Trudeau Swamp Global Connections – Qanon Dig

I go over the results of my dig on the the Q drop from September 19th’s crazy Q&A where an anon asks “Trudeau. Anything?”
There are things. 🙂
I personally think the most interesting parts are the Uranium 1 and Syria results that start about half way through.

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Billionaires (187)
Barry & Honey Sherman Case:

Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Donor List 2014:

FVEY (Five Eyes):

Uranium 1:
Guistra & Telfer Kazakhstan:

Syria Canada Mouaz Moustafa:

Elpida / Guistra / Khan:
Uranium Isotope study:
Amed Khan defends Clinton Uranium One:

Little Grey Cells Video:


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  1. Diane Catts 3 years ago

    Did SHE hack into our system that KILLERY SAID WAS THE RUSSIANS???? In 2016 elections??

  2. J J 3 years ago

    This all make sense about NWO amo nuk storeage. Great job,
    Pres-Trump, expose Canada-enemy of USA

  3. David Rogers 3 years ago

    Oh she has a conservative agenda I see she has a lot of fans

  4. kfja1111 3 years ago

    Chrystia Freeland and Justice Trudeau and the Canadian environment minister are classic examples of high level new age spiritualists. The reason I say "classic" is because you will note a strange, creepy disposition in each of these people. Polly mentions Freeland's extreme confidence. This comes from a central belief of new age spirituality. It comes straight out of the Holy Bible. Read Genesis 3:4-5. Adherents believe they are gods. New age has many specific names: Wicca, Kabbala, Anthony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Think and Grow Rich, etc. Hillary gal pal Marianne Williamson is a new age guru. Hillary communes with dead people. Bill said so in a speech. This is advocated in the book, Think and Grow Rich where it instructs its readers to go into a dark room and speak out loud to their "invisible counselors". Furthermore yoga's "religion" is new age spirituality. It's worth noting that Justin Trudeau is a highly skilled yogi. Hillary also does yoga. We learned this from her emails. Many, many uber-wealthy people were mentored by a guy named "Yogananda". Look it up. Why do you think the vast majority of the uber-wealthy supported Hillary?

  5. kfja1111 3 years ago

    Re: Moustafa, Sara Bronfman is married to a Muslim man, Basit Igtet. Mr. Igtet helped to depose Moammar Ghaddafi, which greatly strengthened ISIS in the region.

  6. Mary Hynes 3 years ago

    Just found you! Great to discover a Canadian patriot!

  7. Capt Zdq 3 years ago

    Obviously, they're not being paranoid. Para noia is when the persons only imagines that someone is out to harm him. Not everything is paranoia. And Trudeau is a totalitarian, so it's no surprise he has given the security agencies police state powers.

  8. Native Virginian 3 years ago

    We have to remember, Canada is U.K. Everything goes back to the Crown. I hope they push it all the way to the top.

  9. Native Virginian 3 years ago

    Trudeau attended McGill University. MK Ultra “research” was done there. I think Trudeau got his brain blasted while he was there.

  10. geisiel cesar 3 years ago

    Your research is very impressive as is your presentation.

  11. Christine Adams 3 years ago


  12. Echoplex Media 3 years ago

    This lady is crackers.

  13. Trudeau is a Jewish mossad kalargi asset. This is all Mossad operation. The Jews want their Lehbens raum. God promised it and it gave it them. They denied his Messiah and are looked away from because of it. The 3rd temple if built will destroy israel forever. Hallelujah, give thanks men to the almighty GOD in heaven.

  14. flyingpete73 3 years ago

    This video was erased from my favorite.
    The billionaires murder is a big story!!! They said they could produce every pharmaceutical drugs at 1% the price and still make billions of dollar!!!

  15. SPN Media 3 years ago

    obama called justin down just to butter him up

  16. Jeff Williams 3 years ago

    Trump and Clinton are birds of a feather.

  17. Marleen Nijland 3 years ago

    The EU is a also a non-government government. I'll bet they are involvesd too. And Brussels wants an EU army.

  18. I always have to watch Dan Pena and realise how he has been told that he is weak by certain guys. He's a fucking crazy guy and his opinions are considered evil by many.
    then I remind myself how many in certain positions are even worse than him. The ruthlessness and inhuman behaviour is something they learn early on. I do not think they are like this from birth. It is interesting to study Dan P. because it is how 90% of people in power think…just a lot worse.

  19. Larence gagland 3 years ago

    You will never hear "Trudeau" say Canadians 1st.

  20. LizzieWhiz 3 years ago

    The guy in the background behind John Macain is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi leader of ISIS.

  21. Don Cummings 3 years ago

    Hey Polly, I have been screaming for months, why is no one talking about the love affair between Justin and Barry while U1 was going on, The Iran Cash Bonanza was going on…Travelgate to the Aka Khan's Island at taxpayers expense where several Iranian officials were in attendance as well as ….John Kerry…a blind-man can see the connections, and I have been stating that our PM is tied up in all of this and will be exposed for this and I suspect many more much darker things…great job as always Polly, I'm so happy to hear people raving about your channel all over the internet…well deserved…I'm hoping we will have a cross border show with you and Linda Paris at McAllister…you are both pitbulls when it comes to getting at the truth….the Sherman case is as small scab on a very big disease underneath I believe as well…can't wait until you start digging on the ties between these items: PM PET, the "FLQ" crisis, Pierre Laporte's murder and a government pedo ring…

