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The Trump and General Patton Connection

The Trump and General Patton Connection

posted on Feb, 21 2016 @ 03:33 PM
General Patton died 1945, well recovering from a car accident, his death was always suspicious.

ATS Thread On Patton

Donald Trump born in 1946 the next year

While some might call Trump a “blow hard,” proud Americans see in him not only the looks of General Patton, but his motto to “think big” and “be a winner” is definitely similar and is a signature where none of the other competitors can even come close.

Trump Is Patton In A Suit
AUDIO FILE (Only 1:18 long)

Some are claiming he is the reincarnation of Patton, not that a believe in that type of thing, but I know some at ATS do.
I have to admit he does look like him and he talks like him too.
He praises Patton as a real American hero all the time, when Patton place in history has been forgotten by most politicians, has Obama ever even mentioned Patton in his entire career ?

posted on Feb, 21 2016 @ 03:44 PM



Here is a little more about Patton as told by Reagan

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  1. Allegedly, DJT was adopted when he was “189 days old” and is the son of General George Patton and his mistress, Jean Gordon. That would make DJT’s real birthday 12/7/1945. General Patton died in a suspicious car accident, and some alleged that he was taken out by the DS who didn’t like that he said “America defeated the wrong enemy.” Allegedly, DJT’s biological mother Jean Gordon committed suicide in a friend’s apartment in New York whom she was visiting on January 8, 1946. DJT grew up 0.4 miles away from that apartment.
    This information cam from Negative 48 on a Psyche Truth youtube chat (Tom Numbers). Use your own discernment. BTW, I did compare the sidereal astrological chart of General Patton to a chart of DJT 12/7/45, NYC. Obviously, I do not have a correct birth time, or place. Allegedly, whoever spared, saved, DJT’s life and how he was brought into the Trump Family are facts deeply hidden, and rightly so. When evil decides to take out bloodlines, it goes after the children as well.

    1. I heard about that comment being made by Michael Protzman, Gen Patton is my 11th cous 3xrem, at present DJT is my 11th cous 2xrem thru his mother Mary MacLeod.I am also related to Jean Gordon she is also a cousin..DJT is also related to the Gordon’s thru his mother Mary MacLeod..I have not altered my Genealogy Info as I have no confirmation..but it is interesting…

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