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What is Qanon and Is Q Real ? For Beginners Share with Family & Friends – HOLD Vincent Fusca JFK Jr

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🎬 What is Qanon and Is Q Real ? – Share with Family and Friends – HOLD ON Vincent Fusca JFK Jr for now

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Thanks and God bless!

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About this video: Jennifer Mac shares her qanon for beginners guide – What is Q.
What is Qanon you ask? Is Q real you ask? What is the Qanon Conspiracy Theory? Many believe qanon is real and I am one of them. Where to find qanon posts? Or where to find qanon drops? Qanon posts, or qanon drops, can be found on the 8 Chan board or at – this is to answer the question of where are qanon posts. Many are searching for What is qanon youtube and what is qanon reddit as well. What is qanon Mean / Qanon Posts patriot hour

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  1. Very cooool Explaination Thanks a Lot!! Luv it!!!

  2. New Sigmund Freud 2 years ago

    THANK YOU – ThanQ

  3. Gaz Ripley 2 years ago

    3rd time watching this video,i got 1 question tho where can i find "the 5 patriots" post you showed right at the end of this vid?

  4. P. Koplin-Matké 2 years ago

    Thank youuuu JenniferMac, perfect for sharing on “social media”. A Sunday in Australia.

  5. Thomaz meyerz 2 years ago

    Just seen your Twitter and who your eternity friend is on that photo. I know that I know and I LOVE YOU. And JOHN ,HIS WIFE AND HIS WHOLE FAMILY . Thank you for always fighting for your Dad just AMAZING God Bless you all . And thank you for this video I said a prayer right B4 seeing this for my doubtful friends and this was the first video that came up. I know the true miracles and they are the ones that nobody could make up because God's ways are theost special and beautiful gifts such as ALL THIS 🙂

  6. It's fantastic to see a powerful, feminine woman who is standing up for traditional values. Great job Jennifer. I will stay tuned.

  7. Christopher Mayer 2 years ago

    Wait, you went from vegan makeup vids to conspiracy theories? Now Ive seen it all….

  8. isaac zerke 2 years ago

    Thanks, I’ve heard about Qanon but don’t know about him

  9. Daniel D 2 years ago

    It's an A.I. program.

  10. Mary Banning 2 years ago

    We are Q, and we are EVERYWHERE!

  11. Omg!! Lmfao!! "You had me at cofefe!! Lol.

  12. Alissa Michelle 2 years ago

    Thank you I’m so new to this but extremely interested

  13. Rob Auerbach 2 years ago

    I think your Qookoo!

  14. Dane1203 2 years ago

    What the hell did I just watch?

  15. LaurelBlue 2 years ago

    911 Truth Good news: As of November 2018, a Grand Jury has been impaneled to investigate the evidence of 911, presented by the group, Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. Founder Larry Gage, this group has been growing since its inception 15 years ago. For 911 Truth, start here: Loose Change documentary, here on youtube.
    To appreciate the depth of evil within what is known as the Deep State Cabal, see this all-encompassing documentary, Everything is a Rick Man's Trick by Francis R Conolly. It's 3.5 hrs but well worth it.

  16. Richard Aguilar 2 years ago

    I stopped watching once you said I am not an expert. That’s what I came for because I am a beginner.

  17. Many many years ago Q was deeply involved with the success of our liberty ! Sean M. McCue

  18. Yoshie Tada 2 years ago


  19. Steven Faults 2 years ago

    So glad you're sharing this information , thanks so much and God bless

  20. Jon E 2 years ago

    What has q predicted that has come true?

  21. J Alan Wood 2 years ago


  22. CH twonine 2 years ago

    If MSN calls and asks if you are following qanon that means qanon is propaganda and they are trying to get you thinking about it and learning the new propaganda.

  23. Big Bird 2 years ago

    J Mac N Roll wazzz up dear Girl Thanks for another awesome vid!

  24. The deep, (shallow) state killed Joan Rivers because she revealed the truth about Obummer and Michael's queer relationship and she spoke out which prompted her death….A phony doctor executed her! This world has too many bad BAD people! I'm peacefully out!

  25. Maya A 2 years ago

    The stupidity that’s what this is

  26. Maya A 2 years ago

    It’s a conspiracy theory created by the trump administration to create difamation against the Democratic Party and spread lies and division

  27. John A. 2 years ago

    Its true but just remember the time frames they give may not be accurate. It could take longer than what it says.

  28. Lori Preddy 2 years ago

    I wonder what his Sister Caroline thinks about Q? Not a peep outta her these days.

  29. Angela Baxter 2 years ago

    "Q" is one more distraction feeding off of fear. A matrix construct meant to maintain the status quo… Maybe what the Q stands for… Anything of a divisive nature is a lie. One told with the intent if keeping us in line.

  30. Grumpy Kitty 2 years ago

    Your world is under quarantine for your protection as well as for our own.

    The quarantine exists to keep you from being over-harvested, to provide a lasting manageable medium for a workspace and a secure containment area for biohazards.

