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The Extraordinary Power Of ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

The Extraordinary Power Of ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

The extraordinary power of ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

By: Andrea Widburg

I never wear clothes with logos on them. However, when I saw that I could buy a “Let’s Go Brandon” t-shirt for only $20, I couldn’t resist. Today, when I went to my local outlet mall and then to Costco, I wore that shirt. I live in the Southeast, in an area with a sizeable Black population and a lot of Democrats. Still, there are conservatives here so I expected some recognition for the shirt. What I didn’t expect was the happiness with which my shirt would be greeted.

At the outlet mall, a young Black woman, maybe in her late 20s, came hurrying up to me. “I love your shirt,” she said. “Where did you get it?” I explained that I’d bought it online. We agreed that its subtlety made it especially appealing. From there, the brief conversation drifted to Ben Shapiro (she’s a big fan, while I’m more of a Matt Walsh and Michael Knowles person) and ended with fond farewells on both our parts.

My next stop was Costco, where the shirt again elicited happy praise, although this time from White people only. A young woman with a small child in her cart told me that she loved my shirt. Two grizzled older men liked it too. When I checked out, the clerk said, “I love your shirt.” She also told me that the gas station she passes on the way to work increased the price of gas by ten cents overnight.

The whole experience was so uplifting that I’m planning to make the shirt my standard garb for shopping. The great thing about it is that it’s not “in your face.” Despite the Washington Post trying to argue that the phrase, with its allusion to “Eff Joe Biden,” is as offensive as the years of obscenities and death wishes that leftists hurled at Bush and Trump, the fact remains that, outside of political junky circles, most Democrats haven’t yet grokked to the meaning behind “Let’s Go Brandon.” It’s the conservative secret handshake. We bond over it, knowing that, even if we’re in a Blue town, we’re not alone.

The great thing is that I’m not the only one who’s bringing “Let’s Go Brandon” out of the stadiums and onto the streets. The Marine who wrestled a gun away from the would-be armed robber appeared at his award ceremony wearing his “Lets Go Brandon [sic]” shirt. When New York’s police, firefighters, and teachers, representing all sorts of races, marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to protest vaccine mandates, one of the things they chanted was “Let’s Go Brandon”:

Congressmen are also starting to make their “Let’s Go Brandon” statement. Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL), made a pithy attack on Biden’s oxymoronically titled “Build Back Better” bill and every one of his dismal policies. He ended by stating “Let’s Go Brandon” (at 3:20), which was a clean way of saying what increasing numbers of Americans think about what Biden is doing to our country:

Indeed, a Politico reporter tweeted out with no small measure of concern that “Let’s Go Brandon” is spreading on the Hill:


It’s time for all of us to put on our “Let’s Go Brandon” gear, whether it’s a t-shirt, hat, button, banner, or bumper sticker. Displaying it doesn’t say whether we’re Democrat or Republican. It says that we, the people, are fed up with

  • inflation that shows up in the grocery store, the gas pump, and our energy bills;

  • forced vaccines, something that happens in totalitarian nations, not America, and that forces people to choose between bodily integrity and putting food on the table;

  • an open border that allows unvaccinated people from 100+ countries to pour across our borders, putting enormous pressure on our social services, increasing crime, bringing tracks, trafficking children, and undercutting American jobs;

  • efforts to Balkanize America through Critical Race Theory, which claims Whites are evil and Blacks are pathetic losers;

  • the determined effort to gaslight Americans into accepting that people can magically abandon their biological sex based upon their feelings;

  • a “Build Back Better” plan that will burden our children’s children while rewarding the administration’s political allies;

  • a foreign policy that seems determined to destroy American credibility and harm her allies;

  • subordinating American economic interests to China; and

  • all the other madness that the Biden administration is visiting up a country Fauci’s COVID virus entered America, had a secure border, a thriving economy, energy independence, improved race relations, and a growing middle class.



Image: My “Let’s Go Brandon” t-shirt (and my stuffed llama). 


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