HEATED: Matt Gaetz CLASHES With Democrats over the Term Unborn Child!

Radical Democrats want to pass their evil agenda by any means necessary and even go far enough to use the term unborn child, even though they believe that a fetus is not a human. Matt Gaetz clashes with the radicals so they can go on the record and be exposed for their demon deeds. 🔴Support Golden State Times by SHARING this Video or Stream on Social Media 🔴 Help GST Remain Free and Uncensored Become a Member Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWXP… You Get Awesome perks and Exclusive Community tab where we will share behind the Scene Pictures from the White House. NOTIFICATIONS: 🔔To get Notified when we go LIVE for a Stream Text AMERICAFIRST to 555888 WEBSITE: https://www.goldenstatetimes.com