    What would you like to hear, an explanation as to what ultimately caused all this?

    Fine then.

    We never realized what prolonged effects sterilizing our environments or limiting our genetic mutations to what those we ourselves approved of would do to us.

    Nature refuses to be mocked…
    Sometimes, what occurs in nature which we in our arrogance think is a mistake, often winds up being the key piece to a puzzle that hasn't even come into being yet.

    The reasons we haven't revealed ourselves to you is because you're needed for processing those things we drop upon your world.

    You are the containment fields of viral and bacterial contagions which afflict other humanoid species.

    Your existence saves lives though it costs you your own.
    That is the reason for your abductions.

    To prove our existence to you would serve no purpose but to make access to your world more difficult for all concerned.

    Such knowledge would trouble both our economies and lead to more insistent measures from those who control the coin amongst ourselves.

    It is better this way.

    The Assembly allows "Limited Harvesting" of the human element so long as it falls into established legal criteria.
    Your species genetics is like the O+ of humanoids.

    You were modified as product to be versatile and accommodating to research into diseases afflicting humanoid species more advanced than your own.
    Put bluntly, you are still considered lab rats.

    You just aren't harvested anymore en masse for a life extension industry which operated for thousands of years outside the Assembly's interposition.

    Look, you asked for the truth and I gave it to you…

    And you fellows were actually friendly to me, till you took what I said out of context and now the effects of all that negative propaganda is bubbling to the surface. Sorry I had to be so blunt about it, but it was the only way to get you to emotionally comprehend humanity's situation.

    Now do you understand why you've been led to believe that you are alone in the universe?
    Can you imagine the panic worldwide if people had irrefutable proof of this?

    And of course there is hesitation on our parts to assist, because Big Brother will simply convince you to turn on us like you just did with me a few moments ago.
    Don't think that way, it's not productive. Hope is one of the greatest strengths anyone can draw upon.

    But hope must be combined with positive action.

    Realizing that your species has essentially been sabotaged to self-destruct is the beginning of understanding.

    It took my species over ten times as long to evolve and develop as yours.

    In fact, it takes most known species longer than it takes primates like you. The fact that your evolution was accelerated makes it even more worrisome.
    Your cognitive functions are ahead of your emotional and psychological development.

    You never had a normal childhood in the evolutionary sense of the word, because you were constantly being traumatized and manipulated.

    These are some of the reasons why when you look up at the stars you hear only silence.
    You're the new kid in the classroom that everyone has heard about–a species that came from a broken home, and lives in the planetary version of the projects.

    Yet, one that with the right hidden guidance could raise the grade curve and force everyone else to have to work harder.

    You have to be able to take credit for your own discoveries. You're like little brothers playing a game of pool with the eldest, who need to let you win once and a while without you knowing it, so you can have confidence and do great things.

    In order to do that, you need your freedom.

  31. amdis organia 2 years ago

    bonjour, c'est bien de décoder mais si ces gens fuitent les informations pour sauver l'humanité je trouve dangereux de les exposer. god bless humanity. Amen

  32. James Brown 2 years ago

    how do we get real news? one way is to look at all these tweets (from trump), and through rallies and speeches (of trump) LOL, and that concludes how u get real news gotta be shitting me if you buying this. this has to be one of the dumbest propaganda material. and this concludes my research on Q (i just started to look into QAnon, b/c someone said that i should). i've just concluded that everything about Q is BULLSH**T, propaganda at its best. all of you who believes this is simply convenient because you need it, you need to believe that someone is looking out for you. TRUST ME, the people who are doing this is not looking out for YOU, they are looking out for themselves, power, greed w/e it may be. TRUMP is not to be trusted, b/c he openly lies about stuff which i find it ironic that you guys can just block that out completely. HOW CAN A DECENT HUMAN BEING LIES as if it's how it supposed to be? fake news or not, he lies on camera, changes his story on daily basis, friendly to russians and other nations that US was never friends with. go and think about why that's the case.

  33. David Bagley 2 years ago

    🙂 well done

  34. Elyse 2 years ago

    I love your style of getting the message of Q out. Informative and nonthreatening and also good links. Thank you Jennifer

  35. Stephen Badamo 2 years ago

    Thank you! Great sense of humor and information. You're hilarious, the magic marker beard had me in tears. Looking forward to your future videos!

  36. Richard Ryder 2 years ago

    Hey, accidentally tagged you on a post on face book. I apologize.

  37. freedom-rights! 2 years ago

    im 777! cool

  38. freedom-rights! 2 years ago

    i was lead to q from the very beginning. how did that happen… i don’t know how, but i am grateful. the world definitely is crazier than movies and tv. i live in hawaii and i have, in the past two years have only met a handful of people that understand. some bumperstickers here and there. but its a red pill ghost town here. i may need to move soon.
    actually there are four military bases here so they probably know whats up…
    whats my new state to move to??? thinking maybe N.C. -heard alotta good things.

    good video j mac!

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