Current Events – Brennan is upset.
Nothing can stop what is coming.

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  1. Carrie Gwynne 8 months ago

    Good stuff this! We will soon be only watching on Rumble! Minuteman Ammo LLC

  2. Anita Ward 8 months ago

    Brennan's face gets red when he is making crap up and lying.

  3. Lady Blue 8 months ago

    Love the Stevie cover – Saturn "To a place where the air is clean

    On Saturn
    … There's no sense to sit and watch people die

    We don't fight our wars the way you do
    …We put back all the things we use

    On Saturn
    … There's no sense to keep on doing such crimes"

  4. Rachel Harville 8 months ago

    LMAO did that LIAR just say that Covid was WORSE than HINI??????? People died, like really died not fake died. OF H1N1. We had that it was BRUTAL… it took us hours to get ourselves up out of bed and go to the er. We actually went two at a time. That was a real pandemic this is a fake one.

  5. T Rae Patriot 8 months ago

    its alway brighter when the truth is realized

  6. Man in CLE 8 months ago

    Do we get to see UN redacted 9/11 & Bush/Cheney
    We the people NEED TO KNOW!

  7. maximumHD 8 months ago

    well ship high in transit. . lmao . in the end we are all friend's . the real question is how do u want to remember . time has been corrected . e s p channel can not be hacked . but the keep trying. .

  8. Heidi Mondon 8 months ago

    Tore, all these people seem to have the same bookshelves, LOL…

  9. Heidi Mondon 8 months ago

    I can't stand him (Brennan) and how he speaks!!!! Don't you just love the book placement behind him?? Ughhh

  10. Dorian Lord 8 months ago

    Tore, you should be part of Trump’s White House team! You are amazing!

  11. Mary Winchester 8 months ago

    Tore, how outrageous and frustrating it must be when you expose corruption and nobody steps up and does their job! Drain that swamp! Thank you and God Bless for using your talent to do the work you do and informing us, "we the people"! I admire your intelligence, mental acuity and agility! Damn you're good, go girl!

  12. Cynthia Armstrong 8 months ago

    I pray you stay safe!!!

  13. Dom Bader 8 months ago

    You might already know by now,
    it was a video about trump
    releasing all russia hoax evidence
    but why still no arrests.
    I see if i can find it

  14. Dom Bader 8 months ago

    Girl bot was the name of the person that published the video you could see

  15. Indochina Patriot 8 months ago

    Thanks , your work is becoming more vital each day we move forward. I believe it is reasonable to plan for nov 4 onward. This is becoming a 4d chessboard with 7 players.

  16. fattyz1 8 months ago

    You are the GIRL lol. We’re talking GIRL power here. The reporting is so great and the info so spectacular, if only I could stop falling in love during every instalment, WE R NOT WORTHY! Please keep up the great work.

  17. checkthewater39 8 months ago

    Thank you for all u have done and all u do..

  18. Robo Phobia 8 months ago

    Ty. Eugenics is a weapon always has been a weapon. My half sister's were harmed before conception and after born. One who survived was sent from DC to a Virginia asylum where she was abused / tortured or otherwise known as experimented on. None of this along with many more cases is correctly documented . much of many forms of data is skewed everywhere

    The fort hood psychiatrist / terrorist was skewing data with others . nothing new and wide spread in military and elsewhere

    Also, a doctor attacked my pregnant gf on an operating table. That was a holocaust level crime.

  19. AZURE SKYE 8 months ago

    THAT FACE. Uggg. Brennan Muslim Commie.

  20. CapeKell 8 months ago

    Intro has beautiful music and graphics however could it be abbreviated?

  21. Rob G 8 months ago

    We must have freedom of 1A communications for the people no by matter what avenues… or the tyrants that suppress or freedoms will remove those freedoms without our input.

    Vote only for God fearing candidates or have hell on earth.

  22. Ivy Edelstein 7 months ago

    Who needs Netflix when real life is so rich with massive mind-bending intrigue and cover-up. Such gratitude and respect for you Tore.

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