QAnon News: Phil’s Intel Bulletin! A Military Coup Begins!

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“Looking back at late 2020 and early 2021, I thought there would be no Joe Biden inauguration.

Joe Biden will not be elected President of the United States. And I remember that day. Everything looked so funny.

People attending the inauguration were caught on camera.
They wore different shoes, changed their shoes and went to the inauguration…that’s why it looked so funny. Some camera angles made it look like the whole sky was clear. There was also an angle where the entire sky was cloudy.

We were all waiting for something to happen that day.
Personally, I thought the military would intervene then and there.

But it wasn’t.
We are no longer in this country. This country has been destroyed. That day was the worst day of my life. And I thought I was done.

Three years later. Three years have passed since that day.
Finance. confusion. Banks collapsed and we have.

We haven’t seen anything since the Durham report. But things are speeding up.
But I can’t catch fire. For some reason…why doesn’t it catch fire?

What you’ve seen since Durham’s report…
a flood after a trickle of water so far, but you haven’t seen a flood.

Since the Durham report came out, Donald Trump has been indicted three times. And the fourth comes from Georgia. 3 times so far, and a 4th coming.

He will not be prosecuted in Georgia. He’s actually surprised the indictment in Georgia wasn’t filed sooner. I expected him to be prosecuted sooner.

This has never happened in history.
No former president of the United States has been indicted during his candidacy.

But we still have. The Hunter Biden case, the laptop case, the charges against Hunter Biden. A conversation with Hunter Biden. Text messages alluding to his business partner and Joe Biden, just three days ago, a letter from Joe Biden to his business partner was made public.

Donald Trump just recently posted about it on True Social.

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So you now know the Joe-Biden corruption.
I know bribery scandals and corruption scandals.

Well, just last week, something like this happened in Michigan. It is an espionage activity that set up a secret operation of the DNC about voter fraud. Elections in Michigan turned to mail-in ballots over his COVID fears to elect Joe Biden. That is corruption.

Each and every one of these is cyclical.
A pack of wolves seems to circle around the prey.

There’s something that seemed great to us, but we haven’t seen it yet.
it is action. By action, I don’t mean Jim Jordan or Matt Gates or Marjorie Taylor Green holding hearings in Congress or anything like that.

I’m talking about quick action. Arrest those bastards quickly! action.
These wolves circle around their prey. The question is when will the first wolf attack?

When do you actually start? waiting for an attack. Why are we on the defensive with what Trump did or didn’t do?

I know all the charges against him are false. Repeat Russia, Russia, Russia. That’s it. It’s just fake news. It’s been known for years since Trump took office.

Wolves are circling around it. Wolves are white hats. Do you understand now?
Wolves surround their prey.

There is a lot of talk about BRICS right now. The meeting will make a big announcement on August 22nd.
And in the press, they seem to announce it. The system will be backed by gold.

Isn’t that similar to NESARA/GESARA? It’s the same as what we’ve been talking about. That’s what other experts in the field have been talking about for a long time.

I just feel that something is different now.
It looks like everything is set up. perfectly. For the ultimate ticket win.

So over the weekend, I was thinking about this. I see all sorts of things lined up, but now I just feel that something is different.

I feel a big change. this air
Much of what Trump says and posts at the rally, and what actually appears in the mainstream media, has never before appeared in the mainstream media.

The Federal Reserve is collapsing, and so are central banks around the world.
If you think about what’s happening with all of this now, good things are happening for us.

Forget Trump’s indictments. I will talk about it soon.
With all these revelations, what does it mean for America?

There is one very, very important thing. we are ready
The nation is ready. You were ready long ago. I have been preparing for a long time. Most of the people watching me tonight were ready. But many were unprepared.

Many people do not believe that what we are talking about is actually happening.
it’s actually happening. I agree. Over the last two years, we’ve been trying to convince them.

Of course I succeeded.

But what about you? I think the answer for most people is no.
But as things like this leaked into the mainstream media, it was revealed that Joe Biden was actually acting as a foreign intelligence agent.

The wolves see the White Hats circling the little place.
The people are ready now.

The people are ready for the currency. Reset.
Clean up corruption. The public is ready to know the truth.

Now on to the Intel part.

