“WATCH THE WATER” + A & Q #Qanon 9.23.19 #WWG1WGA {MIRROR} 🇺🇸💦🇺🇸💦🇺🇸💦🇺🇸💦🇺🇸💦🇺🇸💦

“WATCH THE WATER” + A & Q #Qanon 9.23.19 #WWG1WGA {MIRROR} 🇺🇸💦🇺🇸💦🇺🇸💦🇺🇸💦🇺🇸💦🇺🇸💦

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  1. Abdul Qadeer (A.Q.) Khan, then famous for his role in developing Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, confessed on live television to having illegally proliferated nuclear weapons technology to Iran, Libya, and North Korea over the course of decades. 

    Love you ghost, doing more research. I have been really closed off and secluded do to severe targeting

  2. I have to wipe myself off of the floor. Since last night, I have been poured out. You commented on something GOD gave me for our Prince that I hope to soon emerge. I prayed protection over him and all of us as he valiantly triumphantly emerges into this raging Storm. I have been secluded because, GOD overshadowed me with TRUTH. HE has placed within me the VISION of HEAVEN. HE sent you to me as I have felt a since of rejection by the beats of my heart, (my sons). Thank you for obeying GOD to find me. I needed you and this Golden Nougat that leads to the PUREST OF GOLD.

  3. Kim Clement, his connection to my spirit, and his insight of the facets of THE ALMIGHTY, is a very important intricate of my everyday existence. Some do not understand the depth of this facet sent from THE FATHER to help guide his children safely home. I love you and I have new purpose to continue my trek. I am here for you as never before, for I understand the THE FIRE AND THE WATER. WWG1WGA

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