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  1. I was there too ! But I never knew what went on inside ? All I saw was from my truck… I can’t walk so I watched as they walked by… I knew there was a Battle being played out before it got started because I saw the professional crowd “BARKERS” !!!…. but I left when I saw the first canister of smoke deployed… knew I had to get back across the bridge !…. I knew they were arrested… 537 last count I heard… had no idea how many were still being held… now I have an idea… My God, what have we done…?…. Keep your minds at peace brothers and sisters… there’s a day coming, very soon now if my sources are right… We’re coming for you… all of you… hang tight and hunker down… and know we’re still here… 2000 MULES, the documentary PROVING ELECTION FRAUD has been seen and they’re scared… WWG1WGA

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your personal experience from that sad Day in our History. I never saw this side of the attempted Frame Up of American and other Trump Supporting Patriots either, and I saw lots of video footage from different vantage points. But, you were actually there and witnessed those DS players trying to pass themselves, Antifa and FBI infiltrators, off as Trump Supporters attacking and destroying our own Capital, which by then was their typical MO after the “Summer of Love 2020 Peaceful Burn-it-all-Down Protests by BLM and Antifa Thugs”! Trump Supporters do not carry around weapons, do not sling F-Bombs, and definitely DO NOT WEAR MASKS! God Bless you and all of the Patriots finding their voices and facing the fear and possible repurcussions of speaking out and reporting to us the Truth as witnessed! I salute you Sir and thanks again for your comment! Yes, WWG1WGA! God Bless.

  2. It is hard to believe this is happening in America. When P. Trump said DC was a deep and wide swamp, he knew, more than the average American, just how bad it was. It is difficult to comprehend how far the left will go to hold on to power and they will stop at nothing to keep Trump from ever becoming president again. All of these people, including Jake, are in prison to punish them for being Trump supporters. It has cost some their lives. Others have lost careers, and some have spent their life’s savings trying to defend themselves over fake charges. I hope the prisoners can hold on a while longer, I believe judgement is coming soon. Please know thousands of Americans would help all of you if we knew how. We all understand that when the law is broken there is a price to pay, but we all deserve equal justice. I believe many of these prisoners are patriots who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Don’t give up, I’d say 75% of Americans are on your side. The other 25% have listened to the MSM for way too long and have lost the gift of critical thinking and all common sense. Keep the faith, God wins.

    1. Thanks for that great comment. It would be nice if WordPress or my Talented Webmaster, Jessica of URGRAFIX.COM (my awesome Daughter), had a simple way, or, in my dated terminology, a BAT file that would find the source article or video and immediately transfer a copy to the Comment section of the Source, if available. Right now as it sits, the only ones reading these comments are TTQ Subscribers and Visitors! Thanks again for your pleasant comment and God Bless!

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