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Trump Attends Hahn’s Execution

Trump Attends Hahn’s Execution


Former FDA Commissioner and convicted traitor Stephen K. Hahn took his last breath Monday morning while standing atop gallows near Leeward Point Airfield at Guantanamo Bay. Atop the platform with a noose coiled around his neck, he peered down at the cadre of military brass that had come to witness his execution. His glassy eyes seemed to fix momentarily on each of the six officers whose expressionless faces beheld the event dispassionately; if they harbored personal animosity toward Hahn, they did not show it. They were present because they had sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution and to protect the nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Although the officers appeared to be devoid of emotion, President Donald J. Trump, who stood beside Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall, shook his head solemnly, a gesture of disgust, as he exhaled a sigh of exasperation.

“Of all the people, Stephen, I trusted you,” Trump said. “I showed you a lot of trust, and you betrayed me. Not just me but this beautiful country. You’re a coward, the biggest kind of coward. Your lies killed a huge number of people.”

Hahn directed his last words at President Trump: “I made a mistake. You can stop this.”

Trump smirked. “This is outside my hands, and even if I could, I wouldn’t pardon you. You put yourself in big league trouble, tremendous trouble, and you’re a bigtime loser just like the others.”

When asked by Vice Adm. Crandall if he wanted Last Rites, Hahn said, “What’s the point?” and shut his eyes.

A moment later, Hahn’s neck snapped, and a Navy physician noted the time of death—1030 hours, Monday, January 16, 2023.

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