Trump's Qanon Operation against the Deep State

What is the Q movement and where did it come from? Is there any evidence that it’s a legitimate operation to save our country? Where does it fit in the scenario of Bible Prophecy? Find out now as we uncover the mystery.

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  1. I'm only 7 minutes into this video and, already, I can't thank you enough for it. This video is ESSENTIAL and it's OVERDUE! I learned about Q randomly only a few months ago and there was NOTHING out there explaining "Q from scratch" for the new person. This has been the biggest error of the Q movement! There isn't a "Q 101" guide to help people understand what, who and why Q is. Many have treated it as an exclusive club in that, now that they're "awake," that that's enough. It's NOT! JoeM's Trust the Plan video is great to wake people up up not to teach them about Q and bring them up to speed. This video needs to be featured by him (JoeM is @StormIsUponUs on Twitter) — great channel!

    Please keep this video up! I will be using and sharing it regularly to teach other new people that the Q Movement is real, authentic, good, and of God. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. Oh ya he's doing such a great job taken even more of our right away -_- haha tell me how is the weather over there in fantasy land? Nvm don't answer that I'm allergic to B.S. When you finally learn that both democrats and republicans are controlled by the same hand up there anal cavity controlling them then maybe you can have you're country back! But I doubt that yall are still in denial about Trumps friendship with Epstein but you will just lie and say he was on a covert mission he only touched little girls cause here had too! (rolls eyes)..

  3. RE: Epstein. It's believed by the main Q citizens on social media (@qanon76, @StormIsUponUs, etc.,) that Epstein IS dead. Everything needed from him was obtained so, in that sense, he wasn't 'necessary' any longer. I highly doubt he was executed by White Hats because they wouldn't deny the victims that justice. (And that's not how White Hats operate.) It's generally believed that the Black Hats were "allowed" to kill him. This makes them think their plan succeeded and they're now safe from Epstein's testimony. Why?

    1. To make them feel a little relief and put them off-guard again.
    2. So it can be proven later that they killed him and be used as another crime with proof against the Black Hats when the indictments come out, exposing the extent of their cover-ups.

    As for JFK Jr., Q himself confirmed that he is really dead.

  4. RE: Conservative and Christian attitudes, I was one of those who gave up on caring or voting (until Obama ran for office) because I thought it didn't matter anymore. "It's all rigged anyway and we're in the last days so it's not going to get any better." God rebuked me. We are told to occupy until Jesus comes. There will be accountability for Christians on this matter.

    That said, while the Q Movement is a grace from God, we know it's not permanent because of bible prophecy. Christians famously fall back to sleep once they perceive things getting better. We truly are in the calm before the storm. Now is the time to prepare for the real battle against our real enemy. It's a spiritual battle. As great as it is that America is showing signs of health and healing again, it's not about that. We MUST keep our focus on Jesus, and Jesus alone! We must be eternally-minded and use this grace period to draw close to Him so the Holy Spirit can use this time to rebuke, correct, train, encourage, and equip us for the times ahead, which include the good times as well as the bad.

  5. Trump & Kushner have been a team on many things.
    It has always been thought by me that Kushner was Q, or at least the lead Q. Of course Q(-shner) has his support people.
    This would account for much of the inside info, and the small Delta (differential) between the posting times of Trump's tweets and Q's posts.

    This is their strategy, a two-pronged attack on whatever is their focus.

    I think this is known to the Elites, and they are directing the course of events, including Trump's crusade against the Deep State and the Deep State's rabid opposition to Trump. It's ALL a show.

    Deep State does what the Elites direct them to do, and the Trump & Q team does what the Elites direct them to do also. Red vs Blue, wave your pennant or foam finger and shout 'Go team!'

    All of us non-Elites need a 'hero' to support, someone we think we can trust. Moral depravity / vice has been used to trap and manipulate many Deep State leaders, and now the Deep State itself is being used as a crowbar.

    In a way, this is an elaborate 'good-cop, bad-cop' routine. The whole point is to get you to throw all trust into the 'good guy' Trump because he's 'draining the swamp' but it's all done towards a purpose, towards a one-world govt.

    WWG1WGA is going to lead us all up the cattle-chute into the cattle car, and our slaughter.

    The Elites that are really pulling the strings have embraced destruction as a way to be able to rebuild everything in the future. Our destruction, their happy future.

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