BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Bombshell in Late Friday FBI Data Dump – MUELLER Claimed Seth Rich Not Involved in Russia Collusion Email Scandal Without Ever Examining Rich’s Work Laptop

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Bombshell in Late Friday FBI Data Dump – MUELLER Claimed Seth Rich Not Involved in Russia Collusion Email Scandal Without Ever Examining Rich’s Work Laptop

Another request for records from the FBI related to the death of Democrat staffer, Seth Rich in 2016, provides more evidence that the FBI is lying and there is more to the Seth Rich murder than they want to share.

Attorney Ty Clevenger has been requesting records from the FBI and Deep State for years related to the death of Seth Rich.  The FBI has done all it can to prevent what they know about Seth Rich from getting out.

Attorney Ty Clevenger Trying to Get to the Bottom of Seth Rich Murder Receives FOIA Response from FBI Stating It Will Take Decades to Provide All the Related Documents

But attorney Clevenger has been persistent because he knows there is something the Deep State is not revealing. Last night, the FBI provided another data release in the slow roll of these legitimate requests.

TRENDING: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Bombshell in Late Friday FBI Data Dump – MUELLER Claimed Seth Rich Not Involved in Russia Collusion Email Scandal Without Ever Examining Rich’s Work Laptop

It looks like this release provides more evidence that the efforts to get to the bottom of the Seth Rich murder are necessary.

This is the seventh sworn declaration from this member of the corrupt FBI, declarations that seem always need revisions.

Exhibits 3 and 4 are the FBI’s explanations of why they won’t provide anything about the Crowdstrike report.

In Exhibit 5, the FBI finally admits that Crowdstrike performed the review of “Seth Rich’s” laptop.  The FBI admits that they took possession of Seth Rich’s work laptop but never examined the contents.  By inference, this means that the FBI and the Mueller exam relied solely on a three-page report from Crowdstrike for the examination of Seth Rich’s report. “So Mueller claimed Seth played no role… WITHOUT EVER INVESTIGATING the laptop.”

The FBI’s Seidel again signs off on his sworn declaration.

Mueller and the deep state didn’t examine Seth Rich’s laptop because they likely knew what they would find and this would end their attempted Russia collusion coup against President Trump.

The Mueller gang knew that Russia didn’t hack the DNC and obtain Hillary and Podesta emails.  They purposely didn’t look into Seth Rich’s laptop, nor interview Julian Assange at WikiLeaks, to determine if murdered Seth Rich had anything to do with the emails WikiLeaks released because they likely already knew the answer.

Instead, Mueller, Weissmann and gang proceeded in there attempt to remove President Trump from office knowing Russia collusion was a lie.  

The FBI and Deep State continue to stall their release of records on Seth Rich.  These years of stalling can only mean that there must be more there  to this story.

WAYNE ROOT: The Kevin McCarthy Saga: The Biggest Story of the Week is the Biggest Example of the Gaslighting of America. And I Have the Solution…Trump.

WAYNE ROOT: The Kevin McCarthy Saga: The Biggest Story of the Week is the Biggest Example of the Gaslighting of America. And I Have the Solution…Trump.

By Wayne Allyn Root

I have talked extensively for two years now about the nonstop gaslighting, brainwashing and propaganda going on in America-a conspiracy of government (in particular, the DOJ and FBI), media, social media, Hollywood, and of course, the UniParty (Democrats combined with RINO fraud Republicans).

This week we have witnessed one of the best examples ever: the Kevin McCarthy House Speaker saga.

McCarthy is a prime example of a UniParty fraud- he is a DC Swamp, Deep State, RINO fake, who backstabbed President Trump, and then raised money to attack and defeat Trump-backed, America First, MAGA candidates in the 2022 election. He is the worst kind of fraud, coward and pansy.

TRENDING: BREAKING: McCarthy Loses 13th Vote For US House Speaker – One More GOP Holdout Flips Vote to McCarthy – House Votes to Adjourn Until 10 PM

President Trump argued with me on my Real America’s Voice TV show “America’s Top Ten Countdown” last week that Mitch McConnell is even worse, and McCarthy would be better than a lot of other horrible choices for House Speaker. Basically, Trump was arguing “everyone in the DC Swamp sucks, so let’s settle for the best of the worst.”

I disagree 110%.

I want to remind Trump of how he became one of the wealthiest and most famous human beings in world history. By never settling. By aiming for the stars. By never accepting less than number one. No one- including Trump- ever got famous by aiming for the lowest common denominator. You aim for the stars, you don’t aim for the curb.

Kevin McCarthy is the curb.

