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The [DS] Had Their Chance, Trump Ready To Go, Sky Fortress Engaged – Ep. 2369


The [DS] Had Their Chance, Trump Ready To Go, Sky Fortress Engaged
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The patriots are now moving forward with their plan to move the country away from the [CB]. The [CB]s around the world are now moving towards the great reset to save their system, this will no succeed. The patriots are moving the economic system into a system which is not controlled by the [CB]. Trump is ready to go. The [DS] has been given multiple chances to follow the rule of law. He has now trapped them, this will not end well for the swamp. All parts of the plan are now coming together, crimes against humanity, election fraud, the economic system, it is all being exposed at once. The patriots are ready to drop the evidence, buckle up its going to be a bumpy ride.


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Lagarde Pushes ECB To Shun Fossil Fuel Bonds As Central Banks Embrace “Green” Future

  • the ECB will meet for a grand strategy review. Expected to be one of the most consequential policy reviews for years to come, the central bank could opt for changes to its inflation target (some doves have proposed following in the footsteps of the Fed by loosening the ECB’s inflation target) as some have insisted. But one change that appears virtually certain, is that the central bank will adopt language addressing matters like climate change, economic equality, etc.




What was the [DS] plan

  1. They wanted America economy to fall under COVID.
  2. Their plan was to weaken Trump, turn the people on him
  3. Trump was suppose to be completely unpopular, so the election was going to be won easily with a little bit of cheating. But this didn’t happen Understand,
  4. The PLAN expected Trump to be FINISHED by December 1st, their plan backfired,they underestimated the American people

What did Trump do on the phone conversation, Trump had them lie on the record, is Dominion moving machines, nope, then Trump asked a very specific question, are they changing the parts out of the Dominion machines, he did this on purpose. Trump notified them that this was your last chance, we caught you and you can tell the truth now or go down with the ship, we have it all . 



Optics are important, If Pence makes the decision to reject the electoral votes I do believe the optics would not look good. Trump has been pushing the Senate.

  1. Trump will present the fraud, video, data, dominion hacking etc..
  2. Senators will be put on the spot, what will they do with the world watching
  3. They will need to reject and admit there has been election fraud. 
  4. McCarthy: Congress Should Debate Integrity of Elections ‘to Unite This Nation’

Is there a backup plan yes, it might be Pence

Julian Assange cannot be extradited to US, British judge rules
Judge says it would be ‘oppressive’ to extradite WikiLeaks founder to US, citing concerns for his mental health