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  1. DeeDeeBirch 6 months ago

    Star at the END! WTF is going to happen and WHEN

  2. Pauline Pitre 6 months ago

    20:01 I'm Canadian. Airmiles are one of many incentive cards. I would say pretty much every large vendor be it grocers clothing gas all have their own "rewards" card just like in the US. I live just outside of Detroit in Windsor. Many Canadian shop in the us as our prices here suck.

  3. Krazy Kathy Siron 6 months ago

    Dec 11th? Give us something new.

  4. Suzane Greenberg 6 months ago

    They can get in through the mouth roof too.

  5. Philos Johnson 6 months ago

    It’s obvious now that the corruption is so deep and infects the establishment and media on such a profound level that they’re literally throwing everything they have at the wall to see what sticks and damn the torpedoes because everyone is Implicated and compromised. It’s how the Clintons managed to skate for so many years – they had dirt on everyone

  6. Cenepk101 6 months ago

    What was he doing in China 5 times ? More like WHO was he doing in China…..

  7. Term limits for everyone

  8. Suzane Greenberg 6 months ago

    I would question why COVID is actually in all these places.

  9. When was this why are the dates off? Looking for this weeks news not last weeks. Lot confused ppl. Those that smile to ur face while stabbing u in the back with friends like these who needs enemies. Alies right send them 10 million for gender studies n 600$ per house hold even illegals 5k pages long 2hr to vote wtf broken dumb system is that how about if we can't read it it's a no vote in the trash!

  10. Facts over feelings 6 months ago

    The aero plan miles is not the only one. They have air miles cards , each grocery store has a rewards card , every gas station has a rewards card and most hard ware stores do too.

  11. Facts over feelings 6 months ago

    I’m praying in Canada for president Donald j trump

  12. Diane Dondero 6 months ago

    Tore. Around the 2:30 mark in this video you talked about the gut and HIV. You need to interview Judy Mikovits. She did resolve the HIV question. She explains it in her book Plague. However, Tony Fauci was in charge of her research and owns a patent on one aspect of the HIV technology. He took her down, destroyed her work and put a gag on her for 5 years and did not let the cure come out. Judy's latest book is titled Plague of Corruption, all about the Fauci story. Secondly, Candace Pert, another great scientist in the MIkovits league, figured out the gut thing and wrote Molecules of Emotion to explain it. Candace has passed away since, these are two great women scientists. 3 great books.

  13. carelscompanys1 6 months ago

    The winds of war they are a blowing!!!!
    And China is in the cross hairs.

  14. m R 6 months ago

    Call or email Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia and tell him you want him to have the special session to decertify the electors.

  15. BonnieBoo 6 months ago

    @tore you should look at the University of Colorado, they have about 30% Chinese students. It is very obvious. Look at Gov Polis and Dominion’s role in CO politics.

  16. Ellen Johnson 6 months ago

    An attorney general Loretta Lynch failed to prosecute, that's why she couldn't get confirmed the first time Obama tried to appoint her, she came in on the back of Eric Holders fast and furious scandal

  17. Ellen Johnson 6 months ago

    I keep saying in all actuality it's the Republicans, being that President Trump has the support of the people, I check for who's on the right side of history and who's not.

  18. Mark Simms 6 months ago

    Tucker was outed by us truthers and now he is doing top level work. Thumbs up for rejuvinated Tucker!!!

  19. Mark Simms 6 months ago

    We cut the cord on the so called straight news. Now they are fighting back in cu-hoots with google-youtube. Now it is harder than ever to do decent reasearch on youtube. The deck is stacked again. Even on alternative platforms. What we have from multiple prophets. As of alignment of [Jupiter -> Jesus] with [Saturn -> Satan] December 21 2020, GOD himself is working for their take down. However every thing about each and every one of us concernig our less than better relationship with GOD and Jesus is also on the take down list.

  20. Ellen Johnson 6 months ago

    Yeah I remember years ago soldiers talking about being low Jacked, I'm pretty old, and over last couple of decades, something has been separating people from their chakra, fast forward today it's looking more like genetic code manipulation. I've never been sick or had to take any type of prescriptions or vaccines, but when I talk to people my age and older they've been on high blood pressure medicine for 20 years insulin shots. I believe the body snatching is in the medication. And the food and the top it off a whole lot of sorcery

  21. Jaded Optimist 6 months ago

    MSM and the cabal want Joe out and Manilla in.

  22. L.A.Stars 6 months ago

    ❌Not many ppl use airplane miles, that was a lot more popular in years gone by. Few corporations/businesses give any points any more, at least in western Canada.❌

  23. Tony Subman 6 months ago

    Her husband, Barry Mervyn Lindeman, is accused of sexually abusing a young girl on multiple occasions when she was as young as 10.

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