Being “the best of the worst” is not something to vote for. I’m a Republican-conservative patriot. I want conservative, America First, MAGA patriots to lead my party. I want a General to lead us into battle. Not a wishy-washy, middle of the road, RINO fraud who never fails to disappoint conservatives, but always caves to Democrats. That’s McCarthy.

Did you know McCarthy gets a “F” liberty score from Conservative Review?

Do you think Democrats would vote for a House Speaker who gets a “F” in socialism, green energy, open borders and social justice? No way. They’re too smart to vote for a feeble, feckless coward. They’re too smart to vote for a traitor to their own cause.

The entire U.S. media is gaslighting you. Trying to convince you that McCarthy must be the House Speaker…his election must be rammed through…the entire saga is a “humiliation” to the GOP…and those 20 holdouts are “insurrectionists.”

Nope. They’re heroes of American patriotism, American exceptionalism, capitalism and conservative values.

Why is it acceptable to be a “Never Trumper,” but not a “Never Kevin”? Since when does voting against someone who gets a “F” rating when fighting for your own top priorities make you an “insurrectionist”?

And as far as this whole fight against McCarthy being “embarrassing” the GOP, that’s the worst gaslighting yet.

First of all, polls show 80% or more of Americans disagree with the direction of America. Why would anyone in the GOP vote for the status quo? McCarthy is the status quo. More of the same bad direction.

Second, only 35% of Americans in the latest Rasmussen poll want McCarthy as House Speaker. Among conservative MAGA patriots I know, NO ONE wants McCarthy. Yet 99% of GOP Congressman support McCarthy. That tells how screwed up, evil, corrupt and bribed our political system has become. The people elected to represent you and me, don’t. They only represent themselves.

Lastly, you know the real definition of embarrassing and humiliation? The past two years of Biden’s presidency and Democrat rule.

The open border. Millions of illegal aliens being waved in. The worst inflation in the history of our country that is destroying middle class American lives. The retreat from Afghanistan leaving American soldiers to die, leaving behind American citizens, leaving $85 billion dollars of U.S. military equipment. That’s embarrassing.

Wasting $100 billion of American taxpayer money on Ukraine-where the money is being stolen and laundered by Ukrainian politicians, Ukrainian mafia, Ukrainian Nazis…and 10% off the top for “the Big Guy”…and don’t forget millions of laundered dollars illegally sent back to Democrat candidates in the USA to defeat every Trump-supported, MAGA candidate- rooted on by McCarthy and McConnell. That’s embarrassing.

Biden pushing Putin to start World War 3 and nuclear Armageddon. That’s embarrassing.

Pushing deadly poison Covid shots on innocent Americans, watching the highest death rates in world history, thousands of “sudden deaths” per day, and covering it all up like Hunter Biden’s laptop. That’s embarrassing.

But waiting a few days to try to elect a true leader with the courage, principles and balls to stand up for the American people, American exceptionalism, capitalism, conservative values, and Republican voters…

That’s brilliant. That’s as American as apple pie. Those 20 Republican holdouts are heroes and patriots.

I hate to say “I told you so” but…

President Donald J. Trump should have been our House Speaker.

I was the first to publicly propose that idea on January 30, 2021. I was the first to ask Trump about it. And I was the first to urge Trump to go after the House Speaker position in my one-on- one interviews. I was right.

That’s the solution. That’s how we break this log jam. We need Trump now more than ever. Trump is the man to lead the battle. We can’t wait until 2024. This is how we get Trump today.

Step up, Mr. President.

Wayne Allyn Root is known as “the Conservative Warrior.”Watch Wayne’s new TV shows- “America’s Top Ten Countdown” on Real America’s Voice TV Network on Saturdays at Noon ET…and Wayne’s daily TV show on Lindell TV 2 at 7 PM ET at He is also host of the nationally-syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Radio Network, daily from 6 PM to 9 PM ET. Wayne’s latest book, “The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book” is a #1 bestseller. Visit for more information.

Highly Decorated Navy SEAL Team Commander Found Dead in His San Diego Home

Highly Decorated Navy SEAL Team Commander Found Dead in His San Diego Home

Cmdr. Robert Ramirez III, the commander of Navy SEAL Team 1

A highly decorated Navy SEAL team commander was found dead in his San Diego, California home on Monday.

Robert Ramirez III enlisted in the Navy in 1996 and was commissioned in 2004, according to the Military Times.

No foul play is suspected, however the San Diego Sheriff’s Department’s investigation is still ongoing.

The Military Times reported:

TRENDING: WATCH LIVE FROM MARICOPA COUNTY COURT ROOM: Kari Lake’s Historic Trial on Election Interference DAY TWO – Begins at 8:30 AM MST

Cmdr. Robert Ramirez III, commanding officer of SEAL Team 1, was found dead in his San Diego County residence Monday.

