Military Puts FEMA on Notice

Military Puts FEMA on Notice


The White Hat council has put FEMA Director Deanne Criswell on notice, saying despotic Deep State sinecures like her are becoming extinct and ought to settle their affairs while time permits, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

All 12 members of the White Hat council authored a joint letter warning FEMA that the military would be scrutinizing the agency’s movements with the approach of this year’s hurricane season. It said if FEMA agents arrive at hurricane-stricken cities with items besides blankets, food, and water, they will be labeled “enemy combatants” and dealt with before they pillage homes or terrorize displaced citizens.

Former FEMA Director Craig Fugate, who led the agency during the Obama years, once called hurricane season “Christmas for FEMA,” alluding to the sanctioned theft of private property pilfered from empty homes in mandatory evacuation zones.

Armed FEMA are domestic terrorists, according to the letter.

White Hats, our source said, had a second reason for sending Criswell the scathing missive.

In April, Gen. Smith’s office obtained a disturbing FEMA memorandum—part of it read like a court order—discussing how the agency plans to (mis)handle the next major hurricane strike on the eastern seaboard or Gulf of Mexico. The memo, a copy of which has been reviewed by RRN, discusses a “vaccine encouragement” program that encourages agents to probe hurricane victims about their vaccination status.

Specifically, it targets school-age children whose parents have obtained religious or medical vaccine exemptions to place kids in the public education system. The overreaching order authorizes agents of FEMA to ask parents whether their children have been vaccinated against polio, measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, hepatitis, tetanus, and, of course, Covid-19. A sickening subsection of the memo allows agents to ask teenage girls if they’re vaccinated against human papillomavirus, or HPV, a sexually transmitted infection. Scientists have linked the HPV vaccine to a marked increase in cervical cancer.

Although the document allows FEMA to ask questions, it expressly forbids “the recording of personally identifiable health data, as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, in writing or on digital media, unless otherwise instructed…” It does not say who has the authority to ‘otherwise instruct.’

Equally concerning is FEMA’s ubiquitous secrecy. “It is ordered that no recipient of this correspondence shall discuss or disclose to any other person that the Federal Emergency Management Agency or the Department of Homeland Security has contingent plans to initiate vaccination inquiry drills…Any person disclosing or intending to disclose the classified contents of this correspondence is subject to disciplinary action as defined in contractual non-disclosure agreements.”

“This gross overreach is obviously outside the scope of FEMA’s mandate,” our source said, “but their leadership has done this crap before.”

After 2021’s Hurricane Ida, an intense Category 4 storm, bombed Louisiana, FEMA came to town with coolers of Covid-19 vaccines and denied residents access to property unless they presented recent vaccination certificates or got the clot shot on the spot.

Criswell’s not-so-clandestine memo compelled a White Hat response, our source said.

“The council’s response names Criswell and Mayorkas domestic terrorists. Mayorkas has fled the country, but we believe Criswell is hiding in the bowels of D.C. Gen. Smith sent the response to FEMA’s D.C. headquarters, but we don’t know if she’s seen it,” he said.

In closing, we asked our source why White Hats had tipped their hand.

“It’s not tipping the hand. The foul beasts know we’re on their trail, know their ilk are getting picked off. Nothing was said that she didn’t know already.”

As an aside, RRN is aware that FEMA has arrived in flood-ravaged Vermont. As of this writing, we have not heard any stories of FEMA misdeeds in The Green Mountain State.

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