Delta Force Captures Black Hat Officers in Germany

Delta Force Captures Black Hat Officers in Germany


Four Army officers stationed in Vilseck, Germany, were arrested by Delta Force operators Tuesday morning as part of a White Hat initiative to identify and incarcerate what Gen. Eric M. Smith has called the “Machiavellian Military,” a cabal of twisted officers and senior NCOs who conscripted Biden-sympathetic soldiers into personal militias dedicated to the downfall of President Donald J. Trump and his supporters.

As reported yesterday, White Hats arrested a U.S. army major and a CSM who had convinced 250 Fort Drum soldiers to participate in mock war games aimed at violently quelling pro-Trump speech if Biden is victorious in 2024 or Trump is unlawfully imprisoned. The major and the CSM are currently in White Hat custody, as are 163 of the 250 Fort Drum soldiers, Real Raw News can now report. Interrogations are underway, a source in Gen. Smith’s office told RRN. He would not say whether information gleaned from the prisoners incriminated the Vilseck officers, whom he declined to name.

The four officers—three lieutenants and a captain—are attached to the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, an active Stryker infantry and cavalry at Rose Barracks in Vilseck.

White Hats allege that the officers conditioned enlisted men to condemn Donald Trump and declare his supporters “enemies of the United States.” One lieutenant, our source said, was a vocal ANTIFA activist prior to attending Officer Candidate School in 2021; his acceptance was based in part on a letter of recommendation written by Chuck Schumer.

Although there’s no evidence suggesting these officers, unlike Maj. Dunbar and CSM Mobarakzadeh, oversaw live-fire drills against mock Trump supporters, they espoused unremitting enmity toward all things Trump, and they told underlings that violence toward “Trumpists” was justifiable because Trump and his adherents sought to undermine the U.S. Constitution.

“The only good Trumpist is a dead Trumpist,” one lieutenant purportedly said.

Asked how troops in Germany could injure or kill Trump supporters in the U.S., our source said that many soldiers at Vilseck signed 3-4-year active-duty contracts and, unless they reenlist, will separate from military service before the 2024 presidential election.

“Our theory is renegade officers are grooming malleable soldiers to fight on behalf of the Deep State once they’re civilians, and since all military contracts are technically 8 years, if the Deep State declares Martial Law, they could be called to duty as reservists,” our source said.

Asked how so many could betray their oath, he said, “Don’t’ make the mistake of thinking everyone enlisting does so out of a sense of patriotism. The armed forces attract young men from all walks of life, including the disenfranchised, kids who see us as the only option after high school. These kids don’t join expecting to fight; they enlist hoping to bide their time, spend a few years doing menial tasks, save money, and return to civilian life. Also, look, we love our brothers in Green, and, sure, we’ve had our bad apples, but the Army is the easiest branch to get into. If you can do crunches and pushups and shoot straight, anyone can become an 11 Bravo.”

Military Occupational Skill (MOS) 11 Bravo is the U.S. Army designation for infantrymen.

Citing operational security, he would not say precisely how or where Delta arrested the treasonous officers, only that Gen. Smith approved the plan after speaking with colleagues at U.S. Army Special Operations Command.

In closing, our source said he would provide further details ASAP.

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