Devolution Addendum Series – Part 5 Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act

Devolution Addendum Series – Part 5

Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act

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This addendum is meant to provide a brief update on a topic I have covered previously. Throughout the Devolution Series I have highlighted many of the key executive orders that I believe will be coming into play as things progress and justice is served to those who have wronged America in so many different ways. A compelling source of circumstantial evidence for the devolution theory is that time and again, actions are being taken to continue these executive orders when doing so serves as a complete contradiction to what the narrative tells us should be happening.

For example, one of those key executive orders is executive order 13848 – Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election. We know the 2020 election was stolen and those who stole it currently occupy the White House. Executive order 13848 is tailor-made to fit our enemies’ crimes of election theft and yet, even though they seemingly hold the levers of power and could simply let this national emergency expire, they have now continued this national emergency for a second time:

Seeing this continuation reminded me of another key executive order we have covered in the devolution series that seemed to have an expiration date attached to it. Let’s refresh our memory on a executive order 13818. I won’t do a full recap, but will show screenshots of the most important parts. For a detailed breakdown, go back and re-read Devolution – Part 17:


I published Devolution – Part 17 back in February. Since publishing that article there has been a major development that has gone completely unnoticed. In April, President Biden signed a bill into law titled “H.R.7108 – Suspending Normal Trade Relations with Russia and Belarus Act”:

On the very last page of this Act, in the very last section, they provided us with another one of those contradictions we’ve been looking for.

Recall that Section 1265 of the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act is the section that had the sunset:

In a seemingly random bill, that on the surface had nothing to do with corruption, they removed the sunset clause on the Global Magnitsky Act. By removing the sunset permanently, we once again are provided with circumstantial evidence that Biden is not in full control. This executive order was tailor-made to fit the corruption of the political establishment and those that are currently in “control.” Executive order 13818 may as well be titled “Blocking the property of the Biden Crime Family.”

When I posted that Biden had continued the national emergency for executive order 13848, JustHuman posted a quote from Ayn Rand and it’s perfect for our situation:

Does anybody still believe the premise that Joe Biden is in control?


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