John Fredericks breaks down the voter turnout needed for a Walker win in Georgia

John Fredericks breaks down the voter turnout needed for a Walker win in Georgia

Just The News Published December 6, 2022

John Fredericks joins the War Room with Steve Bannon and shares a breakdown of the vote turnout needed for a Herschel Walker victory tonight.



John Fredericks: MAGA Turnout Will Tip The Scale In Georgia


Liz Harris, with a grassroots canvass operation out of Maricopa Co. Arizona, just broke a bombshell report on Steve BANNON’S Warroom this morning! 173k Lost votes & 93k ghost votes?! You think the Dems are sweating right about now?! This is insane!! SHARE!!

Go to the link below to help in the efforts to canvass our elections moving forward👇🏼

Maricopa County Private Canvass Data Revealed, And It’s Really Bad For The Regime

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UPDATE 1300 EST – from Arizona Conservatives Take Action

Liz Harris and the team have been quietly canvassing in Arizona since early December. On War Room today, Liz revealed their findings from the last 2 months of focused work in Maricopa County.

Liz & team knocked on more than 11K doors and received 4,570 responses. Of those, more than a third (34.23%) said they voted in the 2020 election, yet the record lists them as not having voted. If this figure is representative of all of Maricopa County, it would mean that approximately 173K votes were potentially “lost.”

Captain Seth Keshel revealed info of the impossibility of Biden, and Democrat wins down ticket in Maricopy County, AZ today on War Room Pandemic.

Concerned citizen Liz Harris from Maricopa County followed his presentation with a provocative report detailing a private canvass conducted by her citizen-led team.

“We the People in Arizona set up our own canvassing operation since December.” Harris outlined her in-depth training and selection process for the all-volunteer effort.

Major Findings: 34.23% of people canvassed were reported as not having voted – but told canvassers they did vote. These were categorized as ‘lost votes’. In other words, registered voters declared they voted but their votes were not registered. The total was 173,000 for possible ‘lost votes’.

Ghost Votes: 96, 389 vote came from addresses where no vote possibly could have been cast.

A large percentage of In Person Voters had ‘mail-in’ ballot also counted in election

Harris is now getting all 50 states to do a full canvas.


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Qanon/ Trump/ la nouvelle révolution /GJ

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