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‘The Democrat Party Is the Party of Crime’

‘The Democrat Party Is the Party of Crime’

GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy hits back at the Dems’ J6 charade with a strong visual account of their promotion of lawlessness nationwide.

In 2020, Democrats provoked and promoted the biggest surge in violence in decades, but now call it a “gun problem.” Read Mark Alexander’s detailed account conclusively linking the surging violence today directly to the Democrats’ provocation and promotion of lawlessness.

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    1. Yes, but both Parties are also the same evil faces on both sides of the Political Coin! They all need to go! Thanks James and God Bless!

  1. The whole picture of this Blue Party with some Red mixed, is they love the Power & Money! They are a Communist ideological, diabolical, evil & cold hearted haters of God! Anything that represents goodness & light the Dark minded hate!!! We are their enemies and they’re our enemies. The Demon Dems are Strong arming the American People through fear, lies, hate, corruption & every other wicked way that grab on too! They are Thugs, Mob Crime ruthless wicked ones. But, their Time is coming to and end real soon, let’s Rejoice in the Good of the Lord! When the head of the snake, G. Soros is cut off then America can be who God called her to be!

    1. I feel the same way as you KT. Thank you for your insightful comment and God Bless you and yours. WWG1WGA!!

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