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  1. Forte Wellness 3 months ago

    Thank you for information! Your so funny and entertaining! Love you channel.

  2. MaryAnn Johnson 3 months ago

    Just found you and would love to share your videos. But can't because of language. Doesn't bother me but would discredit you to others.

  3. pw4g 3 months ago

    I hope this info got into the right hands

  4. Rob Beast 3 months ago

    You asked a question How they knew after election day the mail in ballots were favore Biden. The answer is simple. Trump was telling his supporters not to use the mail in ballots. He told him to vote on election day. At all of his rallies he gave the same message for his supporters to vote on election day. And you got to give these people credit on that video they did call exactly what happened. He said Trump is going to have an early lead and say he won before the count was finished. He did. And I am a Trump supporter. I’m just trying to call down the line here from when I watch this video. I do still hope that please small chance court battles give him a shot to win. Or that he can prove widespread criminal fraud. Because right now it is 10 days past election day and still not looking good

  5. fattyz1 3 months ago

    Where’ve you been girlfriend?

  6. Kiki Winters 3 months ago

    Is that really Megan Kelly?

  7. Michelle Roberts 3 months ago

    So what is our move??? How can they even let Biden proceed, since he admitted to having the most extensive voter fraud organization??

  8. David David 3 months ago

    People, be careful and aware of who you listen to for information. Not everyone you listen to is who they present themselves as, nor what they represent. Some are there to confuse, some are there to infiltrate.

  9. Hossie Taylor 3 months ago

    She is Deep state Evil devil.

  10. Julie Barnes 3 months ago

    Uhm….. I don’t like Meghan Kelly AT ALL! What a Trump hater! Always has been. What an idiot!!!

  11. Julie Barnes 3 months ago

    I swear! What did they do to my Ronald Reagan Tore! I’ve heard Ivanka running in 2028 with Candace Owens but who runs in 2024?? It was suggested Trump will have that 3rd term and I’m wondering if it’s bc we are getting out of maritime law into constitutional law. Him being our FIRST constitutional president we can have him for 2 terms.

  12. Monk Soup 3 months ago

    So hundreds of thousands of votes are really nothing to Megan K? I guess that blood on her eyes are still blinding her

  13. Al Capone 3 months ago

    What if trump arrest all bad congress people before adjourning on 2/3 what ever then they couldn’t bite n win shut they figure it hat n constitution doesn’t say speaker is president they vote on president n senate votes Vice President

  14. Al Capone 3 months ago

    Excellent music I do say

  15. Elaine Overturff 3 months ago

    we need to put a wrench in their plan.

  16. MR MEANER 3 months ago

    Tore Tore Tore!

  17. Michael Ray 3 months ago

    I saw a Story today that RINOS UT Mittens Romney, ME Susan Collins, and TN Lamar Alexander are opposing President Trump's nomination to the FED Dr Judy Shelton.

  18. Julian Bones 3 months ago

    So pleased to come across you pod casting, first saw you on Millie weaver … Hi from Uk x

  19. Penny Kowalski 3 months ago

    Has anyone heard from Tore? I'm worried my friend was murdered because he spoke out… Now I'm scared for Tore. Please I hope and Pray for her to be safe.

  20. SallyMcGoo 3 months ago

    Newscasters are told what to say, or leave. Michael Lynch left. Ms Kelly is going to be a target now, in the news, not forgotten.
    Huff post “ republicans fist bumping Kamala?

  21. I hate to be rude but holy Heck I can't tell if they're male or female yikes fuuuuugly

  22. Jennifer Smith 3 months ago

    I hope all are jailed! Traitors and POS ppl !!!!

  23. Diane Cellini 3 months ago

    Never trusted Megyn Kelly. She is a puppet influencer. I’m not buying what she/he’s selling. Her role now is to discourage Patriots. We won. The MSM committed treason.

  24. Outlaw jjSmith 3 months ago

    Tore please do some more video's, love your video's, Thanks JJ

  25. billy 3 months ago

    Hi .top lady
    How can i find you twitter.
    Try'd no joy.

  26. Ed 3 months ago


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