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“We See You” by Mark Attwood #SaveOurChildren

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  1. How impressive and what a razorsharp address to the demonic Deepstaters a pur poem can be!

    Who with a clear mind will deny, that the use of words as part of our God-given ability to express ourselves, can evoke Love and at the same time destroy Evil by simply exchanging words. The Power of words is impressively demonstrated in the Genesis of the Bible, when God said “there will be Light” and there was Light!

    Hi Deepstater’s, time to book passage to Hell

    1. Welcome back! Yes, I share in your sentiments on this poem. The DS should be very concerned about their immediate survival about now! Their time has past come and I can hardly wait for Humanity’s Grand Victory Over Evil Celebration! It’ll be here before we know it! God Bless you, Markus

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