  22. Don Cummings 3 years ago

    When Ms. Freelan left the NAFTA negotiations in Washington to fly home to attend a Trump Protest Rally in Toronto she should have been fired on the spot…I understand that the people elect the Prime Minister…but we see the results of federal appointments to totally incompetent boobs: Hussein, Freelan, McKenna….I rest my case…the lunatics are running the asylum of the once great nation of Canada…Trudeau wants to turn Canada into China 2.0 and can't get his seat on the UN [Satan's World Headquarters] fast enough…POLLY DID YOU MISS THE "OWL" under the Q Post on Trudeau…bohemian grove…we know the meaning of the "Owl" in the Satanic world…your thoughts

  23. lynda mclean 3 years ago

    Totally,,,,in love with your research and time u take to do this. I live in Eastern Canada and do not trust anything Canada does….I have my heart elsewhere which happens to be USA…My heart remains there although I was born Canadian. Canada is always hiding behind the Canadian Maple Leaf IMO—I do not vote at voting time because there is no point what so ever. They always do everything their way and that way only. Love your work…

  24. Sharon Gygi 3 years ago

    Thanks, I couldn’t remember the fifth I. You have New Zealand. Yes, that is what happened with the Dossier on Trump. They got England to do the spying. However, Mifsud seems to be connected to Italy where Congress woman Pelosi and Congressman Cummings has disappeared to right after the Mueller report was give. Also Papadopoulos has gone to Greece to pick up the ten thousand dollars that he left behind to see if the bills were marked.

  25. Audy Simon 3 years ago

    Wow … you are spot on with the Canadian connection in Syria , the only way to move uranium is to have an expert like hommer Simpson (Trudeau) running a distribution network for the NWO fractions

  26. deebbie2222 3 years ago

    How did I miss this from almost a year ago. great dig Polly. i knew this ass was going to go down. There's indictments for truddy and Freeland. 5 eyes, Uranium1, donations to the Clinton foundation, assasination attempts on trump with China etc. When Truddy, Freeland and Sajjan both visited the white House in July I think they were told about their coming indictments. Trudeau was very feminine and contrite with the Trump news conference after. He looked like he had been told. Where's Sophie???

  27. CECI CEO 3 years ago

    O.M.G. I have JUST come across this video Polly and, just by awful coincidence, my husband and I – both expat. Brits – are living in Thessonaliki ( my husband is an independent Consultant Engineer who contracts out to large pipe-building Projects worldwide as an expert in Contract negotiations – working here on the trans-European gas pipeline to the north of the city ). I have just found out about the discovery of the uranium locally, the 'pedo' office in the city centre: all through tracing Epstein's connections. I was horrified but even more so now that I have viewed your video. No mention was made about Canada, Clinton, and the arab-looking agitator, only the name of a Greek magnate who has bought into mine the uranium and has built a huge mansion nearby. The woman could be his wife? Thessaloniki is a thriving, beautiful city, mixing the ancient with ultra modern; that particular University has an excellent reputation, and yes, the refugees were housed to the north about 3 years ago when we first arrived. A Greek girlfriend worked for the Refugee Centre but gave up because they were impossible to please, apparently. We also happen to have built homes in Turkey – in anticipation of our retirement – as we fell in love with the people, the country and the language when we worked for years in both Istanbul and Ankara. Where we built there is a thriving Syrian refugee community who are helped to integrate into Turkish life and culture. What country does Greece still hate and lies between it and Syria? TURKEY. Turkey who now has more contracts with Russia and China than with the U.S.A. and the E.U. This could be a nightmare situation and soon. I had NO IDEA that Canada was such a secretive and potentially harmful country. I fondly imagined it being the one country that was open and trouble free; it's also one of the few countries I haven't been to: no wonder you don't consider Trump a tyrant. He really does act like one from our point of view . Neither did I consider Trudeau anything but a harmless 'goof'. I must research …. I thought we were safe in both countries ….. seems like we're bang in the middle of a potential flash point.
    I GIVE UP WITH THIS WORLD – HOPE REINCARNATION DOES NOT EXIST !!! You're a brilliant researcher …… but rather wish I hadn't seen this 🙂 🙂 !!

  28. Diana Blackman 3 years ago

    Canada is an extremely authoritarian country, comparing it to China is so correct.

  29. Glowball Dom 3 years ago

    LaFarge has a history of $cooping up mineral wealth for pennies a tonne
    by colluding w/local gov Don't look this way …
    We're just making cement Gotta have unlimited access to all this un-inspected gravel
    btw Betcha sumbotty could put Fiona Forbes on truth serum
    if Guistra balks at talking turkey … truth is out there … they're all going down <3 gbd

  30. Jennyblake Blake 3 years ago

    I think its fare to say there is no human rights anymore. And that is not a conspiracy it's proven. They could arrest or kill anyone they want and there is nothing anyone can do. I hope these scum of the earth have all their money taken from them. How do we protect people like you Polly from these murdering psychos? I think we need to start with protecting people who speak the truth.

  31. emerald1one1 3 years ago

    wake up ! parent and really great teachers when comp came schools / gotta keep up with jones . then add wifi higher frequencies tower tall more power full.. and Microsoft if want to ,, google if they wanted to darpa duh. comput belt a serge of power to it .. disperse a ear drum wrecking noise , any time. it is all keep , why go to class room s to find thebrightest ones.. the algorithms will do that one day.. people do make programs still.. that could be a world effected something stroke egos etc … instead of assuming ..

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