Naval Special Warfare Command officials said in a statement Wednesday that foul play is not suspected to have played a role in the decorated officer’s death.

Navy officials said the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department’s investigation remains ongoing.

“Bobby was an outstanding leader, devoted husband and father, and a good friend to us all,” Capt. David Abernathy, commanding officer of Naval Special Warfare Group 1, which manages all San Diego-based SEAL teams, said in a statement. “This is a devastating loss to our community and all who knew him. We will remain in support of Bobby’s family, friends and teammates during this extremely difficult time.”

He took command of SEAL Team 1 last month and arrived to the unit in June, according to his releasable service record and command officials.

His awards and decorations accrued over nearly 27 years of service include five Bronze Star Medals, two with the Combat “V” device denoting valor and acts of heroism.

Ramirez also has three Combat Action ribbons and medals for the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns, among many others.

MUST READ – Our Most Important Report of the Midterm: Election Fraud, It’s Voter Roll Manipulation – Not Ballot Gathering!

MUST READ – Our Most Important Report of the Midterm: Election Fraud, It’s Voter Roll Manipulation – Not Ballot Gathering!

Guest post by Jay Valentine

If you do not embrace, with both arms, that Leftists and RINOs use a multi-faceted, 40 years-in-the-making, industrial-scale voter fraud system, centering on voter roll tampering and manipulation, aided by elected officials, NGOs, protected by the mainstream press and conservative controlled opposition, you cannot be part of its remediation.

This week, we have a glaring example of the Republican money-gathering class demonstrating how clueless it is about this reality.

Our friend Ned Ryun, from a conservative organization, said Republicans need to adopt an absentee ballot-chasing strategy.  In Breitbart, of course.  This nonsense is the popular position promoted by most of the establishment Republican media, the GOP establishment, and even several Trump supporters: – Sean Hannity, Harmeet Dhillon, Matt Margolies, and Victoria Marshall (Federalist) to name a few.

TRENDING: When Will They Stop Trying to DESTROY TRUMP’S ALLIES AND SUPPORTERS? Mayor Rudy Giuliani Fights for His Law License at DC Bar Disciplinary Hearing – Decision TBD!

They just don’t get it!

Democrats with RINO Republicans and NGOs control access to voter rolls. 

There is one overarching rule they share:  no America-First candidates.

They know who voted.

They identify infrequent voters; when that person fails to vote, they offer their concierge service – they vote for them.


We just finished the Fractal analysis for a state, where an America-First candidate, with a 10-point lead, lost a statewide election.

You be the judge.  You tell us, here, if chasing ballots would have changed that outcome.

** 42,000 changes to the election rolls within weeks of the election – most were illegal.

** 21,000 new voters added to the election rolls, within 29 days of the election – almost every one is illegal.

** 8,000 voters appear to live in a business – each one would be illegal.

** 1,951 people received ballots at one address, and then voted from a different address – every one is illegal.

** The Republican candidate – with an 11-point lead in the polls – lost by around 21,000 votes to a woman who was afraid to debate her!


People, this data was from a single county!  Think what the state analysis would yield!

Let’s go to Florida.

Don’t believe the hype that Florida has a clean voting system, made pure by the current administration.

In Florida, teams found a street that did not exist – except for getting mail-in ballots returned.

Ballots were mailed to those citizens and never found the voter.  Voter registration cards were sent on a different date.  A perceptive postman saw one of the names and knew the recipient.  He delivered the card and its recipient alerted the voter integrity team to the fake street.

The Florida voter integrity team, one of the best in the country, dug in and found a street name had been completely made up – to be a ballot gathering bucket.

Did the Leftists do this?  Probably not.  The goal was to keep an America-First candidate off the November ballot – and keep her off they did!

People, this is not a Democrat – Republican thing.  This is a “we are in power” and you’re not thing.

Every state where we evaluated voter rolls produces tens of thousands of phantoms – who remain on those rolls.

Let’s visit Texas.  In Dallas, we ran tests showing people who voted in-person on day 3 of early voting had their ballots changed on day 11 to absentee.

Who can do that?

Election commissions.

The Breitbart Fallacy says the problem is mail-in ballots – so track them better.  Only Breitbart, the controlled media, and others, could believe such nonsense.

You can track ballots all you want, but the Leftists and RINOs have an inventory for every ballot a GOP operative finds.  Leftists have as many ballots as they need – they operate at industrial scale.

The second fallacy is “those who count the votes win the elections.”

The correct statement is:  those who control election rolls determine who wins.

We get into this more deeply at

There is a growing separation between two narratives:  chase ballots to win or stop election commissions from manipulating voter rolls.

