Pope-Nazi Alliance Renewed As Russia Builds Migrant Village For American Christians

May 13, 2023

Pope-Nazi Alliance Renewed As Russia Builds Migrant Village For American Christians

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A troubling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin posted the message to participants of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum (SPILF): “Russia has been invariably in favor of building a mutually beneficial partnership in the political and security sphere, in the economy, science, culture and sports”, says in this message he stressed: “Illegitimate sanctions, which ignore the principles of equality of countries and non-interference in their internal affairs, and the severing of treaties in the sphere of strategic stability cause serious harm to the international legal system and destroy its very essence…It is the rule of law and respect for state sovereignty that provides a solid foundation for the emerging multipolar world order, a more just and democratic one”.

In his address to the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, this report notes, Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev gravely warned: “It is obvious that a full-scale hybrid war has been unleashed against our country…Ukraine’s American and European masters are heavily pumping our enemies with lethal weapons of all kinds…In fact, they are leading the matter to a third world war, to a global catastrophe in which, as you know, there are no winners”—a warning that followed Deputy Chairman Medvedev assessing: “Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky could suffer the same fate as Nazi German dictator Adolf Hitler”.

Echoing Nazi German leader Adolph Hitler’s call to exterminate Jewish peoples from the world in the 1930s, this report continues, the Ukrainian Nazi Regime began the week with a vow to exterminate Russian peoples “anywhere on the face of this world”—a vow of genocidal extermination joined by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky arriving this morning at the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis—is a Pope-Nazi Alliance renewal whose past is recorded in the article “Hitler’s Pope, Pius XII, Should Finally Be Canceled”, wherein it notes: “Only one pope ever bore actual witness to a genocide and did absolutely nothing about it, and that was Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Pius XII”, and also in articles like “In ‘Confession Of Guilt’, German Catholic Church Admits ‘Complicity’ With Nazis”—Ukraine Nazi leader President Zelensky will next travel to Germany to receive a $3 billion military aid package—but for the under socialist siege German peoples, they’ve just been warned: “Electricity rationing could become unavoidable in Germany as part of an energy transition strategy starting from next year”.


In the Eastern European country best described in the article “Welcome To Ukraine, The Most Corrupt Nation In Europe”, this report notes, before fleeing over the past week, its Nazi leader President Zelensky met with the top executives of the American multi-national investment company BlackRock based in New York, which is the world’s largest manager of assets valued at nearly $9 trillion—quickly after which articles appeared like “‘Is Ukraine Being Privatised‘: Netizens Fume Over President Zelensky’s Meet With BlackRock Management”, wherein it reveals enraged peoples posting messages like “Taxpayers pay the war bills, private firms get the profits”—all of which was joined by the news: “The Kiev regime is dubious about the success of the long-awaited counteroffensive of Ukraine’s Armed Forces…Behind closed doors, some high-ranking officials in Kiev have struck what was described as a “very realistic and very pragmatic” tone, conceding that it is unlikely Ukraine will be able to gain ground in the new Russian regions of Zaporozhye and Kherson, as well as in the people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk – at least this year”.

Yesterday, this report details, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin announced that China’s special representative on Eurasian affairs, Li Hui, will visit UkraineRussia and several European countries next week, with him stating: “This visit by the Chinese representative is a testament to Chinese efforts to promote peace talks and our firm commitment to peace”—an announcement quickly followed by European Union chief diplomat Josep Borrell warning: “It is so important that China understands that what is happening in Ukraine is an existential threat for us, and we expect that China will use its role and its responsibilities…If this is not the case, our relationship will not be so good”—is the same EU chief diplomat Borrell who also admitted this week: “I know how to end the war immediately…Stop providing military aid to Ukraine and it will have to surrender in a few days…That’s it, the war is over”—and is the same EU chief diplomat Borrell that fears China will succeed in its push to build its own “world order” no matter how the crisis in Ukraine wraps up, and has urged the bloc to create its own “coherent strategy” toward Beijing independent of Washington’s.

Shortly after British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace announced yesterday that he will press ahead with plans to reduce the British Army in size despite the Ukraine conflict and increased military spending, this report continues, the Foreign Ministry issued a dire warning to the British government: “Carried away with geopolitical games, the United Kingdom is apparently ready to cross any red lines and bring the conflict towards a totally new level when it comes to destruction and casualties…Russia reserves the right to take any measures deemed necessary to neutralize a threat that may arise from Ukraine’s use of the British cruise missiles…Those behind this reckless step and London’s destructive activities will be to blame for the consequences”—a warning followed by the Ministry of Defense reporting this morning: “According to updated information, on 12 May 2023, during a rocket attack on the city of Luhansk, the armed formations of Ukraine used two Storm Shadow cruise missiles (English-French production) and one ADM-160B MALD anti-aircraft defense missile (US production)”—and was an attack by Ukraine Nazi forces on innocent Russian civilians using these missiles whose damage was reported: “The Storm Shadow missile has done massive damage…Dozens of cars were damaged in one of the yards, houses were cut by shrapnel…A number of garages were completely destroyed…At the site of the explosion, residents found characteristic fragments of a British rocket made of fiberglass…The main damage to residential buildings was caused by a shock wave…Windows were shattered in several buildings, and shards of glass were scattered around the rooms…The doors inside the apartment were also damaged”.


The demonic genocidal mindset of Ukrainian Nazis that launch missiles against innocent Russian civilians, this report notes, is exactly mirrored by the godless socialist Biden Regime forces terrorizing the American peoples, as best exampled today by the parents in Loudoun County-Virginia, who have become targets of violent threats on social media for speaking out against their school district’s demonic LGBTQ agenda, one of whom, Alisha Brand, revealed to the viewers of Fox & Friends: “I’m not sure if your audience is aware of the violent nature of curb stomping, but what it does entail is grabbing somebody by the back of the head, forcing their mouth open, pushing them down to the ground with their face on the cement, their mouth around the curb, and then somebody else stomping on the back of their head…This is murder, it’s a felony, and this is what I was threatened with by these activists who are tied to our political candidates”—and was a revelation joined by the beyond shocking article “America First Legal: Documents Reveal Homeland Security Listed Pro-Life Moms as “Radicalization Suspects” – With Examples”.

In 1975, this report concludes, United States Senator Frank Church issued a grave warning that the surveillance powers of the American government would change the United States into a tyranny no one could escape from—a warming of American socialist surveillance tyranny echoed this week by European Parliament member Clare Daly, who warned her peoples: “Maybe it’s time that Europe started to wake up!”—and for some of these under demonic socialist siege Westerners waking up, Russian immigration attorney Timur Beslangurov announced that the government has approved the construction of an “American Village” for 200 families of conservative immigrants, that will start in the Moscow Region in 2024, and stated: “Basically, they are Orthodox Christians, Americans and Canadians who, for ideological reasons, want to move to Russia…The reasons are known, it’s the imposition of radical left-liberal values in the West, which basically have no limits…Today they have 70 genders, tomorrow who knows what…Many normal people do not understand this, and they want to emigrate…One potential group of immigrants are traditionalist Catholics who are white Americans with many children, which the US government considers domestic terrorists”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]