The Word of Fire Pt7-WATCH TILL END-Trump Jfk jr QAnon

Peace Patriots!!!

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  1. There is a misconception of Mary and Jesus both, they are nondenominational. Religions confuse people, seek Jesus's Mystical teachings, where only 20% are found in the bible. Know your divine self….remove all beliefs…feel what is. How to get to this point? go outside, talk a walk, release all worry in nature, find beauty in nature, find Peace in your heart. Demand chatter in your mind to cease, that is ego, your heart is connected to consciousness, feel your way. Feel Peace, peace dissolves choas. Keep life simple! Shine bright thru loving Self! Help rid darkness thru your bright light.

  2. Denying what your eyes see and your mind does not understand Yet, does not mean it is not real, yes? We recognize evil may exist but do we know the deception and true depth of this evil that may exist?

  3. Mary is our advocate and our friend. She is not a goddess. I don't know who this dude is but just from his tone you can tell his goal is to cause doubt and to demoralize the faithful. I'm not saying the Vatican isn't corrupt but so is this guy. Ask yourself what is this guy's motive? To destroy and demoralize us? What will be the fruits of his lecture? To cause us to abandon our faith and keep the pews empty. You will know them by their actions Christ said. Mary was loved by Jesus. We honor her role as the vehicle that fulfilled God's will. She was the first earthly being Jesus saw while here and the last before dying on the Cross. Give me a break. Who does this guy think he is?

  4. The great delusion is upon the world.
    We should put our faith in God the Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit, not religion.

  5. Miraculous Medal who Believes in that? Novenas? Missions at Church! Never helped in any way for me! Lots of 9 day Novenas to St. Jude never helped! Left Catholicism! Christian now! The Father helps me through Jesus! Amen! Gods Speed!

  6. Free will … people choose to have faith! The enemy is within … for sure and has been for a long, long time. There is a war currently behind the scenes, pray patriots, pray!!!

    The world is upside down, it has happened, good is evil, evil is good.

    And we truly have no clue as to what is really secretly is going on! God bless you, patriot!

    I want to help to spread this message so I SHARED IT

  7. Tesla could modify weather. & caused or made an earthquake. Adm. Byrd said they could do this in the 50's. Very good story on both. It was made to STOP bad weather. Rockefellers stole it from Tesla. . Need I say more ?

  8. I would suggest that you look into Tommy Williams on you tube and watch his must watch playlist of podcasts….he will teach you a lot about our real history and the cabal/deep state, illuminati. He is the gentleman with a mustache and is English. I stumbled on him a couple of months ago and have learned so much. They have been working on this program of world domination for 1000's of years…not just over the last 100. How close they came to succeeding is frightening and we are not out the woods yet, but things are in our favor.

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