The demarcation is this:

There is inherent, industrial scale, voter fraud baked into every state’s voter rolls.  The number of phantom voters, addresses, fake people, people voting from illegal places like a hotel is 5% – 15% of the entire roll – in each of the dozen or more states we tested.

That means any America-First candidate running for statewide office must win by an extraordinary margin or the Leftist ballot manufacturing industry will swamp them.

In swing states, election commissions are often controlled by Leftist NGOs.  In Wisconsin alone, they found a Leftist organization ran the 2020 race from a hotel room accessing the Wisconsin voter rolls.


The Republican legislature in Wisconsin knows it, they gain from it and they keep voter rolls filled with phantoms they can use when needed – like a recent state rep primary.

Then there is ERIC.

ERIC is an originally a Soros-funded entity running voter rolls for 31 states; now 29 because Louisiana and Alabama woke up.

Please join me in Googling the times the GOP elites spoke publicly about the dangers of ERIC.  I’ll wait.  Still waiting.

Both sides are in on it.  That is why so many Republican states have their voter rolls managed by ERIC.

The GOP elites don’t get their hands dirty doing real electoral work.  They are in the money-raising business.  They have lots of allies in the controlled press.

Do not let them mislead you.

You are in the fight of the ages.

As in any life-and-death struggle, if you do not know what your opponent is doing you will fail.

Your opponent owns access to voter rolls.

Leftists have a field organization of hundreds of people – in every swing district, paid to get those ballots from apartment buildings where they accumulate the day the mail arrives.  They visit homeless shelters, register vagrants who depart the next week – but who receive ballots eternally.

The GOP is not going to have some Kiwanis guy, in Dockers and Penny loafers pick up those floating ballots.

Our Democrat pals will have a college kid or drug addict pick up ballots for which he will be paid $25 each.

Get it now?

Guess which government record set is not polluted by constant jiggering by Leftists and RINOs?

Good guess!  County property tax records.

It is these property tax rolls that remain the gold standard for integrity – because they are visible to everyone – they have government officials constantly checking them – and any citizen can challenge them!

Corporations must have their financial records reconciled – income statement – cash flow statement – balance sheet.  If not, someone goes to jail – like the CEO and CFO.

Those property tax records, showing 123 Main Street is a laundromat – when compared real-time with the voter rolls – better not have any voters living there!

We did an experiment 3 months ago with Texas counties.  We compared the tax records with the voter rolls and the inconsistencies were staggering.

We and the voter integrity teams from 4 states are now doing this at scale – then taking this to every state.

Compare voter rolls with the tax records and see if they reconcile!

Then compare them with all sorts of other databases – like the Federal Election Commission records of every donation.  Do they match?  Is someone using one address to write a check and another to cast a vote?

This was computationally impossible before – the costs to run this would be staggering.  But, with Fractal Programming, we can process every voter roll against every property tax record on computers the size of a shoebox.

Want to make elections secure?

Stop the ability of election officials to manipulate rolls by comparing rolls to property tax records – every single week – and show every change!

We may be in living through our generation’s Valley Forge.

Winter is breaking!

Jay Valentine can be contacted at  The website is

MUST SEE: Jake Lang’s Latest POWERFUL Jan 6 Political Prisoner Video – FINALLY THE TRUTH!

MUST SEE: Jake Lang’s Latest POWERFUL Jan 6 Political Prisoner Video – FINALLY THE TRUTH!

Jake Lang and released a powerful video this week on the January 6, 2021, protests in Washington DC.

The US government that day turned its wrath on the people of the United States.  Dozens of FBI infiltrators were deployed in the city, DOJ and Metro police operatives were also involved in the protests.

The police fired gas and rubber bullets on the crowd, beat the protesters with sticks, and fired flash grenades at veterans, women, children and seniors.

Four Trump protesters were killed that day by police.

TRENDING: Biden Diplomacy: WNBA Star Brittney Griner Released by Russia in Exchange for International Arms Dealer Viktor Bout, Known as “Merchant of Death”


Since that day hundreds of Americans have had their homes raided by the FBI for walking in open US Capitol doors and past police officers who stood by and said nothing.

Dozens of Americans, including Jake Lang, have been held in prison without trial for over 600 days now.

This is what the Democrat Party has done to America.  We are no longer a country that can lecture others on human rights.  Our moral standing was tossed in the trash by power-hungry Democrats and weak Republicans who stood by too afraid of their own shadow.

Here is the transcript from this very powerful ad by Jake Lang and

As you all well know, patriots assembled on January 6 at the United States Capitol to peacefully protest a stolen election. Approximately a million liberty- loving Americans stood in unity and exercised their constitutional right to redress their grievances. Historically, the protest took a violent turn when capital police officers started inciting and brutalizing an unarmed crowd, even killing four defenseless American citizens on the steps of our own capital.

