TrustTheQ Webmaster and URGrafix Family Needs Your Help!


Hello Friends. This is Jessica’s Mom, Laura Mae, reaching out to her many Loving, Empathetic Friends who have the means to assist in getting the family through this period of unwelcomed crisis with support for this family of 7 (2 Adults and 6 Children, Ages 3 Months to 14 Years Old), as she was in a Terrible Automobile Accident yesterday, June 28, 2023, on her way back home from Grocery Shopping!
Some Guy pulled out in front of her trying to make a Left-hand turn onto the roadway due to being impatient, and didn’t wait to ensure it was safe for him to do so. Thank God he didn’t try to get out of the Responsibility for the repurcussions a Guilty Party assumes. It sounds like once the ball starts rolling, everything hopefully will go like clockwork and they will eventually be made whole. But until then, she needs your loving support! She cannot do any of the things this family has grown to expect of her. She can’t move her arms, she needs help to feed and hold the Baby, and that’s a very hard act to follow when she’s a Nursing Mother!
Her Beautiful Audi was totalled (least of their worries as they were both insured), the 3 Month Old was unharmed in her Car Seat (Carrie Underwood’s song, Jesus Take The Wheel immediately came to mind, Thank You Jesus!), while Jess and her 11 year old son got smacked pretty bad by the Air Bags, bruising her body with many Hematomas and some major Ear Drum damage to her son.
She is our EVERYTHING in this family! She is the Shopper, Nurturer, Bread Winner of the Household, Errand Runner, Cleaner Upper, Owie Fixer, and the Epitome of the Work at Home Business Owner who does not have the typical Sick Leave and Vacation Pay Benefits one gets when working for a large Business. She has no Plan B…You are it, if God wills it, which I am Positive He will. He has protected this family through all the Joys, Successes, Trials and Tribulations that they have experienced, but this is a first setting up a GoFundMe Account, at least for us.
Business was just starting to take off again for this small Company with this new NFT Community she was just getting involved with as an important Team Member, providing her Smarts and Design Knowledge to the Project, and more.
Please help this family provide for these children and to keep a roof over our heads during this stressful time in our lives. Anything you can do to assist this Family during their time of need would be greatly appreciated!
God Bless you all and Thank You in advance for your help.
Laura Trimm
Jessica’s Mom