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Will the Real Nancy Pelosi Signature Please Stand Up?

Will the Real Nancy Pelosi Signature Please Stand Up?

These two Signatures sure the heck don’t look the same to me! Do they look the same to you all?

The Top Signature came from the FINAL BS REPORT on January 6 VS the Bottom Signature I grabbed from her Wikipedia page.

These Idiots on the J6 UN-Select Committee used Nancy’s Pelosi’s Wikipedia Photo in the Report, but instead of using the same Signature on her Wikipedia Page, they decided to try and copy it instead. I do believe that is a CRIME!!

Any Expert Hand Writing Specialists out there? It’s obvious they are not written by the same IGNORANT Person! FORGED comes to Mind!


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  1. Nancy Pelosi, the real human Nancy Pelosi was executed at Gitmo at 10:07 EST on 12/27/22. Our government and Congress/Senate is inundated with clones and actors playing our elected officials who were never elected. Even Joe Biden. There are websites that have this information and more. Look up on search bars for anything about tribunals or Gitmo tribunals. Reword anyway you can to get the videos because all search engines are different. The truth is out there.

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