Trump Checkmates Biden-Ukraine Scandal/Thunberg is pro-Antifa #QAnon #CFP

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  1. Keep up the great work! Just found your channel couple months ago after not hearing u since truelies QNN. You were definitely one of my favorites back then!

  2. I heard Q has reappeared and is posting a boatload of drops!!!! CFP responds, Not on 8 Chan, it's not up yet so not Q. I didn't say 8 Chan has reappeared and 8 Chan is posting. I was clear I was talking about Q not 8 Chan. If you don't know Q has posted on more than 8 Chan and Q isn't 8 Chan, you need to just get out of the game.

  3. Nadler tickles me when he waivers and waffles then makes a reply to a parliamentary inquiry then puffs up and bangs that gavel. This is more fun than watching Peoples Court back in the day with Judge Wapner… I like your channel and will continue to watch.

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