Now over 900 January 6ers and their families had been persecuted by the Biden regime and the FBI, violently arrested and abused and tortured in prison, some spending over 20 months locked away in gulaglike conditions political prisons inside our very own United States. They are being held without bond visitations, haircuts, religious services, access to evidence and attorneys, and in many cases, complete solitary confinement.

This atrocity highlights the two-tier justice system that villainizes conservative patriots and rewards career criminals. That’s why we started the J-6 Legal Fund to help retain competent conservative attorneys for our newest national heroes.

J-6 Legal Fund was created by J-6 political prisoner, Jake Lang to ensure full transparency in directing 100% of funds to legal costs. Not a single penny is wasted. In the next upcoming months, hundreds of J 60 patriots will be standing trial against the full force of the corrupt Department of justice and bias DC jury pools. The need for strong legal representation is greater now more than ever. That’s where you come in. The J-6 families are truly grateful for your generous support.

Let’s bring our men home. Please donate today.

Whatever God puts on your heart, go to to make your donation. Thank you. And God bless America.


** Please give what you can to the fund.

Biden Diplomacy: WNBA Star Brittney Griner Released by Russia in Exchange for International Arms Dealer Viktor Bout, Known as “Merchant of Death”

Biden Diplomacy: WNBA Star Brittney Griner Released by Russia in Exchange for International Arms Dealer Viktor Bout, Known as “Merchant of Death”

WNBA star Brittney Griner was found guilty of drug smuggling with criminal intent in a Russian court back in August

The 6’9″ butch basketball star sat in her courtroom cage as the judge read the verdict.

Prosecutors pushed for a sentence of 9.5 years in a penal colony.

TRENDING: Biden Diplomacy: WNBA Star Brittney Griner Released by Russia in Exchange for International Arms Dealer Viktor Bout, Known as “Merchant of Death”


Newsweek reported:

Griner, 31, was arrested and accused of possession of vape cartridges containing cannabis oil at a Moscow airport in February, during the lead-up to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine later that month. Maria Blagovolina, a lawyer for the Russian firm representing Griner, argued that the basketball star did not use marijuana while in Russia. Her defense team has maintained that Griner mistakenly packed the cartridges and that she was prescribed medical marijuana by a doctor for pain treatment.

Griner pleaded guilty in early July to bringing the cartridges into Russia, where she was playing during the WNBA’s offseason. Her lawyers have said the guilty plea was made as an admittance of responsibility and should be considered during sentencing.

Griner said she had no intention of breaking the law when she smuggled the cannabis oil into Russia during the off-season. That was a mistake.


Griner has been locked up in Russian prison ever since.

On Thursday Joe Biden made a deal with Russia for Brittney’s release.

Russia released Brittney in exchange for international arms dealer Viktor Bout.
Only Democrats would think this is a good deal.


Viktor Bout is known as the “merchant of death” so it makes sense that Joe Biden would make this insane prisoner swap.

CNN reported:

Bout, a former Soviet military officer, was serving a 25-year prison sentence in the United States on charges of conspiring to kill Americans, acquire and export anti-aircraft missiles, and provide material support to a terrorist organization. Bout has maintained he is innocent.

The Kremlin has long called for his release, slamming his sentencing in 2012 as “baseless and biased.”…

…The Russian businessman, who speaks six languages, was arrested in a sting operation in 2008 led by US drug enforcement agents in Thailand posing as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known by the acronym FARC. He was eventually extradited to the US in 2010 after a protracted court proceeding.

“Viktor Bout has been international arms trafficking enemy number one for many years, arming some of the most violent conflicts around the globe,” said Preet Bharara, the US attorney in Manhattan when Bout was sentenced in New York in 2012.

“He was finally brought to justice in an American court for agreeing to provide a staggering number of military-grade weapons to an avowed terrorist organization committed to killing Americans.”

(from Donald Trump, Jr. Truth Social – LM)

International Blood Bank for the Unvaccinated has been Formed with Members from at Least 16 countries – Demand for “Pure Blood” Skyrockets

International Blood Bank for the Unvaccinated has been Formed with Members from at Least 16 countries – Demand for “Pure Blood” Skyrockets

Unvaccinated patients who require transfusions can now access “pure blood” thanks to a new service called “SafeBlood Donation,” which was launched by a Swiss naturopath named George Della Pietra.

SafeBlood Donation, which currently has members in at least 16 countries, has the long-term goal of opening blood banks that provide its members with unvaccinated plasma, VICE reported.

