Schiff’s Amendment, A Devolution Proof

Schiff’s Amendment

A Devolution Proof

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On July 7th, 2022, Julie Kelly posted a screenshot on twitter of an amendment to the NDAA put forth by Adam Schiff. Here is Julie’s 3 tweets on the topic:

Her commentary is mostly accurate but there is something about this that everybody is missing. We need to look closer at specifically what Adam Schiff’s proposed amendment would actually be amending.

So the amendment is adding a subsection to “Section 271 of title 10, United States Code.” Before looking at what is being added, let’s look at section 271:

Here is what Schiff’s amendment adds to the end of the above section:

The addition states that information obtained by or with assistance of the military cannot be used as evidence in basically any fashion (the key one here being grand juries) if it violates section 1385 of title 18.

Section 1385 of title 18:

Finally, we need to look at what “posse comitatus” actually is based on the definition directly from our military:

Essentially this means that “unless authorized by the constitution or Act of Congress,” the military is not allowed to participate with civilian law enforcement in any fashion here within the United States.

What This Means

Adam Schiff’s amendment is saying that any information that comes from our military in violation of the posse comitatus act cannot be used in as evidence in basically any proceeding, and that includes in Grand Juries.

This leaves me with questions.

Why Put Forth This Amendment?

The information which this amendment specifies cannot be used is information gathered by our military that “violates” posse comitatus. I’ll talk about the “violates” aspect of this later but the interesting tidbit here is that because the information being referred to is such that relates to posse comitatus, it means that it would be information gathered from military operations here within the United States.

Why would Schiff bother putting this forth at all?

Think about it logically. How do the democrats and Schiff operate? The policies and agendas they put forth like this are typically in reaction to something. There is a school shooting so they put forth a gun control bill. They get caught stealing an election through the use of geotracking, so they take action to crack down on people selling geo tracking data.

Cause and effect.

The “effect” in this situation is Adam Schiff’s amendment trying to prohibit the use of information gathered through “violations” of domestic military operations as evidence in any form of proceedings.

The “cause” can only be that there is some form of domestic military operation gathering intelligence in the first place.

So using our deductive, although speculative, reasoning we have concluded that there may be a domestic military operation taking place. Can we deduce who is behind it?

When Can Military Operate Domestically?

Title 1385 tells us the two situations where domestic use of military is allowed:

  • Acts of Congress
  • Circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution

Since Adam Schiff is a congressman and he is also the one who put forth this amendment, it’s safe to conclude that if there are any military operations happening domestically, it would be one that was not authorized by congress. If it was something he authorized, why would he be worried and put this forth at all?

So what are the other “circumstances” that could initiate domestic use of military? Well as I pointed out earlier, Homeland Defense is considered a “Constitutional exception” to the posse comitatus act.

If the military was going to operate domestically, somebody would have to give the order for them to do so, and an order like this would have to come from the very top. So let’s look at the chain of command:

The individual at the top of the chain of command is the President. This is also spelled out in article 2 section 2 of our constitution:

Back to our deductive reasoning.

If it wasn’t congress who authorized the military to operate domestically, it had to have been the President, but the current President, Joe Biden, is an ally of Adam Schiff. Why would Adam Schiff put forth a bill that could somehow affect something Joe Biden authorized? It doesn’t make any sense?

This obviously leads me to the entire basis of my Devolution theory. Donald Trump knew the election was going to be stolen, he considered it an act of war, and he implemented a continuity of government plan as his countermove.

Let’s look at a recap from Part 22 showing all the moves in special operations that were made before Trump left office:

It’s obvious that Trump and his team were setting the stage to enter into a continuity of government environment based in the context of irregular warfare.

Who Determines What Constitutes A Violation?

This brings me to the last point. I know we’ve made a few assumptions so let’s recap them quick.

  • Adam Schiff’s amendment tells us there is some form of domestic military operation happening
  • Because Schiff brought it forth, the operation must not have been authorized by congress
  • Because Joe Biden is an ally of Schiff’s, it must not have been authorized by Joe either
  • This leaves us with an ongoing domestic military operation, that Adam Schiff is afraid of, that must have been initiated by Donald Trump

So if this goes through, and it is revealed that there in fact is some form of ongoing domestic operation, who determines whether or not it was happening in violation of the posse comitatus act? That would be the supreme court, and luckily we already have precedence and Trump had every authority to implement Devolution:

Adam Schiff provided us with more circumstantial evidence that there is something happening behind the scenes, and for that and only that, we thank him.


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