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Video PROOF That Joe Biden Is NOT At The White House But Rather Castle Rock Studios

There has been a lot of photographic proof that Joe Biden is not at the actual White House when signing executive order after executive order but rather on a sound stage at Castle Rock.


Castle Rock is also known as Amazon Studios, the location where many famous oval office scenes have been shot for movies such as Nixon and Independence Day.

Fact-checkers have been busy trying to call these ‘false claims’ by focusing on the minutia details some are making online such as the curtains or carpet being different but none of the fact-checkers can debunk the SUV’s parked right outside the window to the right of Biden, nor will they be able to debunk this video which shows several screens at once, one of which has an aerial view of Castle Rock.

You can clearly see the red building as the camera crew walks in to film Biden behind the sound stage oval office desk. You can also see the area where the vehicles are parked right behind the sound stage, an area that does NOT exist in the real Capitol area.

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  1. Billygv. There are over a million deep state arrested and convicted at Gitmo for child sex trafficking and treason. Yes the supposed first inauguration was at castle studios in CA, then they come back, try to enter the real White House and the marines tell them to never try to get in the real White House, your not a real president. The next inauguration had no guests in DC so the national guard was spread out as guests. He does not fly in marine 1 or Air Force 1 it’s a copy.

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