According to George Della Pietra, the demand for “pure blood” has skyrocketed globally.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that a peer-reviewed study in Italy found that 94% of people who experienced side effects after receiving mRNA vaccines had abnormal blood and contained foreign matter one month after vaccination.

TRENDING: BREAKING: Court Throws Out Special Master For Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Documents Case

The surgeons believed that the vaccine makers should provide an explanation as to what is within the shots and why those components are present.

“In our experience as clinicians, these mRNA injections are very unlike traditional “vaccines” and their manufacturers need, in our opinions, to come clean about what is in the injections and why it is there,” they said.

For this exact reason, a lot of people refuse blood transfusion if the donor had received a Covid vaccination.

“I get hundreds of emails asking me, ‘Do you have blood [available], because I have surgery coming up in three weeks,’” Pietra told VICE World News.

“We want to be a platform for people who want to have the free choice of blood donors,” he said. “Whether they think there is a real conspiracy theory going on, that the New World Order [is happening], or if they simply say ‘I just don’t want it’ for whatever reason’.”

In his own studies of vaccinated blood, Della Pietra claimed to have found terrible “contamination” in the COVID vaccine.

“I’ve never seen blood like this. This was, to be honest, the main reason I started the whole thing, because when I saw this, I was so horrified,” he said.

“The whole vaccination thing is from my point of view, mainly to do with controlling people,” he added.

Natural News reported:

Right now, SafeBlood Donation has members in at least 16 countries where the goal is to establish blood banks that provide unvaccinated plasma for their members. The plan is also to pressure more hospitals and health authorities into allowing “directed donations” of specifically unvaccinated blood at traditional blood donation centers.

“Medical authorities only allow directed donations in specific situations where it is medically necessary, such as to source a rare blood type, but refuse growing requests for ‘unvaccinated’ blood on ethical and medical grounds,” one media outlet reported.

The reason why SafeBlood Donation is running into some difficulties with this is because the “official” sources, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), all insist that there is no difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated blood.

The expectation is that the current system will not comply with what SafeBlood Donation and its members are trying to do, so the inevitable outcome of this will be the creation of an entirely new blood donation infrastructure where only clean blood is allowed.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that a doctor from Canada shared on her Twitter followers that she was surprised when one of her patients declined to receive a blood transfusion if the donor had been vaccinated against COVID-19.

“So- this was a first for me. A patient declined blood transfusion if the donor had received a covid vaccination,” she wrote.

Another doctor replied and expressed the same sentiment, “Sadly, we’ve had a couple of patients here with the same beliefs.”

In September, a mother told TGP that her one-month-old baby died from a blood clot caused by receiving “COVID-vaccinated blood” during a blood transfusion.

“He died after getting a blood transfusion of vaccinated blood,” Hertzler claimed. “He got a blood clot instantly after receiving his transfusion. A blood clot that no blood thinner could resolve.”

Hertzler claimed that her son was given the blood by the doctor at Sacred Heart in Spokane, Washington, without her or her husband’s permission.

“The doctor gave him a blood transfusion because his hemoglobin levels were a little low. We had not given permission for this and the doctor knew we did not want vaccinated blood because we were worried about blood clots. The next day after the transfusion, they discovered a blood clot,” Hertzler said.

According to American Red Cross, they don’t “label blood products as containing vaccinated or unvaccinated blood as the COVID-19 vaccine does not enter the bloodstream & poses no safety risks to the recipient.”

“While the antibodies that are produced by the stimulated immune system in response to vaccination are found throughout the bloodstream, the actual vaccine components are not,” said Jessa Merrill, the Red Cross director of biomedical communications.

BREAKING: CORRUPT Maricopa County Supervisors Vote Unanimously to Certify Rigged 2022 Election

BREAKING: CORRUPT Maricopa County Supervisors Vote Unanimously to Certify Rigged 2022 Election

The corrupt Maricopa County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to certify the results of the rigged 2022 election on Monday.

At the beginning of the meeting, Maricopa County Chairman Bill Gates foolishly claimed the election was “run extremely well.”

Patriots packed the room to express their disapproval of this agenda item.

The corrupt County officials got torn to shreds by numerous voters giving public comments.

The Gateway Pundit reported on testimony from election day poll workers and Maricopa County voters who do not have faith in the 2022 election after seeing the uncertifiable disaster that occurred on election day.

TRENDING: WATCH LIVE: Maricopa County To Certify Fraudulent Election Results

Entire voting locations were nonfunctional upon opening due to printer and tabulator failures, voters faced extremely long lines at the polls, and voters were told to place their ballots into “box 3” instead of a tabulator.