I read all the new reports that were recently published. Like I said, and beyond… I don’t know exactly how this will turn out. I don’t know what will happen. I don’t know.

we know we will win. We know that corruption will be eradicated. I know it will. But how? what would be the trigger?

I contacted my source. One of my sources and the best source.
The one who started with me. That was several years ago.

And I had a very candid exchange with that source. I said

“Inwardly, I am not as high-ranking as you, and I will not be like you in the future.
I also realize that I am not necessarily entitled to know all the details.

Here’s what I’m seeing now. Either Joe Biden gets framed or gets arrested.
Publicly, too. ’

My source replied that he was an Extract.

The word should be familiar, Q’s drop with the word extract, #101.

Q#101 My mind went to 2012 when he said extract. In 2012, it first came to mind. 2012 came to mind, not the 2020 election fraud. My mind went to 2012 and Barack Obama. After Barack Obama won a second term. The military was about to take Barack Obama out of office.

The military almost staged a coup, just like in Burma. Burma recently staged a coup. At the election the army burst in and arrested everyone.

And as I later found out, it was supposed to be like that with Barack Obama in 2012. The reason it didn’t is because Donald Trump and his patriots persuaded him. He persuaded the authority.

Because it’s not the best way for the country. Barack Obama was the most popular president ever to run for president. According to the media, he was loved by everyone and everything was great in our country.

At the time, no one really knew what was going on behind the scenes.
There was only a private message board. It told me what was going on.

A coup would have caused a civil war, if not a civil war.

It would be great if Barack Obama was removed from the presidency by the military for crimes against humanity and many other things.

But it would have caused a civil war and a massive schism. In the worst case, a civil war could have occurred.
So they chose not to do it.

The man who holds the office of President of the United States is about to be forcibly removed from office.
Then I pushed a little further and asked:

“Are they going to physically fire Joe Biden? ’

The answer was yes.

We are close to seeing a military takeover of the White House.

Everything we thought was going to happen in January 2021…

Post-election fraud, and before the inauguration in January 2021, it was supposed to be then, why not? Because there were so many others that needed to be eradicated, not just Joe Biden. There are many others.

You are watching the most important event in history.
in the history of the world. We were witnessing the most important event in history, apart from the fact that Jesus Christ walked the earth.

A military coup takes place.

Now, your first question is “When?”
I know everything I just said is true, so it must be soon.

I don’t know the specific date, but I’m talking about what it will be like.
The military will forcibly remove Joe Biden from the presidency, and the presidency at that point as well.

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The White House will be publicly run by the military for a very short period of time.

It took a while for this to happen. There was also the matter of barisma a long time ago. Both Crossfire’s hurricane information and Hunter Biden’s laptop were there long ago.
Rudy Giuliani had it before the election.

This is the moment. military coup. It was planned. Well thought out. It’s been a very, very long time.

Every detail is checked, every detail is ticked and unchecked, and finally the dots are connected and that’s it. how will it end That’s the endgame.

Extraction… take out the sitting President of the United States.
Guys, that’s what’s about to happen.

In July 2021, I told you in 2020 that the Supreme Court has already ruled and overturned the election.

We know 2000 mules. Information coming out of Michigan, information coming out of Georgia. A lot has been revealed in the last two and a half years.

If Joe Biden is forcibly removed from office by the military, who will replace him?
It’s not Kamala. She sat in the same position. She knew Biden’s wrongdoings. Then who?

Well, the question will be taken to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court decides by special vote.
And they will make a judgment that it is a fraudulent election. and they will be annihilated forever.

Well, Joe Biden was actually executed in 2019, so what about the fake guy in office now? you might ask.

That’s right. He didn’t actually commit a crime. He uses the person to make it look like he is being punished.

For example, let’s say that the actor who played Timothy McVay in making the movie Timothy McVay (the Oklahoma City bomber) was Justin Timberlake.

Justin Timberlake will not get the death penalty. In fact, he may see Justin Timberlake talking about the movie after its release.

He talks about how he’s such a great character. But are you upset that Justin Timberlake didn’t get the death penalty?

Justin Timberlake has never committed a crime like McVay.
Right? You just want the man who actually committed the crime to be punished, right?

So the guy I’m playing now, Joe Biden, isn’t doing it. He is asked to fill that role. Secure Biden’s role. he has already been punished.

