We Have Been Prepared For The Storm – Qanon 03/13/19

If you’re seeing this, I’m glad we can still communicate. Things might get rocky in the storm, but it seems like we’re ready. In today’s news, it seems that “eff-bee” is in panic mode and are cleaning house of rogue elements and that the “rat” population is increasing.

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  1. Plux Main 3 years ago

    Howdy! Thanks for the mention :). Ive been on a newer sleep schedule lately where I tend to be asleep before the vids. It’s now a part of my morning routine though!

  2. Eric McLaughlin 3 years ago

    Democrats probably wouldn't oppose criminals robbing banks and giving them the money either.

  3. Scottydubs 3 years ago

    You see…. the thing about the white squall is that you can't predict when it will hit.

  4. Scottydubs 3 years ago

    Check out fleccas talks new video where he is trying to tell people Trump isn't that bad. I thought it was interesting to see how some people begin to come around when you try to find common ground. Also, Tim Poole has been making a point lately how most Americans are centrist and the media makes it look like we all hate each other, but most people don't really care that much about all this craziness and the world is a much more mundane place than it is made out to be in the MSM.

  5. Kenneth Davis 3 years ago

    I totally agree that this went all the way to the White House involving Ex President Obama. Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Lynch, Rosenstein, Styrok, Paige and others involved. Remember where Hillary stated if you indict me I will take down half of D.C. That's an accurate statement.

  6. Barry POS Soetoro 3 years ago

    Check out Ann Coulter's Brietbart Article…She calls out Trump's Horseshit and she's 100% correct..Check out Roy Potters recent videos..Wake the Hell up People We're being Scammed!!

  7. srini gypsy 3 years ago

    let's get it on.

  8. Gail Rose 3 years ago

    Obummer has AOC's crazy eyes. Thank you for your videos.

  9. Lady Mae 3 years ago

    Love you too, Craig…you ARE a reasonable and reliable source for those of us that feel lost in the world of corruption and deception, especially on the west coast where I live.

  10. joe 5D 3 years ago

    Dude ..your response to the NY antivaxx students not being allowed at schools during an outbreak…just gold, man. brainwashing centers for fucking sure my guy!

  11. jkernssr 3 years ago

    There are only 16 or 17 spaces (Q) if you count the letters above the blank space.
    Play us a piece on the organ!

  12. Flo Higgins 3 years ago

    Hi Craig, The Clinton server was made accessible using encryption key technology. Think Enigma Code but more advanced. With these encryption keys it allowed unfettered back door access to any computer on the planet. Once in the Chinese were given complimentary copies of classified government information.

    Love your videos. Thank you for everything you do X

  13. Nina Slone 3 years ago

    I heard today it was Simpson of GPS who wrote it not Steele. Don bongino I think is where I heard it.

  14. Jmat4102 3 years ago

    What do you think about what's been going on in Venezuela?

  15. Leah Hunter 3 years ago

    Getting paid by numbers of views and advertising on pages in YouTube needs to be outlawed. Just a random thought. Take away YouTube's financial authority over content providers ends when everyone needs their own revenue streams. Cut down the garbage sites and have content providers more like independent small business owners than hanging onto popularity alone.

  16. Yaay!!

  17. Papillon 3 years ago

    Thank you, Craig!

  18. David End 3 years ago

    This shit storm was activated because the election was rigged she will not lose… opps Mr. President

  19. a. byrne 3 years ago

    What all the Buzz Baz. What's all the buzz

  20. Think Mackay 3 years ago

    Trump, most likely the greatest president the USA ever had, has been playing a perfect game according to 孙子兵法, and he is netting all the criminals alive or dead, in his 天罗地网。Wg1wga.

  21. Think Mackay 3 years ago

    When are we getting the transcripts in lynch's plane on the tarmac between Bill and Lynch?

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Find me on Telegram here: https://t.me/patelpatriot

Special thanks for this article go to:

Watching 2000 Mules was enlightening. Many of us knew the 2020 election was stolen but the scope of the actual operation as detailed by the movie was rather breathtaking. I believe we can look at 2000 mules to prove, once again, that devolution has been implemented.

Let’s remember what I said in “An Introduction To Devolution”:

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