In the testimony below, one registration clerk in Maricopa County details his shady experience where none of the machines were working, including the time clock for workers to clock in. Site books were also down, which caused poll workers to be unable to check voters in. When they finally solved this issue an hour after the polling location opened, the printers immediately failed.

“At least 50 people were turned away” by 7 am, said the clerk.


Testimony from citizens and voters went on for hours, but the County officials shamelessly followed through with certification.

The full meeting can be viewed here.

The Supervisors did not even answer important questions as to how this happened or how many voters were disenfranchised because they were turned away from the polls.

In his closing remarks, Bill Gates said, “this was not a perfect election, but it was safe and secure.”


“He Does Not Deserve to Be in Leadership” – HUGE! Blake Masters UNLOADS on Mitch McConnell After He Withheld Critical Funding to His Campaign (VIDEO)

“He Does Not Deserve to Be in Leadership” – HUGE! Blake Masters UNLOADS on Mitch McConnell After He Withheld Critical Funding to His Campaign (VIDEO)

Republican Blake Masters joined Tucker Carlson on Friday night – still waiting for Arizona election officials to finish counting the ballots in the midterm election that was held on Tuesday.

Blake Masters is still able to win the Senate seat despite his current deficit to far left Senator Mark Kelly. But Arizona officials refuse to count the ballots in a timely manner and Republicans are hung out to dry.

In an October interview with Blake Masters, Maria Bartiromo pointed out that

Mitch McConnell was funding Lisa Murkowski in Alaska against the Republican candidate but did not fund Blake Masters in Arizona.

TRENDING: IMPOSSIBLE: Despite Only 17% Democrat Turnout on Election Day – Katie Hobbs and Democrats Are Winning Over 50% of Maricopa County Election Day Totals

Of course, Murkowski is a horrid person who helped push ranked choice voting in Alaska that will throw elections to Democrats for decades to come. Ranked choice voting already cost Alaska Republicans their one GOP representative seat.

At the same time, Mitch McConnell cut back his PAC support to Blake Masters in Arizona in his tight race with Mark Kelly.

This was an unthinkable move by the GOP Senate leader.  McConnell actively worked against the Republican candidate this election cycle.  What an awful, selfish man.

On Friday, with election day now over, Blake Masters finally UNLOADED on Mitch McConnell.

Blake urged Republican Senators to shun Mitch McConnell for his devastating decisions to ruin the election chances for several Republican candidates.

Blake Masters: You know what else is incompetent, Tucker? The establishment. The people who control the purse strings. Senate Leadership Fund, Mitch McConnell. McConnell decided to spend millions of dollars attacking a fellow Republican in Alaska instead of helping me defeat Senator Mark Kelly. Had he decided to spend money in Arizona this race would be over. We’d be celebrating a senate majority right now.  So my message to the people of Maricopa, my message actually to the Republican Senators, hopefully my future colleagues. Let’s not vote Mitch McConnell into leadership. He doesn’t deserve to be majority leader or minority leader. You get a choice, you can stand with your constituents and stand with Americans, or you can stand with Mitch McConnell. Tucker, if I’m lucky enough to represent Arizona in the US Senate next year, I think it’s clear where I stand.

Mitch McConnell is the worst. What a disgusting person.

Democrat PACs Are Already Tracking 2022 Midterm Votes Cast, By Party, By Age, By County, and Gender –Why Is This Allowed?

Democrat PACs Are Already Tracking 2022 Midterm Votes Cast, By Party, By Age, By County, and Gender –Why Is This Allowed?

Earlier this month GOP Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss GOP efforts this election cycle.

Obviously, the Republican Party was caught flat-footed on Election Day on November 3, 2020, when President Trump exceeded all expectations and gained the most votes ever for a sitting president but ended up losing the election several days later in the greatest theft in US history to a corrupt, imbecile who spent most of his time in his basement during the campaign.

For some reason, Ronna McDaniel did not resign in shame at the time.  She should have.

And, do not forget, when President Trump called supporters to the Ellipse in Washington DC on January 6th, one million patriotic Americans turned out in the cold while the GOP elites met at a Ritz Carlton resort on Amelia Island instead.

During her discussion with Steve Bannon, Ronna McDaniel urged Republicans to vote early.

TRENDING: As Gateway Pundit Reported: Democrat PACs Are Already Tracking 2022 Midterm Votes Cast, By Party, By Age, By County, and Gender –Why Is This Allowed?

This suggests she’s either clueless or really is controlled opposition.

The Gateway Pundit wrote a response letter to Ronna McDaniel after the interview on why we believe voting early is a bad idea for Republicans.

