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  1. Rinse Repeat 3 months ago

    Great show great show great show

  2. Gordon Young 3 months ago

    Just watched Juan Savin.Everyone needs to hear what he is saying. Please as a matter of survival go hear him.

  3. Gordon Young 3 months ago

    This can not be allowed to go on.We need conviction get on the right side and understand how this will adversely affect you and everyone and thing you care about.

  4. Gordon Young 3 months ago

    This is a war for survival.

  5. jose murillo 3 months ago

    Love Paul Harvey’s rendition

  6. Shaalaa 777 Elohim 3 months ago

    Holy moly…. Golden as always!

  7. hunter97850g 3 months ago

    No Go China Joe! No Go!

  8. hunter97850g 3 months ago

    Joe Money China! Hunter Hunting Deals For DaD, you Know The Big Guy!

  9. hunter97850g 3 months ago

    I've Been To Heaven, Been Thru HeLL! But NoW That I'm Back I'm Willing To TeLL, I'd Rather Live in Heaven Than DweLL on Earth in HeLL!

  10. hunter97850g 3 months ago

    No One Knows Witch Way a Witch Might Go! But Either Way They Go Prepare For The Blow!

  11. hunter97850g 3 months ago

    If You Dcern EVIL, You Get a A+ = ALIVE!

  12. hunter97850g 3 months ago

    What Does ManKIND Face? …………………… PRIDE Was The Hide, Six Brothers Deep Inside The PRIDE! ……………… Do You KNOW Them?

  13. Rob G 3 months ago

    Shields up! Form wall! Hot gates! Make them pay!!!

  14. The day they started their dirty plan to take him out…. They repeatedly tried & they repeatedly FAILED! NEVER mess with God's anointed! It will boomerang right back on you ×10!

  15. Danny Carr 2 months ago

    There is a needle in the haystack it is now time to burn the haystack down

  16. Danny Carr 2 months ago

    Thought I seen Roberts on Epstein Island and with a few of his pals but I do wear glasses so it may have been a double

  17. Tony Subman 2 months ago

    Her husband, Barry Mervyn Lindeman, is accused of sexually abusing a young girl on multiple occasions when she was as young as 10.

  18. SJ ROCKS 2 months ago

    Well… this was a good one.

  19. Paul Ryder 2 months ago

    When I started this video, there were 6.6k views, 6 days, 666 likes and 66 comments.

    This is YT mucking with Tore.

    I am making it 667 likes and 67 comments…….for whatever that is worth.

    Tore you are a genius

  20. R Desma 2 months ago

    I will never give up on Trump. Biden & Kamala will destroy this country!!

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