we’re getting ready to roll. All right.

Well, alright guys coming in to the Intel time. This is this is probably the strongest Intel I think I’ve ever had in 12 years. So let’s go for it. Okay.  I’m going to start with Iraq, I would like to get Iraq in and out of the way. Okay, so where do we stand with Iraq

They have a new rate,  they have had a new rate. They’ve been doing exchanges inside Iraq for at least I think three weeks now.

They are going to publish their new Iraqi dinar rate in their Gazette and they’re supposed to come out in a Polish version tomorrow. They may have already done it on the online version.

I’ve heard it was out today. I’m gonna say it’s supposed to be out tomorrow. And that would be probably right after first morning prayer tomorrow and that’s a good thing.

Why does that matter?

Because when they put that rate out for all to see, even us, United States, even us – that means it’s a go for Iraq. There’s also the possibility that we’ll be exchanging on forex tomorrow  -that rate  may show up on forex and there’ll be trading on the Forex with their new international rate.

What else are they doing?

They have been paying and they’ve acknowledged now that they’re paying their contractors, their retirees – their military in new Iraqi dinar at the revalued rate – that I believe is either acknowledged already today or will be acknowledged tomorrow. Okay, they’re right there where they’re about to do that.

That’s new for us. The head that red visible for us tomorrow to have everything acknowledged – their budget, which this is not our budget, this Iraq’s budget. So why do we care? It’s the 2023 budget, but it’s going to be out and exposed Friday night.

No, that’s because to me, so I don’t know. but that’s a good thing will have their budget out. So I think like I’ve been saying for three weeks now. Basically it’s business as usual for Iraq, but you know, in an all new way because of the new Iraqi dinar. We talked about lower denominations of dinar  is in the ATM ready to go –  I believe they’re already going

We know people personally that have exchanged in Iraq that are Iraqi citizens – we know that firsthand. So things are moving along nicely from that point of view. All right, so keep that in mind – Wednesday, Wednesday, Iraq, New Rate in the Gazette is published out.  Okay, Wednesday – well, let’s see what else we can find.

What about our bondholders?

What we’re hearing about the bondholders is that these are sellers of the bonds. Okay, the bond sellers are to be getting access to their funds. Guess when? That’s right, Tomorrow, Wednesday.

They’re supposed to finally be able to see in their accounts, because they all have their cue cards that got where their accounts are able to be enacted and opened up. But they’ve got to see the money in there. Well, tomorrow they’re supposed to be able to see and have access to the funds in their accounts.

Okay. Bond holders done. check. What about>? Doesn’t mean that all bond holders are – there are major bond holders, that will still get their bonds handled. That’s it’s not completely done. But a lot of the bond holders are looking to get their access to funds starting tomorrow.

Now, what else?

Remember a group that we call intermediaries? These were people that were sort of not tier three, not tier four, but kind of between that right. Okay, where are they now? Well, a few days ago we got worried that the Indian claims are paid out in full  – check Indian claims –  check –  what about farm claims?  We understood yesterday, those were paid out in full – check. What about fines, interests and penalties?  Understood those were paid out yesterday – Check. Now I don’t know about CMKX – I’m thinking that might be a tomorrow thing.

However, I can tell you this much.

We understand –  picture this you guys – picture something called a hopper. A hopper is something that you are not talking about Dish Network. Sorry Dish, but a hopper is something you put things in. And the question is how do you get it out? Okay, there’s several types of hopper. I remember it being a tennis pro  –  I had a tennis ball Hopper, right. That’s where you keep those tennis balls and you pick them up around the court when you were when you were through with a particular drill.

Alright, so, hoppers what’s going in the hopper? what’s in the hopper now ready to be delivered? Prosperity packages I believe they’re on for delivery starting tomorrow.  They’re in the hopper.

What else is in the hopper?  remember, we talked about restitution allowance, and reclamation or reclamation haven’t used that term of the big Call yet. So I’m a little new with it –  restitution and reclamation allowance.

