Special Forces Detain “Suspicious Couple” Near Trump Rally

Special Forces Detain “Suspicious Couple” Near Trump Rally


White Hats assigned to protect President Donald J. Trump detained a “suspicious couple” who had planned to attend the president’s Saturday rally in Pickens, South Carolina, a source in Gen. Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

An enlivened President Trump addressed 60,000 supporters who braved the sweltering heat to hear their president denounce the Biden regime and promise to finally restore prosperity to the people. His colossal audience dwarfed Pickens’ native population—about 3,500 people.

Although Trump did not take the podium until after 1:00 p.m., his supporters were in Pickens hours and days ahead of the monumental speech. So too was a Special Forces contingent that has discreetly shadowed Trump since his reelection announcement on November 15, sent by USMC General Eric M. Smith and U.S. Army Colonel J.D. Keirsey in hopes of thwarting further assassination attempts on Trump’s life.

As reported on June 26, White Hats eliminated international assassins hoping to murder President Trump at the first Republican primary debate in August. A recent increase in “assassination chatter” has put White Hats on edge and compelled them to proactively scout Trump’s rally sites.

Throngs of Trump supporters beat White Hats to Pickens, displaying “Trump 2024” paraphernalia as they paraded through the quaint, upstate town, a Republican stronghold, in defense of the commander-in-chief, and also flew flags calling for the downfall of the criminal Biden regime. The few anti-Trump protesters present—ANTIFA and Southern Poverty Law Center advocates—were quickly silenced, their voices barely a whisper amid the cacophonous roar of thousands of patriots.

White Hats, however, were less concerned about ANTIFA than they were about “posers,” fake Trump adherents paid by the Deep State to infiltrate the patriot movement.

“The infiltration is substantial. We estimate the Department of Injustice has 1,000 agents embedded in pro-Trump MAGA groups. We also believe the Deep State’s creating sleeper agents through drug-induced hypnosis,” our source said.

On Friday morning, undercover Special Forces in Pickens happened upon what, by all appearances, was a quintessential patriotic couple eating at Mama Meg’s Country Cookin’, a family-owned breakfast joint near where Trump was scheduled to speak. The couple appeared to be in their 40s and wore a plethora of MAGA attire—hats adorned with Trump pins and tee shirts with a smiling Trump hugging the American flag. The woman wore red, white, and blue-striped sneakers, and the man had President Trump’s face tattooed on his right forearm.

Special Forces noticed something distinctly odd, our source said. The couple’s physical flamboyance unnaturally contrasted with their mannerisms. The woman stabbed at her scrambled eggs with a fork repeatedly while the man slowly raised a coffee mug to his lips without taking a single sip. Every now and then, the man spoke slowly, robotically, repeating the exact phrase, “I’m glad we support Donald Trump,” to which the woman replied reflexively, “Yes, it is good we support Donald Trump, dear.”

Special Forces witnessed the bizarre exchange five times over 15 minutes.

When the waitress asked if they wanted their mugs refilled, the man stared at her blankly, saying, “We’re here for Donald Trump? Are you here for Donald Trump?”

“Everyone’s coming here for Trump,” the waitress replied cheerfully. She saw that the man’s cup was still full.

“Are the eggs ok?” she asked the woman.

“Delicious. We’re here to see Donald Trump.”

The waitress cocked an eyebrow, noticing the woman playing with the food.

“I’ll be back in a bit to check on everything,” she said, moving to another table.

Special Forces, our source said, approached the couple as fellow Trump followers, asking where they were from and their opinions on Trump’s immigration policies.

“It was Twilight Zoneish,” our source said. “The guy spoke in a flat affect. He said he was a plumber from Columbia, SC, but had a definite Midwest accent and that he was, you guessed it, there to see Trump. As a rule of thumb, we avoid detaining innocent civilians, but something was wrong with that couple. It’s unclear if they could’ve gotten near Trump. Everyone at rallies passes through screening. But Special Forces felt this situation called for more investigation.”

Special Forces waited outside for the couple to leave the restaurant, then followed them to their vehicle two blocks away. The couple had claimed to hail from South Carolina, but their car had Maryland rental tags. They said they were diehard Trump supporters but had zero knowledge of his domestic or foreign policies. Their responses to questions seemed programmed.

The Special Forces lead tried coercing the couple to go with him, saying he could bring them to Donald Trump, but the man refused and insisted he and his wife would see President Trump on Saturday, adding he had a “gift” for Trump. Special Forces’ final option was to inject the couple with a sedative strong enough to render them unconscious for a drive to Fort Bragg, where White Hats at Womack Army Medical Center could evaluate them.

Four soldiers escorted the couple to Bragg while the remaining Special Forces stayed in Pickens to safeguard President Trump.

Special Forces found no weapons in the couple’s vehicle.

Real Raw News will update this story once we learn more about the mysterious couple.

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