Trump Tops iTunes Chart As “Mothership” Of “Lizard Overlords” Linked To Cattle Deaths

March 12, 2023

Trump Tops iTunes Chart As “Mothership” Of “Lizard Overlords” Linked To Cattle Deaths

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A gobsmacking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia urging Christian leaders of various denominations and international organizations, including the United Nations, to pressure the criminal Ukraine Nazi Regime over its plan to evict monks from Ukraine’s largest Orthodox monastery, the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, with him stating: “Throughout the thousand-year history of the monastery, it has repeatedly suffered from raids, foreign conquests and outright persecution of Christians…But only during the reign of militant atheists in the 21st century were the monks of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra expelled from the monastery”, says this plea followed former Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Medvedchuk proclaiming to his under socialist Nazi siege peoples: “Today, the people are being robbed of the last thing they’ve got – their faith…The Zelensky regime has once again demonstrated that it holds nothing sacred, this time in the literal sense…Today, the authorities have begun a gangster-style takeover of the main shrine of Orthodoxy – the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra…We remember from history that even during the Nazi occupation, the parishes of the canonical Orthodox Church were not closed by the Nazis…But today, their ideological heirs are taking away from the people of Ukraine that which gives them their spiritual core, strengthens them in trying times, consoles them in their grief and unites them in the joy of Easter”.

While exterminating Christianity on behalf of his godless socialist Western colonial puppet masters, who fear all religions because they place God above the state, this report notes, President Vladimir Zelensky also instructed his Nazi government to rename Russia as “Moscovia—and in quick response, Security Council Deputy Chairman Dimity Medvedev warned that Russia will rename Ukraine as the “Schweinisch Bandera-Reich” to acknowledge their Nazi German roots, that in English means “Pig Bandera-Reich”.

Following in the footsteps of their Nazi German forbearers who chose to bury millions of their young men on Russian soil, this report continues, today it sees the Russian Private Military Company Wagner Group having taken control of half the city of Bakhmut—a battle where it’s now reported that Russian forces captured a German Leopard tank and its Polish crew—is a battle reminiscent of 2015 when Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko reported to the Americans his forces were doing fine, but in reality became the “Debaltseve Cauldron” that saw Russian forces encircling Ukraine troops and obliterating them all—a history worth remembering because today it saw Armed Forces of Ukraine commander Denis Yaroslavsky gravely warning from Bakhmut: “Without logistics, there is neither rotation nor the supply of ammunition…The enemy understands this and tries, first of all, to cut off the logistics … We understand that there may be a repetition of the Debaltseve Cauldron…The same situation, when the routes are cut off and a targeted exit of troops can endanger the entire column”—a grave warning swiftly followed by Ukraine ordering an immediate evacuation from the town of Kupiansk in the Kharkiv region—shortly after which the Ministry of Defense (MoD) reported that Russian military forces killed over 395 Ukrainian soldiers during the past 24 hours while obliterating hundreds-of-millions of dollars more worth of Western weapons, and revealed: “400 Ukrainian warplanes, 220 helicopters, 3,385 drones, 4,011 air defense systems, 8,275 tanks and other armored vehicles, 1,055 multiple rocket launch systems, 4,326 artillery systems and mortars, as well as 8,879 special military motor vehicles have been destroyed by Russian military forces since the beginning of the special military operation”.

In assessing the current situation, this report details, the just published Russian defense article “‘Appalling’ State Of European Defense & Its ‘Dependence on US’ Exposed By Ukrainian Conflict” observes: “The mood first started shifting against the United States among its allies on the European continent late last year, as both officials and diplomats began to accuse Washington of profiteering out of the Ukraine crisis via energy and weapons sales, while their own stockpiles were “almost empty” and critical defense capabilities were lacking”—an observation joined by the just published Politico article “‘Little Fissures’: The U.S.-Ukraine War Unity Is Slowly Cracking Apart”, wherein it notes: “More than a year into the war, there are growing differences behind the scenes between Washington and Kyiv on war aims, and potential flashpoints loom on how, and when, the conflict will end…Though Biden has pledged steadfast support, and the coffers remain open for now, the U.S. has been clear with Kyiv that it cannot fund Ukraine indefinitely at this level…Moreover, the Pentagon has consistently expressed doubts whether Ukraine’s forces — despite being armed with sophisticated Western weapons — would be able to dislodge Russia from Crimea, where it has been entrenched for nearly a decade”.

While Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden plots how to steal even more wealth from his own nation to refill near empty weapons coffers in both America and Europe, this report notes, he was just slammed by the Axios article “Biden On Brink Of Banking Crisis”, wherein it grimly warns: “President Biden is in danger of a catastrophic banking crisis, unless the U.S. government can orchestrate a deal to rescue Silicon Valley Bank depositors before branches open tomorrow”—a grim warning now joined by fears that First Republic Bank will be hit by bank run tomorrow—and is a banking catastrophe Socialist Leader Biden has just been warned he has only 48 hours to avert before it become irreversible.

At the same time Socialist Leader Biden watches Ukraine and his own nation’s banking system go down in flames, this report continues, his demonic lies about the so-called 6 January insurrection imploded when a US Federal Judge halted a trial after he discovered the FBI deliberately destroyed evidence—a 6 January implosion joined yesterday when the world’s wealthiest man Elon Musk posted a video about the so-called “Shaman Insurrectionist” and declared: “Free Jacob Chansley…Chansley was falsely portrayed in the media as a violent criminal who tried to overthrow the state and who urged others to commit violence…But here he is urging people to be peaceful and go home…I’m not part of MAGA, but I do believe in fairness of justice…Chansley got 4 years in prison for a non-violent, police-escorted tour?…The Capitol Police literally opened the Senate chamber door for him on camera!…But who are you going to believe, Instagram ‘fact-checkers’ or your own lying eyes!?”—all of which was joined this morning by the beyond astonishing news: “Former President Donald Trump reached number one on the iTunes chart with his debut single, “Justice For All”, beating superstars like Miley Cyrus and Tim McGraw…“Justice For All,” is a tribute to the January 6 prisoners that features the “J6 Prison Choir”, an ensemble of prisoners who can be heard chanting and singing the national anthem while Trump recites the Pledge of Allegiance”.

Triggering the 6 January implosion of lies told by Socialist Leader Biden and his leftist media lapdogs, this report notes, was America’s most watched and popular newsman Tucker Carlson of Fox News, who last week released beyond stunning 6 January videos kept hidden from the American people so they couldn’t see the truth about what really happened—in another programme last week, Tucker Carlson aired an image of a lizard person standing at a podium—a lizard person image that followed Tucker Carlson posting on Twitter back in January: “Let’s check in on our lizard overlords in Davos, Switzerland”—all of which was joined by the 13 February 2023 article “Tucker Carlson Is Predictably Losing His Mind Over The Recent Spate Of UFOs, Sounding The Alarm About A Possible Alien Invasion”.

Over the past three decades, this report concludes, world-renowned British author David Icke has traveled the globe giving lectures to warn humanity about an alien race of lizard people that are secretly in control of Western governments—an alien lizard people warning joined by articles like “The Dark Connection Between UFOs And Grisly Mutilations”—last year when Socialist Leader Biden declared he would  pump weapons into Ukraine to wage war on Russia over 10,000 cattle mysteriously dropped dead in Kansas, and last week the socialist Biden Regime reported: “All cattle and calves are down 3 percent from last year — the lowest level since 1962…The total U.S. inventory is currently 89.3 million head as compared to January 2022 numbers of 92.1 million head”—and also last week, Director Sean Kirkpatrick of the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office warned about a possible alien “Mothership” in our solar system, writing in his report: “An artificial interstellar object could potentially be a parent craft that releases many small probes during its close passage to Earth, an operational construct not too dissimilar from NASA missions”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]