"Whistleblower" is CIA/Trump Threatens "Spy"/Gender-Neutral Barbie #QAnon #CFP

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  1. Why do they make children play wirh dolls, we need to evaluate the fact that dolls are actually idols… I realize that this is and has been a societal muckification since idols were invented. Dolls make the child focus on whatever the doll is.. these people that do said crap are sick in the spirit of true knowledge and family goodness… they are diseases of mind, body and soul.. perhaps they change themselves ? Or become the vapid souless? Or find out that iving wrong acts of oppression and whoredoms is wrong, not that they care but Yah does.

  2. 1st an avalanche, then a landslide, this is gonna be fun! wait until all of your family and friends finally realise you were speaking truth, and they were fooled!

  3. Not something I want to see but shouldn't they have started with a post op transgender Barbi or a Kaitlyn Jenner Barbie, or a Pro Choice Barbie that you can decide if you want to keep the baby, what I'm saying is why did they skip several other subjects in society and pick in my opinion the safest bet. Because any of the Barbies I suggested show up on a wal Mart shelf then people can't just ignore it.

  4. Kids didn't identify like this until the Media pushed it on everyone, showed them that they get all sorts of attention, sexual attention that gives them a sense of justification to be "naughty."

  5. CARROT AND STICK NEWS – coming , coming , coming-soon- soon soon – Looks to me the President has no power to stop what's going on He been on the defence from the get go- We may get the truth- ( actually we have it) but there will NEVER BE JUSTICE – Just calling it like i see it..

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