I’ve told you over and over again that I’ve been watching military exercises. Government has continuity. Documents for this purpose have been prepared. you literally see it. Not all of the White House is technically present.

Donald Trump became a wartime president, COVID started as soon as they released. Since day one for this military coup, the question is how to do it? How do you get to your final destination? From point A to point Z, it’s all engineered.

What happens in the meantime is that you see government corruption from top to bottom with your own eyes. Fauci, what happened with COVID, Pfizer, vaccines, and more.

Robert Kennedy Jr. ran for president and exposed Fauci that way. Is it a coincidence? Kennedy is also playing a role.

Someone posted a Q on a message board. It numbered in the thousands. It’s about what’s happening right now. do you think it was all a coincidence? Do you think it was all bullshit?

These entities had the military to post Q. Had Q level clearance.

It sounds like Don Jr. was very nervous. He was asked, “Who is Q?” His answer was very intriguing.

When he was asked who Q was, he said: “You don’t know anything. we will never know. Never know. ’ he said. you don’t know how does he know that?

How does he know things we can never know?
That was an immediate answer, too.

And it’s funny how he said with 100% certainty that he would never know.
I know someone, or a team of individuals, who are very close to him, including himself or not, who are very close.

You won’t find And I…
I’m 100% sure you won’t find out.

All we need to know is that the 2017-2023 information Q was talking about is accurate. And I’m here tonight to tell you that.

We are heading for military occupation. It is an occupation of the highest authority.
In America, it’s the president, the White House.

Global military exercises are scheduled for mid-August.
It could be a week on the 9th or the 16th. (* Actually 10 days until the 18th)

And 22 time zones. Actual activities are all over the world. It’s the craziest exercise I’ve ever seen.

I don’t know if it will be next week, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it does.
It’s all lined up so well.

we already know enough. Joe Biden is corrupt and possessed by at least China and possibly a few other countries.

What I do know is that America is headed for a military coup.

And there will be EBS.

And there will be limited martial law in certain areas.

I am very, very grateful for how this ended.
For all that we have all been through.

I think it deserves military action. At the highest level… all wrongs can be rectified somehow by military action.
At least we feel better. To some extent,

America is heading towards a military takeover.
The highest level of authority in the country, the White House.

*Finally, Mr. Phil was pointed out in the chat that the military exercise period is until the 18th.

The chat points out that it is (military exercises) for 10 days. It certainly is.

What else do we know about 10 days? ( !)

That’s all for tonight’s Intel. In my opinion, this is the biggest news since I started reporting

.I think it’s the most exciting news.

And I know myself, and so do many of you.

I am filled with excitement, anxiety and relief.

Now I have my biggest question.

when is that? When will it come true? I think that’s your question.

All I can do is put the pieces together. Keep looking for clues in front of you.

Look more closely.

I may not have paid attention to coms from higher ups like Trump or Scavino, but

I told Cash Patel to keep an eye on it. I said it over and over and over and over again months ago.

I think we should keep an eye on him because we’ve seen a lot of interesting stuff lately.

Proud of us.

I’m proud of the good players who actually pull off this kind of thing.

And it really did what the nation needed.

to heal the nation. We need more than just getting it done.

But we also needed it.

As I said before, set a precedent.

What did you do here to do something like that?

How…what did you do?

How did you catch.

Something like this may happen in the future. And at the same time, what we are doing is stopping this.

CENTRAL BANKS, FUNDING, STOP CENTRAL BANK FUNDING FOR FOREIGN COMPANY BANKS, BRICS, NESARA, whatever you want to call it, put power back in the people’s money.

We are no longer stolen.

Eternally. We are drowning in debt.

Revenge, justification, and precedent, it was set.

EBS is definitely coming.

I talked about it in my last live.

Now you know why.

Because without EBS there can be no military occupation.

Without martial law, there can be no military occupation.

You can’t take a military government without a great military brain.

Those people are alive now.

I hope there are people who have already passed away…

Here they come. I’m coming.

Global military exercises will take place for 10 days starting tomorrow US time, but this Friday we have Storm’s tweet, followed by EBS, then martial law, Biden’s forced resignation and subsequent military coup could begin I expect it to have potential.

Everyone please keep calm and stay safe.

That’s all for now.

Thank you for reading to the end today.”

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