1. Tore, I was so happy to hear you praise God, but then in the very next breath you blaspheme by using our Lord Jesus Christ's name in vain – such a bad example for your children to hear.

  2. Returning to our inner source. Great advice. Whenever the outside world looks scary; my deep inner guidance tells me "it is ok". Still feeling calm despite all that is going on. Holding the line. Just found you. You are terrific!!! I will say tho that I have seen spaceships or something of that nature. Without a doubt. Just a few years ago, I saw one that came into my view. It was red. It traveled in a straight line & traveled across for a bit. Then stopped. Changed direction. Went up in a straight line. Traveled more. Stopped. Then came back in a straight line to the first place it stopped. Then went off at an angle in a straight line; shot fast and disappeared. I have seen stuff as a kid too. Crazy. Glad you are talking about frequency. This is what it is ALL about. This is what intuition is and we have been conditioned not to trust it. Time to return to our inner guide posts.

  3. I think the quantum computer is maybe the old tartarian energy source. A sort of akashic/ Tesla / madame Blavatsky spectrum.
    In other words – olde energy and not an actual machine perhaps.

  4. Or maybe the pentagon itself being an ancient building is the quantum akashic Tesla machine? A lot of them around the world do not work anymore and they've tried to destroy them. Anyhoo

  5. "Trans organic time."
    Tore that explanation of time was liberating and uplifting.
    It's so funny that there that old saying – "you've forgotten more than I'll ever know" haha. But i bet you haven't even forgotten any of it beyond the goofy ancient aliens guys name.

  6. Trump is not deep,state you all will see when everting reveled! It can’t be done now but believe when I say over 80:arrests that are at Gitmo!! You either can believe it or deny the truth!! I think most people would deny and that is reason we see nothing about it!!!

  7. Our ancestors were slaves to the king of England. The king and his officers could do whatever they wanted,when they wanted, without repercussions if they wanted. Therefore the Revolution, for our freedom, beyond taxation without representation.

  8. The Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque in 1453 when the sultan mehmed conquered Constantinople. It may have been rededicated or something when the poop went there. Same as when the poop bowed before and kissed the Quran when he visited the Middle East. The story and pictures are online.

  9. Also wearing the masks make people breathe back in carbon dioxide, which has negative health effects and lowers the strength of our immune system, making people possibly more susceptible to catch the wuhan virus and other illnesses.

  10. Aliens are expected by the Vatican, who has a special observatory on Mt.Grahm in Arizona, an infrared binocular. Stated to observe UFOs on a regular basis. Myself,I agree with some biblical scholars that think UFOs and space aliens are actually demonic creatures or fallen angels,who travel interdemensionally, which would be why we never see UFOs coming or going. It mentions non human creatures in the book of Daniels prophecy scripture.

  11. I don't think we will get hit with a missile directly from another country, because our defense system would return fire. But if a ballistic missile nuclear or EMP high above or outside our airspace would fry our infrastructure completely if it hasn't been hardened against the EMP, which our past leadership has made sure ours was not protected, so we are vulnerable. Sending our nation back to the 19th century. Check with the prepers. We would soon have civil strife inside our borders and we would be open to outside attack and takeover.

  12. I knew this protest/mask crap was foreign because I found a sandwich board sign in my neighborhood that Was Written IN CHINESE!!!! It was describing social distancing and to wear a mask to the GD park! I dont know what it said but it's a masquerade ritual…to see who will comply and more importantly who won't.

  13. H860 strong's , is this what your referring to as a definition to : patience and "nothing can stop what is coming" ?
    Thank you Sister for your Service on the side of " 100 percent Truth ".

  14. @36:39 Look at FromRome.info for the details of Feb 11, 2013. The evidence has yet to be examined: Munus is not ministerium. Logos, the Word, is ultimately reality. Words have meaning. To renounce ministerium when munus is the legal requirement makes null and void an act no matter what anyone says.

  15. What if you fracture off realities relative to your current level and understanding , everyone exists in their own world with the equivalent versions of your family etc therefore you are god in your world but also supporting actor in someone elses …im starting to think this since my world started to turn way before i could see anything in a tangible way .

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