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  1. chris higginson 3 months ago

    Source codes split together changing bar codes that's why you can't tell bar codes are red by many computers every day ,yes so read data on a fiber optic cable that's together in the middle but you can't see it , until the data you want is on the other side then cut the cable ,and turn on the light , in the dark people do bad stuff hehe

  2. Tony Gambaro 3 months ago

    Tore, what’s your take on Tucker? He doubled down last night on Sidney!

  3. Miss Q 3 months ago

    Every time I fly I am tested for explosives

  4. Miss Q 3 months ago

    Just make an amendment to one word in the 230 clause or whatever they are under . THE VERY LAST WORD UNLAWFUL

  5. Miss Q 3 months ago

    Bergy Epoch Times. Blaze TV

  6. Miss Q 3 months ago

    Cuomo is the rich asshat in teen romance 80’s movie Pretty inPink

  7. Pamela Everix 3 months ago

    Stop with the guys in the background. Damn.

  8. Happily AvaAfter 3 months ago

    Tore (or anyone familiar), I believe that ND is ‘China’ red.
    Which other R states are following suit?
    Serious question.
    I need to move and I am running out of options.

  9. Shattered One 3 months ago

    I've got notifications turned on , this says 2 days ago and I just got it , I don't count on the notifications I check everyday a couple times aday ! Damn !

  10. Al Capone 3 months ago

    XTrump x

  11. Vincent Paretti 3 months ago

    Tore and crew we all love you!

  12. Roode Margot 3 months ago

    Guilty choose to wear mask. Hide their face, they're big disgrace

  13. Roode Margot 3 months ago

    Plausible deniability.

  14. Roode Margot 3 months ago

    Oh we need to hire lawyers. Think hmm if have to pay lawyer to save country, then gotta say that's huge alert either nothing wrong or something very big. No in between. If law enforcement doing nothing leaders in the know need to rally the people. They will comply. Avoid civil servants they forked tongues.

  15. Nan McKenna 3 months ago

    We miss you! Come back soon.

  16. Kathy Painter 3 months ago

    Are you Tore helping
    Trump campaign?

  17. Andrew Barrientos 3 months ago

    Where's Tore. I can't seem to find her live feed.

  18. bluefishlady3 3 months ago

    Tore, check this out: https://youtu.be/QCURJfi4tJ8

  19. y por que yo 3 months ago

    My county chose an Attorney general who is pro criminal, didn't have a Republican candidate next to her only a non affiliate candidate. Interesting how i asked ppl who voted for her and NO ONE read her plataform

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