That remember we talked about seniors 62 and older, getting lump sum payouts of that and that would be trading on birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees – death certificates – all of that stuff. They were all traded as bonds and a lot of other things folded in there like interest on loans, mortgage interest – credit card, interest, etc. You know, a lot of that’s all that’s thrown in there. And that is supposed to be guess what?  is in the hopper to be paid out –  possibly tomorrow.

 Now, I’ve heard previously that restitution allowance, reclamation money would be out in the first 12 days of May.  Well, May 3rd is a Wednesday. It’s also a possibility that that’s when it actually comes out. it’s in the hopper, maybe that maybe it will come out tomorrow. That’s going to be great.

Now, whenever anybody who’s under 62 So you know, younger people. The thing starts at about 10 years after you first started working I’m gonna say that would be 18 For most people, but I got 28 – 28 – 48 to 61. There’s some groups there ok –

Those people in those groups will get restitution allowance paid out over 10 years – monthly – paid out monthly, over 10 years with the caveat that you signed something that says you will not quit working, you will not quit your job.

Okay, this is not what do you call monthly income. It’s not designed to be that but it does. go for 10 years that they say you completely out. It would be a nice amount to receive monthly if you’re in that under 62 group. And I don’t know when that will start. I believe it’ll be this month. I believe it will start this month   So that in the hopper

Guess what is still left?

Notifications for tier 4A and 4B or tier 4 let’s call it right. We’re tier 4B. that’s the Internet Group –     those notifications, I understand, are in the hopper – So we could be getting those tomorrow as well.

If it’s morning, there’s a chance we could start exchanges tomorrow afternoon. If it’s tomorrow afternoon that we get notified. We most likely would set our appointments tomorrow and start on Thursday.

That’s cool with me. We just want to get those numbers out. We want to get the numbers out we know we’re golden. Once we get that number and set our appointment. Then we’re set to go.

So look at all the variables that we’ve got tossed into the hopper right.Iraq with their rate finally coming up printed in the Gazette tomorrow.

We’ve got a bond sellers online to have liquidity and access to funds tomorrow.

We’ve got prosperity packages in the hopper, ostensibly to go out tomorrow. We’ve got restitutional and reclamation allowance in the hopper possibly going out tomorrow. We’ve got our notifications for tier four A and B to come out for us to get started possibly tomorrow.

So there’s a lot of things happening and I’m excited about it. you can tell this is as a as a whole. This is the best grouping of information that I’ve had in 12 years of the Big Call.

Let’s just pray it in tonight after we close here. Let’s pray it in and speak it into existence – pray it into existence because this information is as good as it gets. Just believe that it’s going to take place. That’s what I’m hearing. Remember guys, when I give you this information, this is what I’m getting. This is nothing made up. Everything I’ve said tonight is coming from at least three or four different sources.

It’s there’s agreement with all these sources. One source said that I told you this already, that tomorrow is D-Day –  I’m going to say D meaning done – it’s D Day.

And they’re gonna toss everything in the hopper including the kitchen sink, and that’s to come out starting tomorrow. So I can’t say any more than that can I –

We might get the numbers tomorrow. I’m just saying this is what we’re hearing. I’ve given you everything I’ve got to worry about the rates.  We’ve already sky high.   Dong rate is excellent.

We’re talking about an interest rate that we can get on our money that’s in our primary or secondary, Wells accounts and other banks accounts. And it’s it’s an excellent rate – not that we’re going to need it – I don’t think we even need interest, but they are willing to pay it and we’re going to accept it –

 So this is pretty much everything I want to bring tonight I think.

Okay, let’s look forward to it. Let’s pray this in with all the faith that God’s given us to use. Okay, because we have the measure of faith. Now we have to appropriate that faith to believe something that we’ve been waiting for for quite a long time. I mean, my 19th year for me of this but I I knew immediately when I saw it resonated with me. I said this is the greatest overturn, of wealth in the history of mankind humankind.

It is what we’re seeing is something that is the wealth for the wicked laid up for the just. And I really believe that’s what we’re about to witness. So let’s pray the call out All right.

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