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  1. Joe C 9 months ago

    If you have full coverage. And they can't show fraud they should pay.

  2. Lincoln deming 9 months ago

    why is audio always so awful, especially the music?

  3. Nedra Waters 9 months ago

    Tore, would you post to Slug? It is a little out of the mainstream You have a lot of important things to say and I hate that you get censored.

  4. Through a Glass Darkly,

    Perhaps I stabbed our Savior
    In His sacred helpless side.
    Yet I've called His name in blessing
    When in after times I died.

    Through the travail of the ages
    Midst the pomp and toil of war
    Have I fought and strove and perished
    Countless times upon this star.

    I have sinned and I have suffered
    Played the hero and the knave
    Fought for belly, shame or country
    And for each have found a grave.

    So as through a glass and darkly
    The age long strife I see
    Where I fought in many guises,
    Many names — but always me.

    So forever in the future
    Shall I battle as of yore,
    Dying to be born a fighter
    But to die again once more.

  5. Meganmw11 9 months ago

    Hey Tore! I just heard a supposed USAF insider named Chris on JustInformedTalk from 9-26. This guy called you and Millie liars and said you both have long arrest records. I asked him to provide proof and told him he sounded like AJones, just another fake “insider” who seems to be controlled opposition. Ugh. You and Millie keep up the AWESOME work girl!!! When ppl get attacked like you and Millie it makes me believe that you are over the target!! This Chris dude on Craig’s channel seems to be a shill.

  6. Leslie Woodhull 9 months ago

    BS PIGLOSI!!! Here we go with her brain dead thinking and loose false teeth. We WILL NOT LOSE PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS!!!

  7. YEA NO 9 months ago

    I'm surprised gail king actually looked like she doesn't believe Pelosi

  8. FIRST DOMINO 9 months ago

    Time flies when you’re having fun! Haha

  9. WALLFLY 9 months ago

    Tore! You're EXACTLY CORRECT about the Lord Providing when you have nothing because you chose to do the right thing! Im evidence of this TRUTH as much as you. God is Amazing. He keeps his promise

  10. Vickie Shane 9 months ago

    You mentioned an eye scar on Bernie Sanders. What is the significance of this?

  11. NadaSalty Pretzel 9 months ago

    Holly Zoller
    was found to be the person who rented the U Haul to distribute BLM supplies an propaganda as signs in more the one location. She also received $$$ Cov19 about a million rumor has it.

  12. Kara Goniea 9 months ago

    Looks like John un-Legend was perfectly fine living in the US for Trump's first 4years… What's another 4 yrs to the loser?

  13. panda boy 9 months ago

    Tore what do you know about project Zephyr

  14. Kara Goniea 9 months ago

    "Death is like a graduation?" Sry, but lol, I know it's a bit of sick humor, but, that makes me think of the movie, Cloud Atlas.

  15. hunter97850g 9 months ago

    L ❣VE The Mix!

  16. derrek grapp 9 months ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song Tore always plays before her podcasts? It has like a choir with women or childrens voices in it?

  17. Mike S 9 months ago

    2 hr 7 min show with 5 min's of lead-in?
    Patrons covering up the captions we're trying to read?
    Not very user friendly. You have good content but it's so long and there's stuff that wastes time.

  18. Sozzakka144 9 months ago

    Guys, which is the show you're watching on amazon prime so I can catch up on the episodes to be on same page? Thanks in advance <3 Love & support to you Tore & Millie~ xx

  19. cat_g 73 9 months ago

    Has anyone seen Spiro Skouras

  20. Charitizzle 9 months ago

    That is one thing I really want to try & figure out Tore, quantum 4D thinking/time. I feel so stupid to not be able to wrap my head around those kind of things. I really appreciated how you described thinking of our dna as software. How certain areas are off,or like a firewall. That helped,I've used it to try & explain to my husband as well,
    since he's an engineer I thought it would resignate, but sadly he is deep into his belief system & thinks I'm a tin foil hatter. I turned news off 20 yrs ago, but have been educating myself I'd say for past 5 into all the rabbit holes.If it wasn't for my back injury/chronic pain I probably would still be a bit oblivious,
    being distracted by my career,commute etc. I find it very difficult to go about as normal knowing what I do now.I also get angry,like Gary,when I'm told over & over to prove to them or show evidence to defend their belief. Or rolling eyes at me, saying I'm crazy. The info is there,like he said get off your ass,stop binge watching shit TV on Netflix,use your brain & start reading everything,
    watching videos & digging in!When wikileaks dumped podesta emails,I had only spent about 6 hrs in,researching names,emails,organizations to famous faces,their IG,FB accounts were a wealth of info,& that takes you to people, companies they are following or following them and it just keeps going . Mind blown.
    I've rambled on,but just wanted to express my gratitude for you and your work. I didn't find you until I watched shadowgate.

  21. redgoldall theway 9 months ago

    https://youtu.be/ZWK56l2VaLY project veritas caught illan omar voter fraud

  22. Pete Mare 9 months ago

    Why not put your videos on Bit Chute & not have to worry about videos you post. Then join Parler & Free Talk which is run by One American News

  23. Mary Moore 9 months ago

    As always, excellent show!

  24. Ron Cee 9 months ago

    Hopefully we can have this all lead to trials and public hangings for treason and sedition.

  25. Tony Easley 8 months ago

    He just needs a couple of shots of good Kentucky bourbon

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