ATT: Ronna McDaniel
RNC Chairwoman

Dear Ronna,

Please Vote on Election Day, and in Person! Yesterday on Steve Bannon’s WarRoom show you said:

I would ask that people “early vote” and in person. Do early vote, in person. That’s gonna be open in almost every State next week. Vote as soon as you can. I just went to my own County Clerk and voted in person.”

Those fighting for election integrity over the past few years are stunned by that comment. You’re suggesting people vote almost 3 weeks before election day. This would allow Democrats massive insight into who voted, who has not, areas of low participation, the vote gaps in races, and much more.

In the days and weeks leading up to election day, Democrats have near real-time data on mail-in ballots, in-person voters, UOCAVA (uniform military and overseas voters), provisional, everything.

Their voting analytics systems rival that of NASA.

Conservatives can help disrupt their massive insight by shortening the opportunity of Democrat election malfeasance. That means you vote on election day, and in person. TGP readers are acutely aware that Democrats use various methods to obtain insight into how many votes they need to win. Instead of giving Democrats 3 weeks to influence an election, legally or otherwise, you reduce this window to just a few hours by voting in person. Early in-person voting already started September 23rd in four States. Ronna, our elections have become nothing more than “glorified surveys”.

The Gateway Pundit then provided several examples of how Democrat analytics firms post in-person voter totals on Twitter.

As an example, one Democrat analytics firm posts in-person voter totals on Twitter. Their analyst did this for the 2020 General and again for the 2022 Primaries. He posts charts showing exactly how many voted in-person, by party, ballot requested over the previous 60 minutes. For instance, shortly after 9AM he posts how many voted between 6-9AM. Shortly after 10AM he posts totals from 6A-10AM, and so on. There’s a new chart at the top of every hour, until the polls close. They have access to this data when the election officially starts, not just election day.

In the past, this company UpLift has posted mail-in ballot details on their website as ballots arrive in the weeks leading up to election day. That Twitter account shows they also dissect to the precinct level. If this is what they share publicly, imagine the data they have privately. Many wish conservative rural Counties would withhold voting results until all sketchy liberal jurisdictions report, even it this takes days. We need to disrupt their election insight because this is what triggers their extensive voter fraud.

Most jurisdictions start tabulating ballots well before election day. These results are not made public until election night. This does not mean they are “kept secret”. It would be naive for anyone to believe early tabulation results do not end up in the hands of election operatives. In fact, it’s easier then you think. Many like Utah County use the ESRI Election Management System. The below dashboards of 2020 election results are from Utah and Illinois.

During 2020, the Utah County Clerk would read live tally’s at her press conferences, right from the ESRI app on her phone. This phone leaves the election building every night, just like all other phones of election employees. Coincidentally, not one ESRI GIS Map Department has ever been audited. Not even in Virginia when city blocks of voters were shifted into, then back out of districts. This happened right before, and after elections, for years.

GP recently published Seven Suggestions to help reduce election fraud while the election is active. They are challenging suggestions meant to stress test people and groups for the midterms. What they learn now, will be needed adjustments for 2024. The Gateway Pundit reviewed all 2,300 reader comments from that article. The below is what people want, listed is in the order most mentioned, being first.

  1. Same Day Voting – To help prevent the left from knowing how many additional votes they need to win.
  2. Remove the Machines – Don’t trust their ability to manipulate votes, and their people.
  3. Voter ID – Most feel this is the simplest way to prevent illegal and non-citizens from voting.
  4. Paper Voting – Suggest we use paper ballots, not machines that convert them into an image.
  5. Law Enforcement – They want onsite investigations immediately and fraudsters punished harshly.
  6. Hand Counting –  Counting done at precinct level with both party oversight, then roll up results.
  7. No Ballot Boxes – Prefer the elimination of mail-in ballots and all boxes.

Early voting has started in several states including Arizona. Democrats, with Joe Biden, were able to manufacture enough ballots following election day to steal the state in 2020.

And we now have proof they are tracking all of the votes cast so far in Arizona.

Here is the latest readout by Uplift – a far left PAC on the 2022 midterm returns.

Democrats are up 18.8 thousand votes.

The Democrat PACs even have the number of ballots returned by age group.

UPLIFT is also tracking ballot returns by gender.

Democrats are already calulating their desired vote totals based on this information.

Republican early voting is lagging this year.

This is a travesty that early ballots are counted and reported to private groups before Election Day.

Why is this necessary?
Who started this practice?
Who is allowed to receive this information?
And why would Republicans EVER agree to such a practice.

Republicans in Arizona are running AMAZING canadidates this year in Kari Lake, Blake Masters, Abe Hamedeh, and Mark Finchem, among others.

It would be a catastrophe if Democrats were able to steal Arizona again in two weeks.

At some point Republican voters need to get serious about what to expect and what to demand from their party.